Leon Wang:22 May, 2023

5 Top 20 Mph Electric Scooters 2023

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20 mph e-scooters make for a great ride to navigate around the city smoothly. Urban areas have busy setups that can take hours to clear the traffic lines. But riding on an electric scooter is ideal to avoid the infuriating traffic lines, especially when you get a top speed of 20 mph.

Electric scooters are one of the finest innovations in technology. Besides maintaining health, it cuts down the long-term cost and enables you to zoom around the city and hilly terrains at an incredible speed. Besides these perks, you get to complete your tasks ahead of time and arrive at your destination without hassle. 

So if you are inquisitive to know the ideal 20 mph electric scooter, this article covers the same with a lot more specs and their best aspects. So gear up for a smooth ride. 

Is 20 mph Fast for an Electric Scooter?

Each electric scooter has a top speed, and the average top speed is around 20 mph.

If you are a casual rider, 20 mph is fast enough to travel around your city. Speed plays a crucial factor before investing in a sturdy electric scooter, and 20 mph is a good speed, primarily if you reside in a less dense traffic area. 

Anyway, if you are one who seeks pleasure in high-speed rides or someone who goes on a long-distance trip, usually, an average top speed of 20 mph may not be fast enough for you. However, for a casual rider looking forward to roaming around in the vicinity or commuting, or just traveling in shorter distances, an average top speed of 20 mph is the safest option to settle for. 

What Are the Best 20 mph Electric Scooters 2023?

An average top speed of 20 mph is excellent if you are looking for electric scooters for commuting or a comfortable and joyous ride. This section covers the list of 5 top 20 mph electric scooters in 2023 and their complete review with their impressive features, benefits, and cons. 

Here are some of the best 20 mph electric scooters that you can choose to ride anytime. 

  1. Hiboy S2 Max
  2. Hiboy S2R Plus
  3. Turboant X7 Max
  5. GoTrax G4

1. Hiboy S2 Max


Hiboy S2 Max tops our list of the best 20 mph electric scooters as despite its average top speed of 19 mph; it stands perfect for long-range city riders. Its powerful 48 V 11.6 AH battery lets you travel up to 40 miles on a single charge. It supports 3-speed modes: Eco, Standard, and Sports, to adjust speed for long-range commutes and comes with an intuitive LED dashboard. Hiboy S2 Max electric scooter folds in 3 seconds to be easily stored and carried in car trunks, subway, elevators, and other compact spaces.

Why is Hiboy S2 Max an Ideal Electric Scooter? 

  • Supports a maximum range of 40.4 miles 
  • Charges quickly in 6 hours 
  • Supports a maximum load of 220 lbs
  • It lets you choose with seat style or without seat style
  • Hiboy app support available for advanced features and functions 


  • Features an increased range 
  • Nice LCD screen 
  • Good screen and battery life 
  • High motor power of 500 W


  • A bit heavier 
  • Only the front suspension system is available 

2. Hiboy S2R Plus

Hiboy S2R Plus is another high-performance e-scooter that offers a range of 22 miles at an average top speed of 19 mph, making it an excellent option for daily commutes and leisure rides. With a removable battery and 9-inch pneumatic tires, Hiboy S2R Plus delivers a comfortable ride. Its 350 W brushless motor is low maintenance and offers a robust and solid acceleration to handle multiple terrains.

Why Should You Buy Hiboy S2R Plus Electric Scooter? 

  • Offers multiple speed modes 
  • Adjustable handlebar for a customized riding experience 
  • The replaceable battery allows extended range and separate charging 
  • It has a bright headlight and taillight for increased visibility, especially during nighttime
  • Its compact body supports a maximum load of 220 lbs


  • Relatively light with flat-resistant tires
  • Detachable battery
  • Mobile app available 
  • IP54 water resistance rating 


  • Ride quality is not up to the mark 
  • Cheaper scooters with better performance are available 

3. Turboant X7 Max 

The Turboant X7 Max electric scooter is best for anyone who is looking for an everyday trailblazer to count upon with an average top speed of 20 mph. It has a 10 AH detachable battery and a 350 W brushless motor with an improved 32 miles range on a single charge. It welcomes heavy, larger, and taller riders with its 275 lbs load capacity and supports a 3 W LED headlight for nighttime riders and a 15-degree climb capability. Turboant X7 Max has a rear disk brake and front electronic brakes for a steady stop when the brake lever is applied with a blinking tail light to signal the others around. 

Why Choose the Turboant X7 Max e-scooter? 

