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Hiboy ECOM 14 Eco Friendly Fat Tire Electric Scooter

Hiboy ECOM 14 Eco Friendly Fat Tire Electric Scooter

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Hiboy's Ecom 14-the first height-adjustable electric scooter with a detachable seat and a removable basket! The 450W motor makes a top speed of 22 mph.15-degree hills are also easily handled with 14-inch big wheels. A large 10Ah high-efficiency lithium-ion battery last 30 miles, perfect for short to medium commutes.

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Max Range of 31 MilesMax Speed of 22 mph
Max Load of 220 lb3 Riding Modes
Detachable BasketDetachable Seat
Height-adjustable Handlebar14 Inch Pneumatic Tires
5-6 Hours Charging TimeLarge wide standing base
Hiboy VE1 Eco Friendly Smart Electric Scooter

Main Features

450W Powerful Motor

48V 10AH Battery

22 MPH Top Speed

14 Inches Wheels

31 Miles Range Per Charge

100% Quality Warranty

You Build It

Basket style cargo carrier electric scooter


Carry your groceries, books, or bags in convenient detachable baskets. When you don't need to load your goods, you can take the basket down or fold it up in a front-right-left-back fashion.

When you need it, just open the hook and the basket pops right out. The 14x10x7.8inch basket can hold most groceries.


A true people's favorite, the ECOM 14 offers the perfect combination of portability and performance in one aesthetically designed package. Perfect for those who want reliable and safe transportation in an urban environment. Lightweight and easy to fold, it can be packed into a trunk or taken on buses and trains. Height-adjustable risers allow people of different heights to ride more comfortably and safely.

Hiboy's first height-adjustable electric scooter
hiboy ve1 electric scooter for adults built for daily use


The soft padded seat and wide deck for plenty of foot room make the ride on ECOM 14 Friendly Electric Scooter both comfortable and stylish

Designed for short to medium commutes

The 450W motor, 10Ah battery and Large 14" pneumatic tires can hit speeds up to 22 mph, travel up to 31 miles on a single charger, and easily handle 15-degree hills. Recharge anywhere in 5-6 hours. 

electric scooters for adults for short to medium commutes

Customer Reviews

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OMG this is so fun.

I bought another scooter prior, mainly due to fact it is also a great scooter with a weight capacity of 300#'s. I wish this was more than 220#. im 200-210 on most given, and with my pack for work, i'm pushing 220 i'm sure. i bought for work commute of 3/4 mile. They same same speed capacity. I can get the Highboy topped out at 22 mph on level straight. The other i usually get 20 mph same ratings. I was little disappointed in the minor seat dent infration and the not so minor dent in the frame when arrived. After riding it, i almost forgotten about them. The basket is cool. to fold down tou have to collaspe basket n lower seat to fold. Not major, other i just fold. I do seem to have one issue, for some reason, after riding, lots bumping and hills. the handle bar stem seems to collaspe down? it's pretty tight. i don't want to crush it to tight. I also don't care for the play in the stem that i only raise maybe 6 inches upwards. it makes me feel wobbly going thru grass, bumbs up and down hills to the bike trail. I wish felt more sturdy. Not sure if that's how the stem seems to move on it's own back all way into base. twice now we noticed, after putting away and walking by again later. I thought ,y spouse was moving it, they were'nt. If i had not bought the first scooter, i may have gotten a second. The weight is what worry me, my spouse rides at 145. so we swap out if need carry things in basket. I wish it had better weight load. I totaly recommended this scooter to someon looking for a little fun and commute, and speed and versailty.

Danny Davis
My new Hiboy E-COMMERCE 14

Easy assembly, instructions were good, only minor adjustments for height and tightness. Very friendly operation and ease of use. I use it to go a couple miles to local stores, etc. Perfect for Florida living. Charge length and speed are as published.

Renee Seigler
Super fun!

I took the scooter out for the first time over the weekend. Took the greenway all around our town. Super fun!

Gary Burnett
Very pleased on the farm.

So far so good. Very pleased. Nice alternative to always using a golf cart on the farm.

Charles Linthicum
Love it

Due to medical reasons, I can no longer walk distances. I use my Hiboy to get to our ganged mail box, ride to my doctors office(about a mile away) and accompany my wife on her exercise walks. Truly is a great help.