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Scooter tires

I am very satisfied with my order.
It arrived at the exact time promised and without any problems.
Thank you very much.

Hiboy titan

At first this scooter was perfect fast, long lasting, and all around comfortable. I’m not sure if I got a faulty battery or something along those lines but after about the third charge it dies super fast now usually after about 5-10 miles no matter what setting. So if the performance were to continue it would’ve been perfect.

I love my P7! It has a comfortable ride and works very well. Other than needing to adjust the brakes it was easy to put together and put on the road righ away.

Works, but item was not as expected

Works fine. Only issue I have is price, along with the fact that the photo clearly shows the plastic trim that holds the controller board in place, is included which it was not. You can find a used scooter of same specs for the price of this.

Product Return

Hi, I was actually looking for a higher speed and an extended batter life. Is there a possibility if I can still return this product?

First e-bike

I am enjoying my EX6 a lot, I am living in Florida in a very large community and getting around to the pools and pickle ball courts on my EX6 is even better than my golf cart. I was a little taken back putting the bike together till I realized that I did not receive the right size allen key,ran to the hardware and bought the correct size. To my surprise today 15 days after receiving the bike Fed Ex drop a very small package at my front door and it was the Allen key I needed don’t have any idea how you knew it was missing. Will there be any rear bags for storage available for this model ?

My Highboy Speaker box

I call it a box rather than a bag because it’s so sturdy and roomy. I have a JBL speaker 7in. tall and 2in diameter and it fits perfectly in my box and I have room for my phone, keys or anything else like an extra pair of sunglasses. I love the adjustable zippers on the sides. The straps are perfect so I didn’t have to make any additional modifications to attach the waterproof box to the scooter. I am very satisfied with my complete purchase 👍👍👍

No one to help us, we like to return the product because it doesn't charge and can't able to use it

Works great!

My new charger works just fine!


Super hi performance and super smooth ride

Considering I didn't get a scooter, I guess it's fine

Hiboy S2/S2Pro Handlebar

So far so good

Like the battery better than regular s2

Super fun!

I took the scooter out for the first time over the weekend. Took the greenway all around our town. Super fun!

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter
Jessica Butakov
Love this scooter!!

This scooter is so fun! Such a smooth ride and nice breaking! I have been recommending this highly ever since I started riding mine!

Awesome scooter!

I love riding this scooter! The speed is great and the motor is great. Range is awesome. Only downside is it is a bit heavy for having to take on trains and I wish the handlebar locked more easily into the latch but the lock is very solid. Also ride is very bumpy because of the solid tires. Overall super happy with it.

Best budget scooter under $500.

Exceptional value and loads of fun. The S2 Pro is priced where everyone in family can get one and rip around together. So compact you can fit them in closet, under bed, in trunk of compact car, etc. The range and speed is impressive for the size. The removable seat is nice feature adding versatility. The lighting is great feature. The app is user friendly and great way to dial in scooter to personal preferences. Scooter feels worth way more than it costs. Plan to get another soon for wife. She sees me having too much fun and is jealous & often stealing it from me.


I bought the scooter so i can ease the pressure on my sprained ankle and it has been serving its purpose. On a good day, it typically takes me a good fifteen minutes to walk from my train stop to my office building. Having the scooter has cut that daily trip to about half the time it was taking me. The second secooter was a surprise gift to my son and he is loving every opportunity he has had to go out and explore our neighborhood.

The bike it self I'm happy with but one of the inner tubs was damage and I had a flat tire after 4-5 enails and a tex with pictures I explained how it happened three times as best I could in thoes emails and nothing was done I ended up fixing myself u can't get ahold of anyone directly and the one time I did I was told to send a emsil and nothing was done so your service dept leaves a lot to be desired. R.Stewart

Hiboy EX6 Step-thru Fat Tire Electric Bike

Very solid bike for the price!

Build quality is top notch, customer support is as helpful as they can be and the the price for performance is astonishing. If you’re looking for a low cost e-bike, this is the one

We purchased a pair

2 scooters arrived and have been assembled. Unfortunately the optional seats we purchased do not stay up when you sit on them. Its ok we are enjoying the scooters without the seats and are working through the rna process. So far so good. They are fast and so much fun.

Rock solid - can't tell it's a refurb

My refurbished S2 Pro arrived looking, and performing, like a brand new scooter. Overall, I am extremely pleased for the price. It outperforms the Xiaomi M365 scooter I had in nearly every category (top speed better but acceleration slightly behind) and feels much more stable with the larger wheels and shocks. I am considering buying another so my wife or kids can join me for a ride on occasion. Highly recommend!!


Great scooter for our son. Easy to put together and use.

Very pleased on the farm.

So far so good. Very pleased. Nice alternative to always using a golf cart on the farm.