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Best Electric Scooters for Kids - Hiboy S2 Lite (2024 Buying Guide)

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The best electric scooter for kids, buying guide plus safety tips for riding.

Electric scooters are popular among adults and children alike. Unlike adult electric scooters, kids electric scooters are not so powerful and have no faster speed. Of course, the child's electric scooter price will be cheaper.

Today at Hiboy, We bring you the two best electric scooters suitable for children and the safety rules children should pay attention to when cycling electric scooters.(All our kids electric scooters are provided for children over eight years old. If your children are under eight years old, we suggest choosing non-electric scooters for children)


Electric Scooter for Children of All Ages

Generally, children will start with manually operated scooters and then develop into electric scooters. Before your children ride electric scooters, it is best to master manually operated scooters' operation skills, which can lay a good foundation for children to ride electric scooters. Therefore, it is a good choice to use Scooters before riding electric scooters.

After taking children to prepare for riding electric scooters, scooters' safety and performance will be the next consideration, which is what I will bring you soon. Please note that the recommended minimum riding age for electric scooters is eight years old and above.


Best Electric Scooters for Kids 8+

S2 Lite 

s2lite kids electric scooter

Choosing electric scooters for children is as important as choosing commuter electric scooters. If you want to buy an electric scooter to give your children a surprise or reward, you should first check the safety and performance to ensure children's cycling safety.However, apart from safety and performance, there is another critical point for kids. His electric scooter should have some other extraordinary features, which can stand out from other children's electric scooters. In other words, it should look very cool, which is also the idea when Hiboy designed this product.

S2 Lite, as an electric scooter specially designed for children aged 8 and over, has a maximum weight of only 21 pounds and a deployed size of 43.3 * 17.7 * 42.5inch, which means that your children can carry it with them for playing, and S2 Lite is equipped with dual braking systems to provide maximum safety for children's riding.

In addition to its excellent performance, the coolest thing about S2 Lite is its design and lighting. The exquisite and simple design is the most attractive place for kids, and there are many colours for children to choose from, which means that children can confidently play in the park or cruise in the street according to their favourite style.

 electric scooter for kids

Let's take a look at its lighting. S2 Lite is equipped with a cool large headlight and a four-light system. The unique headlights have a larger lighting range, which can make children safer when riding at night. Another very cool point is that the four-light system, S2 Lite, has cool lights under the deck and headlights, which will undoubtedly be children's favourite.




Unit Weight

21 lbs

Motor Power


Maximum Speed

13mph* Depends on

riding style and terrain

Maximum Range

10.6miles * Depends on

riding style and terrain


6.5 inches

Braking System

E-braking & Foot braking

Max. Load

180 lbs

Electric Scooter Safety Rules

After choosing the best electric scooter for your child, please help your child understand the rules of cycling before getting on the bus to ensure your child's safety and others around him. Children scooter of Hiboy is for children over 8 years old. If children under 8 years old use it, adult supervision for children under 8 is recommended at all times.

kids scooter

Secondly, safety equipment is essential, including helmets, knee pads and elbow pads. When using helmets, you should keep your chin belt tight. When riding, your children should develop the good habit of wearing safety equipment, so that they can continue to abide by these rules in the future. It is suggested that children wear sports shoes and casual shoes tied with shoelaces when riding electric scooters, which can help them have good stability when riding and parking, and avoid riding barefoot or wearing sandals.

Another safety rule is to start slowly, which is also applicable to experienced riders. If you start too fast, your child may fall. The best way is to start slowly, let your child get familiar with the scooter gradually, and gradually accelerate to the highest speed. Remember, it is important to keep comfortable with the scooter during riding and always drive carefully.

  1. Always hold the handle with both hands.
  2. Avoid sudden acceleration or sudden braking.
  3. Do not ride the electric scooter in mud, ice or water.
  4. Always pay attention to road conditions and avoid bumpy road conditions and sharp objects.
  5. Avoid wearing headphones or playing with mobile phones when riding an electric scooter.

At Last

Electric scooters are very suitable for children's birthday gifts, tools for going to school and holiday gifts. By comparing your needs with electric scooters' factors, you can definitely find safe and interesting electric scooters that children like.