Memorial Day Giveaways

Freedom isn't free but hiboy inline skates are free now!

We are offering a pair of inline skates to all Hiboy owners who share and get 70 likes! And all shared pictures and videos will have the opportunity to be shared on and Hiboy social media!

Event dates:

1. May 25, 2022 - June 24, 2022: Submit your Hiboy photo or video below to participate.
2. Anyone with more than 70 likes will receive a free pair of inline skates.
3. We will send you an email when via an official support email.


1. The photo should contain Hiboy products.
2. You can only vote once per day for each photo. Click the "Vote" button directly on the photo or video you want to vote on.
3.Hiboy reserves the right to Interpret details of this event.