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Hiboy Inline Skates For Kids

Hiboy Inline Skates For Kids

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Enjoy rolling in the rink with friends! With 8 wheels Illuminating and 4 Size Adjustable, Hiboy inline skate definitely the best permium performance. Kids can enjoy the smooth, fast and comfortable ride. You will receive a pair of Inline Skate, an extra Wheel with Bearing and an extra Brake Pad. 

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Pink Skate - Size S: UPC: B07VRRCYRF
Pink Skate - Size M: UPC: B07VMMNJLS
Pink Skate - Size L: UPC: B07VLH27K8
Blue Skate - Size S: UPC: B07VLH3BP4
Blue Skate - Size M: UPC: B07VRR2JNS
Blue Skate - Size L: UPC: B07VRT31G4
Red Skate - Size S: UPC: B07X1KRW4V
Red Skate - Size M: UPC: B07WPVJ3PL
Red Skate - Size L: UPC: B07X3MJNZC
Purple Skate - Size S: UPC: B086QQ4WZ1
Purple Skate - Size M: UPC: B086QQBT6V
Purple Skate - Size L: UPC: B07X3MJNZC

What's in the box?

Package Content:
A pair of x Inline Skate
An extra wheel with bearing
An extra Brake Pad
2 x Bolts for Brake
2 x Bolts for Wheels
2 x Allen Wrench
1 x User Manual

1. Check the screws/bolts that secure the wheels to make sure they are tight.
2. Spin wheels to check that bearings are spinning freely.
3. Inspect brake pads for wear and tightness. Inspect all other brake components to ensure that they are secure and in working order.
4. Beware of loose laces while skating.

Customer Reviews

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Top Quality Skates

Although these skates have not been put through their paces yet, they look like they are made for fun! It's great that they have an adjustable size option, and the colored lights in the wheels look cool. Overall, the quality and design seems to be there, so much so that these skates most likely will not disappoint. Highly recommended!

Derek Underwood

Hiboy Inline Skates For Kids

Tamara Duque

Excellent service ~ it was delivered on time.


The gift for school entrance bought for my sister is great and the quality is also very good. It can be used for a long time, and it slides very smoothly and comfortably. It is especially recommended to wear it out at night, because you will be the focus, ha Haha, the attached seat belt is also very strong.

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