Hiboy P6 Fat Tire Electric Bike


The P6 fat tire electric bike is a stylish and practical model for your commute. Get to the office on time, roll quickly through the urban jungle and discover the new all-terrain and Fat Tire Hiboy electric mountain bike with electric assist.

Average Range: 68 Miles

Motor: 750W Brushless Motor

Delivery: 85% Assembled

$1,499.99 $1,299.00
Hiboy P6 Fat Tire Electric Bike

All Terrain Off-Road Electric Bike

Hiboy P6 is equipped with 750W BAFANG Powerful Motor, which adds power to the ride. The 26-inch fat tires allow for a more comfortable and free ride. Whether you're commuting around town or venturing out on hills and bumpy terrain, the 26-inch fat tires are designed to enhance traction and avoid slipping on the ground and sinking in the mud or snow.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter
Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

48 V 13 Ah

Battery Capacity

60 Miles

Max Range


Gear Shift System

6-7 Hours

Charging Time

265 Lbs

Weight Limit


BAFANG Powerfull Motor

Perfect electric bikes for adults

The electric bikes give riders the opportunity to going on long rides not worrying about hills or distance. Riders also can get as much or as little exercise as they want.

750W Efficient Motor

Our 750w bafang brushless powerful motor provides 60 Miles long range with electric assist.

48V x 13Ah Removable Battery

The fat tires provide super smooth ride where you go. Get to the office on time, roll quickly through the urban jungle and discover the new all-terrai.

Fun and easy to ride for commutes

With its 4-inch thick tires and reputation for stability, our P6 e-bike is perfect for off-road adventures, weekends spent wandering the backroads, and everything in between.

This is what makes the Hiboy P6 ebike the best

Puncture Resistant Fat Tires

Puncture-resistant tires prevent punctures by thorns and glass while riding.Anti-skidding, wear resistant, adapt to city, snow, sand, dirt and various terrains.

Shimano 9-Speed Gear

Quickly switch between 9 gears, perfect for riders who are commuting in the urban city and exploring in the mountains at the same time.

Hydraulic Suspension Fork

Our P6 adventure electric bikes hydraulic suspension fork has 80mm of travel, preload adjustment and lockout option, more flexible to reducing the feeling of bumps when handling multiple terrain types.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Reliable braking performance and adjustable braking distance, providing sufficient braking forces even in harshest conditions, providing strong stopping power even in loost terrain.

High-luminance Headlight

Bright headlight provides a brighter, safer and more enjoyable environment for night riding. The unique LED circle illuminates your path while making you easily visible to others.

750W Powerful Motor

750 watt powerful motor let this fat tire electric bicycle conquer the worst hill or sand.Powerful motor brings you a more funny, more efficient riding experience.

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Before Riding:

·Make Sure Your Electric Bike Is Fully Charged Before The First Ride ·Make Sure The Pedals Are Tight
·Make Sure The Front Wheel Is Installed Properly And Tight
·Check To Be Sure The Tires Are Inflated Properly
·Learn How To Use The Display ·Wear A Helmet When Riding Is Highly Advised

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