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Works perfect

Good price and works perfect


Love it




Really good scooter I would recommend to other people

Hiboy S2/KS4/S2 Lite Charger
Yosahajari Tejeda


S2Max Scooter had problem right after I unpacked it.

I tried connecting it to Bluetooth but failed to do so. And available connection showed KS electric scooter instead of S2Max. I tried to connecting that with multiple smart phones but all failed. Honestly i was very much disappointed with the product and first impression was terrible after spending that huge amount of money. I tried contacting support they said they'll ship dash board but still haven't received it. I actually wanted the whole handle bar to be replaced. So disappointed

Absolutely love this thing! Bought it to commute around our large company facility instead of walking half a mile to each building. It works like a charm. I’m over the weight capacity by 20lbs but there is absolutely no issues with my weight.

Extend Protection Plan

So Far So good

I was excited when it came. It was pretty easy to assemble---only a few simple steps. The battery was charged at least to 50% so I was able to use it right away. I'm 6'4" and 190 but was still able to get it up to 22mph but only on completely flat to down hill parts of the road. Anything with even a slight incline and it drops to the high teens. Still good but don't expect it to maintain 22 for extended periods of your ride. The quality of the scooter seems to be very good. Looking forward to using it more for my commute once it warms up here in CT.

Shipping was very timely!

Replacement battery

Arrived in a timely fashion and as ordered

Great refurbished scooter. Easy to use. The app needs work

Scoot Scoot

Great e-scooter! im very happy with my purchase

Love it!

I don’t really have a hobby and I love the outdoors, I'm a female age 53. My boyfriend and I on a weekend rented a scooter downtown, and I fell in love with it! In long research to my needs I found the Hiboy S2 Pro. I absolutely love it! I’ve added the zip up bag up front, the seat (which I love, less bouncy on uneven concrete when sitting than standing), Amazon I bought a small basket attached to my seat, an alarm that strapped to my handlebars, and a cell phone holder. I get so many compliments from walkers saying that is cool!. Every day off, I’m heading somewhere on it. I can go to the store, Walmart is 2 miles away. Just take my backpack and go. Top speed is 19mph, and I'm happy with the long battery life. I drive a Camaro, so it really doesn't fit in my car to travel with, but I have lots of asphalt trails near my house to go the 19mph. Sidewalk, I go much slower due to the uneven concrete. After each use, I wipe it down and keep it shiny. Love it!!!

Works GREAT!!

Received item in a very reasonable amount of time. Would definitely recommend.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter
Bobby Alexander

How long is this sale going on i can have the money my next check (SSD)

Security Locks

First of all I love my Hiboy S2 Max. It’s great! It gets me were I need to go fast. I love that it’s long range. I save a lot of money. The only issue I have is when I travel to my destination and if I am not allowed to bring my Hiboy Scooter in the building. Even though I have locks, there is really no locking mechanism on the scooter where I could connect my steel lock and chain. So I have to get tricky with it and fold the scooter, pass the chain through fender area of the back wheel and then wrap it around the neck of the handle bars twice. Then wrap the chain around the metal bike rack. And then keep my eyes on it while I work out at the gym. But I’m also afraid someone will cut the break wire cause it’s left exposed. I think the orange break wire should be hidden inside the stem of the scooter just for aesthetics and security purposes. But to be honest it’s a fantastic Scooter!

Fits lime it should. The stem is short, so you will need the adapter to air it up

Hiboy P6 Fat Tire Electric Bike

A definite upgrade!

Had the Gotrax Apex electric scooter previously and I recently sold it to purchase this. The KS4 Pro is faster, has better handling, and climbs the hills more efficiently. Overall, it's just better in all aspects. The 500W motor is definitely an upgrade to the 350W one in the Gotrax. Also, the display is very visible--even in direct sunlight. Finally, it's worth noting that the solid honeycomb tires are surprisingly comparable to pneumatic tires in terms of shock abrasion. I thought these tubeless tires would be a lot more bumpy, but the ride is very smooth on most surfaces. This scooter is worth every penny!

Hiboy S2/S2 Pro/KS4 Pro/KS4 Seat/MAX PRO

Bought these for my 10 and 12 year old! Fantastic. Goes fast too

Great gift for my kids! Highly recommend

Love idea to buy a whole new motor with new tire

Love the parts for sale for the Hiboy. I experienced a flat and unable to fix the flat so I decided to buy a whole new motor with new tire and the replacement was straight forward. I will soon review the scooter on my YouTube channel. Currently at 1.1K subscribers, I’ll be giving a detail review soon.

Excellent Purchase, exceeded my expectations!

I purchased the Hiboy Electric Dirt bike almost 4 weeks ago. I was impressed by the quick shipping and ease of assembly of the bike. This was a gift for my 6 year old boys birthday. He is still struggling to ride his regular bike with no training wheels so I was nervous, but after 30 minutes of practice with the throttle, he finally had the hang of it. Within 3 days he was using the third speed. We found it easiest for him to practice at level 2. Level 1 speed is quite slow and I felt like it made it more difficult for him to balance once he started getting the hang of the throttle. Speed 3 is quick, but in an open field or big empty parking lot where I don't have to stress about cars not seeing him, it is fast enough to please him, but is still slower than a 50cc dirtbike (plus this is quiet so we can ride anywhere!). Battery life has been great, we rode for nearly 4 hours one day on level 2 mostly and it still had battery left. We plug it in at night so its ready for the next day of play. We do use a full face riding helmet and he loves it. We will be handing this down to my almost 4 year old later this year as my 6 yo advancing on to the real deal. Hope this review helps, highly recommend!

Video is after 1 hour of practice, he has since learned how to keep his feet on the pegs, turn without having to stop, use his brakes appropriately, and how to manage his speed with the throttle.