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Out of all the things loved by kids, wheel scooters hold a very high rank. Kids usually develop an interest in owning this facility in their pre-teens, and they cherish this and the memories formed by it for the rest of their lives. If your child is showing his willingness to own a 3 wheel scooter, you should not miss the opportunity to get him or her one. We shall tell you about the best 3 wheel scooters you should consider.

Best Kids Scooters in the Market you can buy:

There are a lot of brands that manufacture 3 wheel scooters. However, if you are looking for a brand that makes the best kids scooters overall, Hiboy should be your brand of choice. We have selected 3 of their scooters that you must consider. They are discussed below.

Hiboy Hidy 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

3 wheel scooter for kids

Hiboy Hidy Kick scooter is one of the finest scooters made by the Hiboy brand. This 3 wheel scooter does not require any assembly and is ready to use just as you buy it. You kids will rock on this scooter with its big fine wheels, which will be sure to give them a smooth, stable and a comfortable ride.

Features of Hiboy Hidy 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

Hidy Kick scooter by Hiboy has a lot of interesting features that are sure to entertain children as they ride, and facilitate them in many ways.

Handle Height is Adjustable

You will not have to worry about size when you are buying this scooter. It will work for children all of the heights since the handle is adjustable to various heights. That also makes it feasible if you want to use it for multiple children each of different ages since they can adjust it back and forth at their will. However, make sure you lock after adjusting the height to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

Wheels with LED Flashes

These wheels come with LED light built in them. When you run the scooter, the lights turn on automatically as the wheel rotates, and light flashes beautifully. This adds up in the fun for children since they are amazed by a lighting feature, regardless of how basic it actually is. These LED lights will prove to be quite long-lasting too.

Aluminium Frame

The frame of this kick scooter for kids is made up of aluminium. As a material, Aluminium is extremely light but quite durable at the same time. This makes it an ideal material for kids scooters. Moreover, aluminium also takes its time to corrode away, so your scooter will pretty much be safe and retain its shape for a long time.

Can Carry up to 110 lbs

This scooter being able to carry a weight of about 110 lbs means it will be capable of carrying even 2 young toddlers. However, if the child is a little big then one should be kept as the limit, which is what these scooters are actually meant for. Nevertheless, this capacity attests to the durability of this item and will be able to facilitate children with more body types.

Benefits of Hiboy Hidy 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

Due to its unique features and functionalities, the Hidy Kick scooter has a lot of benefits laid out at your child’s disposal. They are as follows:

Will make your Kids feel Fancy

Fanciness is something that attracts the kids a lot. Even if a thing is not good in the perception of the adults, as long s it is fancy for children, they will love it, even if they cannot make good use of it. However, the 3 wheel kids scooter is not only fancy, but is pretty good too, so it will be a win-win on both ends.

Has Strong Breaks for Safety

The breaks of this scooter are pretty strong, that will stop your child on the tracks regardless of their circumstances. This is essential for safety, and hence is a very important benefit for you and your child. While it may take time for your kid to get used to these breaks, they will master it phenomenally, eventually.

Can Facilitate Children of Different Heights

As we have discussed that the handles of this scooter are adjustable. This allows you to facilitate children of different age groups and heights. In other words, all kids will e able to enjoy this scooter to its fullest without feeling left out. Not many scooters out there provide you with this facility.

Has a very Good Balance

The manufacture of this scooter is done with utmost love and care, all of that to ensure the children can ride it safely with a very good balance. The good balance protects the kids from injuries and helps boost their riding experience.

3 wheel scooter for kids

Pros of Hiboy Hidy 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

The pros of Hiboy Hidy Kick Scooter for Kids are as follows:

  • The design of this scooter is very appealing. No child would be disappointed by receiving this.
  • It works as an ideal gift for a birthday or Christmas.
  • You will not have to worry about the frame getting damaged.
  • This scooter will ensure maximum safety for your child, though parental supervision is still necessary.
  • This scooter is meant to be your companion for a long time.
  • It can be repaired easily on the damage.

Hiboy Q1 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

3 wheel scooter for kids

This is a special kick scooter that has been designed for toddlers. The beautiful colors and easy handling of this item will make your toddler go in a fashionable way. The 3 wheels will give them good support and prepare them for bigger rides, in a way that you cannot imagine. You should consider buying this scooter for kids.

Features of Hiboy Q1 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

Below we have discussed the features of Hiboy Q1 Scooter for kids:

Available in 2 Colors

This scooter is particularly available in 2 distinct colors: pink and blue. This allows for a greater diversity since there are people that do not like the colour blue, and there are others that do not like the color pink. With two colors, your child will have an option on which one of these they want to choose. If they have the color of their choice, they have a higher probability to be satisfied.

Wheels with Self-Generated Power System

The wheels have a self-generated power system means you do not need to charge it for its lights to work. As the wheel rotates, electricity is generated within the system, and the wheels light up. This is a good feature since it is eco-friendly, and saves you from the hassle of charging the scooter again and again.

Has a Foldable Frame

While no assembly is required of this item, the frame of this scooter is foldable. That means if this scooter is not in use you can safely store it somewhere by folding it. Moreover, folding keeps the item safe from unexpected damage and also helps you save more space. If you have a non-foldable scooter instead, it may prove to be quite a hassle for you.

Has an Adjustable Bar

The bar of this scooter can be adjusted according to the individual that is using it. This allows for more perfection in riding and helps you keep the body posture right as you ride this 3 wheel scooter for kids. In particular, there are 4 sizes that this scooter can be adjusted to, and each size would be adequate for a child of a different height.

