Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment


Turn your hoverboard into a fantastic go-kart with the Hiboy HC-01 hoverboard seat attachment. Not only bring you a unique driving experience but also offer riders far more control and less injury risk than riding a hoverboard, which is much safer for kids. Please note this product can't be returned.

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Shunesha Woods
Hoverboard Kart Attachment

I am so pleased with this purchase! My granddaughter loves it and so do I! 😃

Worth it!

I'm a adult in my early 30s I weigh 170lbs so it��s pretty sturdy. I enjoy riding this It��s perfect for my large driveway and my dogs love chasing and running next me. I had guess over once and after riding they all wanted to buy one for themselves and their kids. The strap that attached to Hoover board rubs against ground and will wear out over time but it does come with extra set. After riding my brothers $2000 electric go cart and my $1000 one wheel I think this hovering board kart wins when it comes to fun to price ratio. Just do it, it��s worth it!

Brock Berg
Fun for all!

The seat is a bit awkward, seems a bit wide for kids, and the shape doesn't feel normal for an adult, so I'm not sure why that's an issue, but meh. Our son isn't quite old/big enough to use it on his own, so rides in dad's lap (shows it's pretty sturdy, also dependent on the scooter quality and scooters maximum weight). Totally easy to setup and if you whip it out when there's a family gathering all the kids age 4-15 want their turn until the scooter battery dies (get ready for kids going home crying to their parents that they didn't get enough rides, at least it's not your kids!).

Andrew Trevino
Makes Hoverboard even COOLER!!

This is a Great Invention! It is super heavy Duty Steel and well made. It fit my sons Hoverboard perfectly. Its easy to assemble and he loves it! Even my wife can ride it now. It came with extra straps. For the quality of this kart kit it is absolutely worth the price! If you have a Hoverboard you need this! I highly recommend and would buy it again!!

Great gift!

My child was given this for Xmas. It was #1 on my 4th graders list. It was tricky to assemble...almost to the point we boxed it back up and were ready to ship it back. We were able to figure it out after hours on you tube watching how-to-assemble videos. If it wasn��t his #1 gift we would of given up. We did get it together, it works fantastic and he loves it. Get a tall flag to put on the back of the seat!

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