Overview of HIBOY KS4 PRO


Hiboy KS4 Pro Premium Electric Scooter

Have you had a chance to check out the KS4 PRO?

This is HIBOY's newest product and a representative of HIBOY's continuous improvement and innovation.
In 2017, we introduced the S2 to the world, a groundbreaking electric scooter that redefined urban travel. 5 years later, we launched the KS4PRO, an upgraded and improved version of the S2 with more user-friendly details.
KS4PRO is a premium electric scooter for urban commuting. Every feature is designed to make commuting riding more comfortable, safe and versatile.

Main Features of the Hiboy KS4 Pro

Start with the all-new frame more durable and sturdy that won't break. The design KS4 Pro 10 inch tires help you achieve more control over your ride and more smooth on urban commuting, with an extended 25-mile range travel, it's capable of complementing a wide range of rider weights up to 220lbs. We have repositioned the location of the front electronic brake brake and rear disc Brake to make it even easier for riders to control, all on right hand just one control. It makes it easier for riders to control the brakes in various situations.

Main Specs of the Hiboy KS4 Pro

Longer Range - 25 miles (estimate)
New Battery -36V 11.6Ah battery
Upgraded Motor -500W Powerful motor
Carrying Capacity - 220lbs
Scooter Weight -38.5 pounds
Display –Large Smart Display With App Integrated
Tires -10 Inch Honeycomb Tire
2 Speed Mode
Brakes - Front Electronic Brake and Rear Disc Brake combined to one click
Fast Charging-5-6Hour
Three Brilliant Lights System

What is the differences between the Hiboy KS4 Pro and the Hiboy S2 Pro?

Or What is the difference between hiboy s2 and hiboy ks4 ?

1. The KS4 has a bigger larger unique display, which shows you all the information you need: the speedometer, headlight, and battery indicator are clearly displayed for your convenience.

2. Its steering tube and frame are much tougher and stronger.

3. The whole scooter design especially the handlebar part and front light look much more brilliant.

4. And the S2 comes with a separated disc brake and electronic brake, but KS4's front electronic brake and rear disc brake are all integrated in the left brake lever, which means when you press on the left brake lever, both the front electronic brake and rear disc brake will be working at the same time.

5. S2's charging port is located on the top position around handlebar, but KS4's charging port is on the frame's downtube position, this way you don't need to hang the charging cable on the air during charging.

Overall speaking, the KS4 is an upgraded newer version based on S2 scooter, it is a nice looking and stronger scooter.


 HIBOY KS4 Pro Unboxing


Why electric scooter?

Another benefit of electric scooters is that you don't have to commit to buying one right now. Not only is it easier and more affordable than ever to purchase an electric scooter, especially with easy financing options, but installment payments are an equally viable option.

Electric scooters can benefit almost anyone. More and more commuters are forgoing cars, traditional bikes and walking in favor of one or another electric scooter model. Outdoor enthusiasts, including mountain bikers, are turning to off road electric scooters for reliable, multi-faceted electric scooters. This is another example of how different electric scooters can meet different travel needs/interests.

Where do you want to go? What do you want to see and do? Chances are, an electric scooter can change the way you experience and think about travel - even something as simple as a Sunday afternoon trip to the grocery store.

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