  • Higher handlebars and widened deck
  • Features a water resistance IPX4 rating 
  • Provides optimized ride quality and enhanced experience 
  • Three riding modes - Eco, Comfort, and Sport modes to suit your specific needs
  • Three-step folding to save space and carry it along anywhere


  • Supports heavy riders 
  • Reliable dual-braking system
  • Detachable battery with secure key lock 
  • Intuitive and effective folding mechanism 


  • Flimsy kickstand 
  • The thick stem makes it cumbersome to carry with short-hand users



APOLLO AIR is now upgraded to APOLLO AIR 2022 and features a 500 W motor, 21700 lithium battery (15 AH), dedicated regen braking throttle, and a folding mechanism that's best-in-class. It lets you speed through the city at 21 mph with a front dual fork suspension system and large 10-inch tires to provide you with the maximum comfortable riding experience. APOLLO AIR is best applicable on streets, bike lanes, and sidewalks.

Why Should You Go With APOLLO AIR? 

  • Extremely portable e-scooter with just 38 lbs
  • It lets you take full charge of your ride through in-app control
  • Water resistance rating of IP66 for all season-riding
  • Supports the maximum rider load of 220 lbs
  • It provides regenerative braking throttle to brake swiftly and more efficiently 


  • Exceptional stability and handling 
  • Striking and robust design 
  • Beginner friendly operation 
  • Rear split rim to make tire changes easier


  • Both brakes on the rear wheel
  • Dull display
  • Kickstand is hard to deploy 


5. GoTrax G4 

GoTrax G4 electric scooter supports a 500 W motor and features an average top speed of 20 mph to cover a range of 25 miles on a single charge. Its 36 V lithium-ion battery doesn't take over 4-5 hours of charge time, and 10-inch air-filled shock-absorbing pneumatic tires ensure a smooth commute even on bumpy streets. It is great for adults with a maximum weight of 220 lbs. 

What Makes GoTrax G4 a Safe Bet? 

  • The one-touch folding mechanism provides a storage and carrying mechanism 
  • It offers a crisp and clear LED screen for quick readouts
  • Features a manual integrated tiller lock to deter potential thieves 
  • It has a waterproof rating of IPX4
  • Supports electromagnetic brakes (front) and disc brakes (rear)


  • Comfortable to ride 
  • Rear tail light 
  • Sturdy built
  • 10-inch tires pre-filled with slime to prevent punctures 


  • Headlight is not much bright as other models 
  • The brakes are not as strong as other models or cheaper ones 

A Comparative Analysis of All the Top 5 20 mph Electric Scooters Summary

Here's a quick comparison of all the electric scooters and their best aspects to help you get a clear idea before initiating your purchase. The below given table compares the best electric scooters based on their motor power, max speed, range, weight, tire, dimensions, price, and more specs. Have a look!


Hiboy S2 Max

Hiboy S2R Plus

Turboant X7 Max


GoTrax G4

Motor Power

500 W

350 W

350 W

500 W

500 W

Max speed

19 MPH

19 MPH

20 MPH

21 MPH

20 MPH


40.4 Miles

22 Miles

32 Miles

31 Miles

25 Miles


41.5 lbs (18.8 kg)

31.5 lbs (14.3 kgs)

34.2 lbs (15.5 kgs)

38.5 lbs (17.5 kgs)

36 lbs (16.3 kgs)


10-inch, air-filled tires (pneumatic tires)

9-inch, air-filled tires

10-inch, pneumatic tires with air-filled inner tubes

10-inch, pneumatic tires

10-inch, air filled tires (pneumatic tires)








44.1 × 18.9 × 48.2 in

44.1 x 16.9 x 49.2 in

45.3 x 16.5 x 49.2 in

47 x 22 x 21 in (folded)

44.4 x 18.5 x 48.3 in

Max Incline












Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest 20 mph scooter?

Undoubtedly, Turboant X7 Max is the cheapest 20 mph electric scooter with a discounted price of $479.98 in usual. Be on the lookout for HIBOY's occasional discount activities, buy hiboy's 20MPH scooter at the most cost-effective price.

What is the best 20 mph scooter under $500?

Hiboy S2R Plus is the best electric scooter under $500, with an average top speed of 19 mph.

Is there a 20 mph electric scooter with a seat?

Hiboy Ecom-14 eco-friendly fat tire electric scooter covers a range of 30 miles with a top speed of 22 mph. Its 450 W motor and 14-inch big wheels quickly climb on 15-degree hills without hassle. A large 48V 10-AH high-efficient lithium-ion battery is perfect for short to medium commutes. It comes with a detachable seat and a detachable basket-style cargo carrier for a comfortable ride. 

Alternatively, you can also try the Hiboy S2 Max electric scooter with customized seat preferences.

The Bottom Line 

20 mph electric scooters are portable and come in handy for riding short distances. Whether you are a novice or a riding expert, 20 mph e-scooters are a great option to kickstart your riding journey and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Anyway, if you are looking for some great recommendations, we have already provided you with the 5 top 20 mph electric scooters in 2023. You can try Hiboy S2 Max, as it delivers the maximum range on a single charge. Even the battery charges quickly and gives you easy control of your electric scooter with the Hiboy app.