Hiboy Back-to-school Sale For Boston University

Boston University is located in a dense urban area along the Charles River, with easy access to walking, biking, and public transportation, and is not suitable for commuting by car. And BU students are always our most supportive customers. That's why this year's back-to-school season we've made this event for Boston University.

This is the policy of this back-to-school sale for Boston University:
1. You are a student of Boston University and have a student ID number.
2. You buy electric scooters from hiboy.com between Aug 14 and Sep 14.
3. You guarantee that the information submitted is true and valid.

Please submit your information below if you accept the policy. And you will get $25 cash back on every electric scooter you bought during the sale time. We strongly recommend our most popular model: S2 Pro.

We're recruiting campus ambassadors now. Please contact us by email: marketing@hiboy.com or by instagram: @hiboyus if you want to work with us. Welcome to join us and hope you're the next ambassador!

Campus Ambassador

We choose a talented and diligent girl Lauren Davenport as our first BU campus ambassador. She's part of the D1 women’s basketball team 'Titans' at Boston University.

'Faster, tougher, and stronger'