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5 Ways To Protect Your Electric Commuter Bike


Electric bikes are an increasingly popular means of transportation for commuters. They're convenient, easy to maintain, and help you avoid getting in your car on cold or wet days to get to work. However, with the increased popularity of these bikes comes a heightened security risk: theft is on the rise, and someone could be looking to take your bike while you in a big city traffic jam. With this in mind, protecting your electric commuter bike from theft or damage is essential.

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Why do you need to protect Your Electric Commuter Bike?

1: They're easy to steal
Electric bikes are easy to steal; that's a fact. As they're electric, they don't have any moving parts coming into contact with a thief, which makes them harder to steal than a regular bike. If you live in an urban area where bad guys can easily break in and unlock your house, there's a very high likelihood that someone will steal your electric bicycle from under you at some point.

2: They could get damaged
Electric bikes are often used for short trips around town, taking you from home to a bus stop a few miles away. While not every journey is urban, many of these bikes take on bike paths, through bike lanes and regular roadways, where there is always the possibility that some idiot will run into you with their car and knock your bike over.

3: They're expensive
Electric bikes can get pricey, particularly if you're going for a top-of-the-line model. The more you pay for your bike, the more it'll hurt if someone steals one from you. Also, there's a possibility that someone will tear it down and try to sell it as parts on the black market; if this happens, then your bike is effectively destroyed, and there's nothing left to protect.

4: They're often not insured
Most bikes on the market are usually not covered by insurance. While this is a slight safety issue, it's a massive theft problem if someone decides to take your bike. Your insurance might allow you to get a new bike later on, but you won't have the original one for which you paid a king's ransom.

5 ways how to protect your ebike


5 Ways To Protect Your Electric Commuter Bike

1: A good lock
Lock theft has become a significant problem for those who travel by bike. It's such a substantial threat that many cities have even designated bike-only parking lots downtown to deter thieves. However, there are much easier ways to protect your electric bike than using a big old chain lock. A U-Lock or good quality chain lock will do the trick. If you're renting a bike or your bike doesn't have a place to attach it, then make sure you buy a wire cable lock and wrap it around the frame and seat of your e-bike.

2: Be alert
One way to protect your bike is to be more alert when it's around. If you're commuting and your bike mounts to the handlebars, hold the handles and ensure you look behind yourself before continuing. If you're using a bicycle basket or under seat storage, look behind you whenever you hop off your bike. Also, be aware of the traffic around you. If thieves spot you, they may deliberately swerve their car into you. If this happens, turn and return to your bike as quickly as possible and get your hands on it before the thief can get away.

3: Hide it
If you're worried about theft, you can hide your bike. If you live in an apartment building, find a place in the basement or garage where it will be safe. If you're riding through an urban area and know that you're going to stop somewhere for a while, then there are various wheel-less bike racks and trees that allow your bike to stand safely underneath them and out of sight. Also, if you live in a congested area, there's a good chance that noise-making thieves will prefer not to steal your bike; make sure your bike is well-secured and hidden.

4: Use lights
Posters with bright LED lights and a reflective neon paint job do wonders for security. Unless the thief has perfect eyesight, they're much less likely to spot your bike if it's in the middle of somebody's apartment complex, so be sure that you shine those lights. Also, if you live in a city with 24-hour streetlights, the thief will likely steal your electric bike in broad daylight. A sizeable reflective neon decal on the front of your electric bike can ensure people see you. It'll also help the cops know your bike is missing since you should be on the road with a neon sign.

5: Use a tracking device
If you're worried about your bike and all the above methods that don't seem to work, consider using a GPS tracking device. These devices can be attached to virtually any bike and tracked by the internet. If someone steals your bike, you can log on to the website, see where it is, and send local police after the thief. These devices can be expensive, but they're worth it if you're serious about protecting your bike. Spending little money on one of these devices is better than losing your bike forever.

Electric bikes will continue to be a mainstay in urban commuter transportation. With their low maintenance, they're a great alternative to mass transit and cars. However, because of the ease at which they can be stolen and damaged, you have to do everything in your power to protect them. These tips are easy ways to keep your bike away from thieves and protect it from damage while you ride around town.