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Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Electric Bike for You

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Electric bikes are the way of the future! This transportation option gives riders a new way to travel around town or explore off-road paths. But which option is the perfect electric bike for you? In this shoppers’ guide, we’ll dive deeper into that question so you can find the ideal choice for your lifestyle and needs.

Understand the Types of E-Bikes

Just like the typical bikes many of us are used to seeing, there are several types of e-bikes. Understanding all your options makes it easier to decide which best aligns with your lifestyle. The main types of e-bikes include:

Cruiser e-bikes

Commuter e-bikes

Mountain e-bikes

Not sure which one is best for you? Don’t worry! This guide is about steering you in the right direction for your ideal bike. Below, we’ve further explained each of these options and their common uses.

Cruiser E-Bikes

This is the ideal choice if you want an e-bike that you can cruise on for a relaxing ride! These have comfy seats and work great on flat terrains. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and feel relaxed as you travel along paved paths in your leisure time.

Commuter E-Bikes

Cars aren’t always the best means of transportation, especially when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic or live in a busy city. Cars and motorcycles also release carbon into the atmosphere, which harms our planet. This e-bike has narrow tires to make getting around urban areas more manageable. Plus, electric commuter bikes allow you to ditch traditional costly vehicles while getting you where you need to go, whether that means going to work or picking up groceries at the store.

Mountain E-Bikes

Mountain e-bikes are the ideal option for the thrill-seeker who loves biking off-road as they create their own path. This type of e-bike has a larger frame and tires. In addition, many bike-lovers purchase electric mountain bikes instead of peddle-powered ones because this bike's built-in motor makes it much easier to travel up steep hills. Best yet, you can take a break from peddling and take in the scenery around you.

Narrowing Your Options

The most crucial part of buying the right e-bike is knowing your lifestyle and how an e-bike will fit into it. For example, are you looking for a way to change your morning commute, or are you a thrill-seeker hunting for a new way to go on adventures? Or perhaps you want a way to get a bit active while also relaxing. Each of these requires a different type of e-bike.

Decide what qualities are most important to you to narrow your search as you shop for e-bikes. So, if you want to enhance your weekends with off-road adventures and some rigorous exercise, a mountain e-bike is perfect.

Understand E-Bike Classes

E-bikes don’t just come in various types but also classifications that you need to understand before you can start shopping.

Class 1

On a Class 1 e-bike, the motor acts more like an assistant to help you travel at 20 mph during your ride. Most experts recommend this option to beginners since the motor will stop and go as you peddle, which makes it easy to control. Likewise, it’s allowed on most bike trails and in most cities.

Class 2

Class 2 can help you get up to 20 mph and doesn’t solely rely on peddle power; this class of e-bike has a throttle. Like Class 1 electric bicycles, this option is allowed in most cities and bike paths.

Class 3

This is the final class of e-bike, and the assist motor usually remains on until you’ve reached 28 mph. This option is excellent for commuters thanks to its power and speed. Remember that bikes in this class aren’t always allowed on bike trails.

Pro Tip

Before you begin shopping, verify which of these e-bike classifications your city allows. The laws for licenses, age, and more vary from city to city, and it’s always best to know this information before making a purchase. The last thing you want to do is purchase an electric bicycle you can’t use in your area.

Evaluate the Motors

As you shop, you’ll also want to note the location of the motor and how powerful it is. First, let’s talk about motor location; you’ll find hub motors at the front or rear wheel of the bike.

Mid-drive motors differ as they’re at the center of the bike frame, where most of us may see a water bottle holder on a peddle-powered bike.

Motor Power

Noting motor power is also important since a more powerful motor helps you get up to speed faster. Additionally, the more power a motor has, the easier it is to carry higher levels of weight.

Learn About the Battery

How long does the battery of your e-bike last? Read the product description to see the battery power of the bike and how many miles you should be able to travel while riding it. If you like to travel by bicycle for several hours, you may need a more powerful battery.

Note the Price of E-Bikes

The price is the final area to inspect while buying the perfect e-bike. Before you purchase anything, you need to set a budget like you would with any major purchase. First, decide how much money you want to spend, then compare the price of your options to the value.

For instance, if you decide to spend around one thousand dollars on your bike, compare options in that price range with the product description. Does one choice have superior battery power and a better frame? Remember, you want an e-bike worth the money you decide to spend.

Read Reviews

As you narrow your options, you should also read the customer reviews for each e-bike you consider buying. This gives you a better idea of the electric bike’s value and the experience other buyers have had with it.

Buy Incredible E-Bikes

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