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Hiboy S2 MAX Battery
Pedro Seda Jr
Battery Review

I Bought The Battery As A
Back-Up In Case When The Original Battery Is Done At Some Point. Needless To Say, I Glad I Made This Purchase & My Hiboy S2 Max Is Awesome. Love It !!!

Hiboy S2 / S2 Pro / S2 Lite/ S2 MAX / KS4 / KS4 Pro Folding Mechanism

Works well even on steep hill with 13 year old


The scooter runs great, however the back break disc keeps touching the break pads and making a little noise. Also the speed throttle seems to be getting a bit stack all the way down while running. I know these may be easy fixable issues but still.

Hiboy p6 Review

The bike is comfortable, agile and fast. Only complaint are the pedals do not spin well also the brakes are a bit loud but work well and I’m 250

so far so good

I got it as a fun way to ride with my daughter. She likes it so much, i now have to upgrade hers

Hiboy MAX3 Front Wheel
Christopher Schmitt

Everything worked out well. The new wheel arrived pretty quick and was easy to install. Thank you for the help.

Hiboy BK1 Electric Balance Bike For Kids

Super fast, almost got a speeding ticket

The Hiboy P6 is the most fun bike I've ever had, got it for my wife and then this guy was talking trash that he could beat her a in race on his Yamaha 1000 sportsbike, so she decided to race him... He definitlely beat her and probably should have got a ticket for hitting 50 in the neighborhood, but dang that Hiboy is fast!

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter For Commuting


I bought this for my wife, and it’s a perfect fit in

Great scooter with one flaw.

I absolutely love the scooter! It feels really solidly built. No wiggles or creeks. The disc brake can be a bit too gravy when the regenerative braking kicks in, however, I don't see that as an issue. The battery lasts plenty long enough and the power delivery is very smooth. The one issue is the ride quality. Unless I'm standing on my toes with my legs bent, I can feel every little crack I ride over in my skull. I am fine with using my legs as a suspension, but it is extremely jarring. If I'm going to spend 500 plus dollars on a scooter I want it to be comfortable above anything else.

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter For Commuting

One of the best scooters

I can take the battery out and travel with it and it’s so much fun to ride and it’s very safe. I suggest buying this product

Solid Entry Scoot

Wanted to dip my toe in the scooter world, did a TON of research and this ride fits the bill. I’m a heavy fella (260 lbs) and it rides just fine. Would like a speedier scooter at some point as this tops out at 19 mph.

Hiboy MAX3 Electric Scooter

Best cycle

Best cycle


Price is good and love commute.

Hiboy S2 Refurbished Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 MAX Electric Scooter
Jessica Arechavaleta

Hiboy S2 MAX Electric Scooter

The Best All Around Dirt Bike

Both of my grandsons absolutely love them! They are 6 & 9 and I ordered Two and they started out in level one then went to three in the first day and that being the very first time they have ever ridden one!! I’m so happy I did My research and found THE BEST ONES FOR THEM!! They came with easy instructions I’m their Yaya and I put Both together in less than 10 minutes!!! Hats off to HiBoy for making things so easy and fast shipping and my boys are in love !!

Great little scooter, love the removable battery

Before owning this scooter, I owned the S2 scooter and this one has significant upgrades: bigger removable battery, air-filled tires, longer ranger, better brakes, and a more comfortable ride. I've very happy with this scooter and I'm contemplating buying an extra battery to double the range. Overall, one of the best electric scooters for the money.

Fun E-bike….but

I am enjoying the P6 a great deal. Like several of the reviews said before I bought it….there are two issues.

1. Front brakes make a constant rubbing noise. It comes and goes though. When contacting Support they sent two videos on how to fix it. I have not tried the fixes yet.

2. It seems like the shifting components are on the lower end. The shift levers tend to get stuck…I have to manually pull it back some times. Also…like the other reviews said, comparing this bike for the price… You can’t expect to many high end shifter components on this low price bike…can you?

Other than that…I would be mostly satisfied with the bike. I have recommended this bike to a couple friends who like me are buying their first e-bike.

Hiboy MAX3 Thumb Shifter
Eustace England

Hiboy MAX3 Thumb Shifter

Great Bike

Very well made bike