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Safety Guide for Riding Electric Scooter Avoid Injuries


Electric scooters have changed the way one commutes for the better, and once you switch to them, there's no looking back. They are fun, safe, easy to use, and frequent travelers' preferred vehicle for short distances if seeking an eco-friendly option. But as a parent, you must be concerned for your child's safety when gifting one to them. Or perhaps, even you must take proper safety guidelines to enjoy your rides hassle-free.

This article explains all the safety guidelines for riding your electric scooter to avoid any possible injuries. Stay tuned with us to checkmark the preventive measures you are already taking while riding one and take note of the standards new to you. Let's begin. 

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Are Electric Scooters Safe and Easy to Ride?

Electric scooters are safe and easy to ride. Even many state laws permit teenagers and kids as young as 13 years of age to ride one. The main problem is not with the vehicle, but inexperienced riders, especially those without protective gear, cause safety concerns. 

Just like other vehicles, even electric scooters must be appropriately balanced. One must learn to ride one before setting out on the road, as small wheels can catch out on potholes easily, and braking on wet patches can obviously result in a fall. 

As a beginner, if you are looking to ride an electric scooter, don't forget to read our beginner's guide to check the critical factors and settle for an electric scooter accordingly. 

Pre-Ride Safety Checks

Most users just hop on their electric scooters and begin their journey instantly. But you need not be one amongst them and instead gear up with proper safety precautions to avoid any injuries or fatal accidents. Here's how to ensure pre-ride safety checks before setting off on your journey or commute. 

Inspection of the scooter

A deeper inspection of your electric scooters once a week or two is highly recommended. This helps you know if any bolts or screws are loose, and it is optimally set for your ride's safety. Consider inspecting your e-scooter overall, especially brakes and tires, lights and signals, and handlebars, to have greater control over your vehicle. 

  1. Brakes and tires: Ensure your brake discs aren't bent and there's sufficient tire pressure (if they are air-filled) before gearing for your ride. Also, make sure that your tires aren't too worn out or punctured, as it can cause a potential blowout. 

  1. Lights and signals: Most electric scooters have lights to illuminate the roads and bike lanes and avoid objects or potholes in the way. Ensure you have good quality lights in working condition to be visible to other riders and avoid any fatal injuries. 

  1. Handlebars and controls: Ensure the nuts and screws of your handlebars are correctly fitted. You can also equip an external light with more lumens on your handlebar. Moreover, don't forget to keep both hands on the handlebar for higher control to make quick adjustments during bumps and jolts. 

Battery and charging status

The next and most important thing is to ensure you have enough battery to make your journey fun and trouble-free. Fully charge your electric scooter battery before taking it out, especially for long-range, and keep a spare charger with you, just in case your battery drops.

Proper adjustment of the scooter's settings

Besides, the battery, brakes, and tire pressure ensure checking brake lights, locking clips, and tire wear. Inspect your electric scooter overall before the ride and glance in each side, top, and bottom to look for any loose or missing bolts, cut wires, or anything that can negatively affect your smooth ride. Ensure everything is in proper working condition; if not, get it checked and repaired immediately. 

Wear Protective Gear

Protective gear aids in complete safety and protection from any accidents or injuries. Let's look at how you can upgrade your protective gear. 

  1. Helmet: 

Most of the states require riders to wear a helmet to avoid any legal action. While it is legally required for most adults to wear helmets, ensure to make your kids wear one too for adequate safety. Helmets are the most sought-out and safest ways to prevent any head injuries by protecting your skull from the worst of any impact. 

While many types of helmets are available in the market, like motorcycle helmets, bike helmets, etc., always wear one that correctly fits your head to protect it in case of a fall or collision. For more information, check our ultimate guide to electric scooter helmets to find the best available options. 

  1. Knee and Elbow Pads: 

Besides wearing a helmet, consider wearing knee and elbow pads to protect these vulnerable joints in case of collision or otherwise. If you hit the ground, these safety equipment protects your wrists, elbows, and knees. 

Moreover, knee and elbow pads offer a vital layer of additional protection to reduce any chance of injury. So ensure your knee and elbow guards fit you comfortably under the rest of your outfit to prevent any unnecessary breaks, fractures, and tendon damage. 

  1. Protective Clothing: 

Vulnerable riders must have protective clothing before setting up for long rides. For instance, they must wear body armor for standalone chest or leg protection. Of course, high-visibility clothing like reflective jackets and high-vis trousers is recommended for continued safe riding on the roadside. 

Furthermore, wrist guards/brace, knee and elbow guards, gloves, cycling sunglasses, long sleeves, long pants, and closed-toe shoes minimize road rash and protect against abrasions. 

Know and Follow Local Traffic Laws

Once you are done with your electric scooter settings and protective gear, familiarize yourself with the specific laws and regulations governing electric scooter use in your area. Obey traffic signals, signs, and speed limits and ride in designated areas only. Follow any specific scooter usage guidelines. If you are in Texas, these Texas ebike laws can help you go for a smooth ride. 

Be Visible and Alert

Visibility is a must for electric scooter riders to avoid any injuries or accidents. Ensure to use lights, especially when riding at night. Good quality lights with high lumens help for safe nighttime riding. Besides wearing protective gear, you can use illuminating (reflector) stickers on your electric scooter to help other riders see you, even during nighttime or in bad weather conditions like fog. 

Stay focused on the road and make eye contact with other riders, drivers, and pedestrians during your ride to ensure they know your presence. And avoid any distractions while riding, such as using your phone or wearing headphones, as they may cause you to lose focus. 

Maintain a Safe Speed and Distance

Speed is one crucial factor in avoiding possible accidents and injuries. High speeds give leverage to enjoy your smooth rides and reach your destination in time. But ensure your speed is under your control. Keep it slow to react quickly when needed, as increased speed variance increases the risk of a crash. 

So adhere to a reasonable and safe speed that allows you to react to unexpected situations. In addition, keep a safe distance from vehicles, pedestrians, and other obstacles to allow for proper braking and maneuvering.

Be Mindful of Road Conditions

While electric scooters let you enjoy your ride during a good day and weather, you must watch out for any road hazards that could cause you to lose control and fall, causing damage. Many other vehicle riders may not be patient with the electric scooters while sharing roads, and the streets, too, might not always have a smooth surface. 

For example, it may have potholes and uneven surfaces. So the riders must be cautious of wet, slippery surfaces and inclined terrains and adjust their speed accordingly. Moreover, ensure to take extra care when riding in adverse weather conditions like rain, fog, or snow.

The Bottom line

Electric scooters have become a necessity considering the increasing pollution and environmental protection. But people enjoy traveling short and long distances with their e-scooters as they are cool and fun to ride. Our safety guide elevates your journey and ensures the prevention of any injuries. However, if you are stuck in a situation where nothing seems workable, the best option is to get off your electric scooter and push to walk it slowly on the footpath until you reach the required help.