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Hiboy EX6 Step-thru Fat Tire Electric Bike

Hiboy EX6 Step-thru Fat Tire Electric Bike

Design for comfortable ride.

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The HIBOY EX6 electric bike provides a comfortable and convenient ride, making it perfect for those around the age of 60. With its ergonomic design, the bike offers a relaxed riding position, reducing strain on the back and wrists. The stepper frame makes it easy to get on and off, even for riders with limited mobility. Equipped with a powerful motor and reliable brakes, the HIBOY EX6 provides a smooth and safe ride. Whether running errands or enjoying a leisurely ride, the HIBOY EX6 is the perfect choice for a comfortable and enjoyable biking experience.


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Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter
Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

48 V 14.5 Ah

Battery Capacity

75 Miles

Max Range


Gear Shift System

6-7 Hours

Charging Time

300 Lbs

Weight Limit


Powerfull Motor

Ergonomic riding design

The HIBOY EX6 electric bike is designed with your comfort in mind. The ergonomic riding design features adjustable handlebars to ensure a comfortable riding position. Additionally, the adjustable seat allows you to customize the saddle height to your comfort level, giving you a confident and safe ride. With a low step-in frame, the bike is easy to get on and off, making your riding experience effortless.

500W powerful brushless motor

Experience the power of the HIBOY EX6 electric bike with its 500W high-speed brushless motor, providing high torque and impressive acceleration. With the ability to climb up to 20% grades, this bike offers a powerful ride that can keep up with your active lifestyle. The motor's strong output delivers the extra power you need to tackle any terrain, whether you're commuting to work or exploring the outdoors.

20" x 4.0" all-terrain fat tire

The HIBOY EX6 electric bike's 20" x 4.0" all-terrain fat tire is perfect for riding on any type of terrain, from snow and mud to beach and beyond. The 4" fat tire provides superior obstacle-crossing ability with its large contact area, caving-resistance, and exceptional grip, making for a smooth and comfortable ride on rough and rocky terrain. Experience an easy and enjoyable ride, no matter the conditions, with the HIBOY EX6's all-terrain fat tire.

Comfortable riding experience

The HIBOY EX6 electric bike features three built-in riding modes that can be easily switched with the touch of a button, providing versatility for different riding needs. The bike is equipped with a Shimano shifting package, offering seven speeds that improve shifting efficiency, allowing you to ride even when the power is off. The LCD display is easy to read and displays essential information such as power, driving speed, gear, and total mileage, making for a more intelligent ride. For added safety, the bike is equipped with an electric horn, ensuring a safer ride on the road.

This is what makes the Hiboy EX6 ebike the best

Powerful 500W motor

Hiboy electric bikes use high speed brushless motor with more torque per watt, 20% climbing, and powerful output to provide you with more power.

Long Lasting Battery

The Hiboy Electric Bike comes with a 15AH/48V removable battery that can help you go 40 miles on electricity alone and 50 to 60 miles with pedal assistance.

Step-through Design

The step-through design is beneficial for riders to get on and off the bike quickly. It is useful for older people and women with restrictive clothing.

Customer Reviews

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Mike McConnell

I caught a flat a few days after I had it, but that's what happens when you ride a lot, but a patch on the tube and some Fix-A-Flat solved that problem, I've had a lot of people ask me where I got it, and I was wondering about a sales job for commissions. Plus being a fabricator and inventor, I also have an idea for a different kind of seat, where I sit now is on the rack and I fabricated a cushion out of the packing material that came with it, and it's quite comfortable. I bought some saddlebags to go on the back, and now it looks like a real motorcycle which is great becaus,e I've made some new biker friends, I think everybody should have one of these 👍👍

Donald Williams
I like it

Give be a big discount an I'll buy another one

Great Value for Money

The Hiboy EX6 Step-thru Fat Tire electric bike is a great value for money. It's built with high-quality materials and has a powerful electric motor, yet it's priced very reasonably. The fat tires and step-thru frame design make it a versatile and practical bike for any rider. Overall, if you're looking for a high-quality electric bike at an affordable price, the Hiboy EX6 is a great option.

Comfortable and Easy to Ride

The Hiboy EX6 Step-thru Fat Tire electric bike is super comfortable and easy to ride. The step-thru design makes it easy to get on and off, while the wide seat and handlebars provide a comfortable riding position. The electric motor is also very smooth and responsive, making it easy to control your speed. If you're looking for a comfortable and easy-to-ride bike, this is a great choice.

Great Bike for Adventure Seekers

If you're an adventure seeker, the Hiboy EX6 Step-thru Fat Tire electric bike is perfect for you. The bike is built with rugged construction and can handle any terrain with ease. The fat tires provide great traction and stability on rough surfaces, while the powerful electric motor helps you get up hills effortlessly. Overall, a great bike for anyone who loves to explore the outdoors.