Carries up to 100 lbs

You can carry weight up to 100 lbs on this scooter. This means that the item is durable and can also bear high pressure or impact. If the child is small, they could very well carry their bag or luggage along with them while they are riding the scooter. Ultimately, this puts you at peace concerning your child.

Benefits of Hiboy Q1 Scooter for Kids:

All the best scooters in the market must provide you with some unique and helpful benefits. The Q1 scooter is no exception. In fact, the benefits would be sufficient to enthral you. They are as follows:

Comes with a 30-day Warranty

Firstly, you get a 30-day warranty for this scooter. If you do not like the product, or if you notice some problem with it, you have 30 days to return it with a money-back guarantee. Just this much is a big benefit since you will have the confidence to buy the product without any fear of it being damaged.

Easy to learn how to use them

Unlike many other scooters, it is very easy to learn how to ride this one. Although, note that you can never be good at something without practice, but in this case, only a little practice would be required and you will be good to go and rock this scooter (your child, I mean).

This item is Durable

This item provides you with maximum durability. That means, it will last quite long and it has the capacity to bear a lot of impact and weight. While it’s a good idea to not be too careless regarding the product, this thing will be good to go even after a significant amount of damage.

Liked by both Boys and Girls

Since you have 2 colours and this scooter can be mastered quite easily, all kinds of boys and girls will love this scooter. So, if you have multiple children in your home, you can get one (each) for all of them, as they will all love this product collectively. In fact, it would be better since they can play with each other on their scooters.

best 3 kids scooter for kids

Pros of Hiboy Q1 Scooter for Kids

The pros of Hiboy Q1 Scooter for Kids are as follows:

  • This scooter is eco-friendly and feasible.
  • With this scooter, the child will remain entertained for long.
  • This item can be shared between siblings and friends. This allows more goodwill.
  • The beautiful yet simple design will be sure to excite children, and they will love it if they receive it as a gift.
  • You can store this scooter away safely and easily. This will allow the next children to use it or you can give it away when you do not need it anymore.

Hiboy Q2 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

3 wheel scooter for kids

The Q2 scooter is the model that comes right after Q1. It only builds onto the popularity of Q1 and provides you with some extra features and functionality which will allow your toddler to ride in style. This scooter will provide you with adequate safety and will enable you to learn how to use it very fast.

Features of Hiboy Q2 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

As we have discussed, the Hiboy Q2 is a model introduced right after Q1 in succession (even though the Q1 is still on sale). That being considered, it should be noted that it has similar features to its predecessor. However, there are some additional things which we believe are worth discussing. They are as follows:

Has Lean-to-Steer system

Lean-to-steer is an efficient technology that will enable your kid to turn the scooter around by just leaning. In other scooters, you have to stop or turn the handle at very slow speed to properly steer it. However, with this technology, you can steer comfortably and safely even at high speeds. It may take a little practice for the kid to master how to steer, but they will learn it eventually.

Has a Reinforced Rear Fender

Since kids scooters are generally cheaper, manufacturers find no need to add a reinforced rear fender. While a kid may be generally safe even without it, there may be some circumstances where the need of it may arise. A reinforced rear fender allows for a faster response of the breaks, which keeps you safe in unexpected circumstances. At the same time, the break will be quite comfortable.

Wheels of 120*50 millimeters

This is a huge size for a wheel on kids scooters. Wheels this size are specially designed for stability and comfort. In other scooters where the wheels may be smaller, it leads to high instability and the probability of the child tripping over increases considerably. Small-sized wheels also cause the scooters to malfunction or break ultimately.

All three Wheels Light up

In most scooter models, only the front wheels light up. However, in the Q2 model of Hiboy scooters, all three wheels come with an in-built flashing light function. As the old saying goes: “The more, the merrier.” In other words, the children will love this scooter even more because of three flashing wheels.

Benefits of Hiboy Q2 Scooter for Kids:

Just like Q1, Q2 has a lot of interesting benefits too. However, you will notice that the benefits provided by this product are quite unique and intriguing in nature. They are discussed as follows:

Smooth Ride, on uneven surfaces

This scooter will provide you with a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces. In other words, even if your child is riding through a bumpy track, they will feel pretty much comfortable and will still be in the safe zone, i.e., they will be less likely to injure themselves. However, make sure the child is not going too fast on a track that is too bumpy, since even the best things have a limit.

Can facilitate even Bigger kids

Sometimes, we forget that children around 10 years of age are still children, and have the willingness to try out new things and enjoy themselves. This scooter is the perfect thing for them since it has all the added features and facilities to make it an ideal scooter for them to enjoy.

Does not require Assembly

Assembling a package that comes at your place can be a tedious task often. At other times the assembly process leads to damage or breakage. Gladly, this 3 wheel scooter for kids comes in its final form, and you will not need to assemble it. It will also save you a lot of time and energy.

Very stable even for older kids

Stability is the mark of this scooter. It is uniquely designed to keep you stable and upright and give you the smoothest ride one can imagine.

3 wheel scooter for kids

Pros of Hiboy Q2 Scooter for Kids:

The pros of Hiboy Q2 scooter for kids are as follows:

  • The child can be proficient at using the scooter in no time at all.
  • This will give them good practice for good balance and composure.
  • With this scooter, the child will be safe from injuries to the max.
  • Even if this scooter faces an impact, it will retain its shape and form and will still be usable.

Final Thoughts

You should give one of these scooters a try because they will be the best for your overall satisfaction. Moreover, the fact that they are available with a discount as a limited time offer, you should make use of this opportunity to get the best kids scooters you may ever find in the market.

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