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5 Things To Know Before You Buy an Electric Bike

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Electric bikes continue to gain popularity for many reasons. Among their many benefits are they improve commutes, support those with knee injuries and other physical ailments, and shorten travel time. If you want an electric bike, here are five things to know before you buy.

1. E-Bike Battery Life

An e-bike’s battery dictates distances, charging frequency, speed, the weight of the bike, and motor power. Higher voltages provide more power, which means a wider speed range, longer distance capacities, and fewer charging breaks. However, they cost more and are often bulky and heavy.

If you only plan to ride short distances and don’t need to reach high speeds, opting for lower battery voltages is better.

2. Location Terrain and Use

When buying the perfect electric bike, there are numerous different options to explore, from cruisers to mountain bikes. Know where you’ll ride and for what purpose so you can choose the right e-bike for you.


5 Things To Know Before You Buy an Electric Bike

3. Local E-bike Laws

Did you know each state enforces different types of e-bike laws? There are many reasons why certain areas restrict or formulate specific e-bike laws, from nature preservation to motor vehicle classifications and safety regulations.

Connecticut requires all electric bikers to wear helmets. Alabama, New Mexico, and Alaska restrict e-bikes to only those with licenses. Other states require registration. The rules and regulations that apply vary per local law and even per specific areas, such as parks and schools.

4. Maintenance Requirements

Proper maintenance ensures your e-bike lasts longer. Taking care of an e-bike includes tire inflations and replacements, brake checkups, battery charging, cleaning, lubing gears, and overall mechanic inspections. Performing maintenance on your e-bike keeps it in prime condition to keep you safe on the road.

5. Motor Capabilities

Electric bikes get most of their power from their motor. In addition to batteries, the motor is what differentiates a traditional bike from an electric one. Motors also affect your riding experience, influencing your energy transfer and travel speed, riding dynamics, and pedaling assistance.

The two most common types of e-bike motors include hubs and mid-drives. The former provides a more reliable and independent system, requiring minimal maintenance and having more user-friendly properties. The latter is more demanding on your bike system and is better for more professional biking performances.

Keeping these five considerations in mind when purchasing an e-bike ensures you buy the perfect bike for your needs and preferences. At Hiboy, we offer various electric bikes for sale, from fat-tired to balance bikes that offer all the essential qualities you need for smooth and enjoyable bike rides. Check out our selection and enjoy the perks of riding electric.


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