Step 1

Remore the 15 screws with a Phillips Screwdriver.
Keeps the 15 screws.

 Step 2

Find the battery connector.
PS: Don't worry, those are all low voltages and very safe with no hurting.

Separate the connetor by hands (very tight, here is a skill, I spinned them inter-reversely very very little bit while pulling them out, or you may use a tool like tongs, as long as don't hurt the wires and connector).

Then disconnect the black connector(red and black wire, connecting to batter)

 Step 3

Loosen the 4 battery screws, and replace the new battery. Tighten 4 battery screws and plug the connectors correctly.

Testing the power button if it works properly.

Insert the 15 screws with a Phillips Screwdriver.

Hiboy S2 electric scooter battery

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