HIBOY US:25 Sep, 2023

Elevating the Electric Scooter Experience: Reintroduce the S2 Max


S2 Max electric scooter has seen immense popularity with consumers since its release, thanks to its superior performance and commitment to safety. We would like to reintroduce this remarkable product that has set new standards in the electric scooter industry.

Different parameters of S2MAX and S2PRO

Hiboy S2 MAX Hiboy S2 Pro
Unit Weight 41.5 lbs 36.3 lbs
Motor Power Upgrade Motor 500W  500W
Tires 10-inch Air-filled Tire 10 inches Solid Tire
Battery Capacity 556.8 Wh 417.6 Wh
Maximum Range 40.4 miles 25 miles
Maximum Speed 19 mph 19 mph
Speed Modes 11mph to 16mph to 19mph 13 mph to 19 mph
Cruise control
Max weight 220 lbs (100 kg) 220 lbs (100 kg)
Max incline 20 degress 15 degrees
Brakes E-braking & Disc braking in one place just one click E-braking & Disc braking in different palce


Outstanding Feature

Extended Range

One of the S2 Max's standout improvements is its remarkable increase in battery life, thanks to a larger capacity battery pack and its extended range. Riders now enjoy journeys of up to 40.4 miles on one charge; an upgrade from S2 Pro's 25 mile limit. This upgrade ensures they can cover longer distances while exploring more without fearing they might run out of energy before reaching their destinations.

Enhance Power

The S2 Max is equipped with an enhanced motor for an exhilarating riding experience, giving riders faster acceleration. And with its more powerful motor, the S2 Max offers enhanced climbing capability. Riders can confidently ascend steeper hills and inclines for improved urban commuting or off-road adventures that make these experiences both versatile and pleasurable.

Three-Speed Mode Selection

To meet the diverse needs of riders, the S2 Max offers three speed mode selection. This flexibility enables riders to tailor their preferred setting based on comfort level, terrain or journey needs; be it leisurely ride, quick commuter commute or adrenaline pumper adrenaline pumper ride - the S2 Max can adapt according to individual rider preferences and offer optimal experience every time!

Watch the S2MAX video

"Hiboy's latest S2 MAX scooter which is the smoothest and longest ride yet."--Recommended By Electric Revolution


"I was surprised and impressed with the great throttle feel, smooth acceleration, and did I mention nice ride!"--Recommended By Electron Sufer

Why S2MAX?

Are you looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to a car? Are you looking for a unique personal commuting tool? Do you want to save yourself more time by quickly weaving past congested cars during rush hour traffic jams? Our S2 MAX electric scooter is the perfect solution for the last mile of urban commuters.

Why Hiboy?

HIBOY is the worldwide leader in intelligent personal short-distance transportation. HIBOY is a global Founded in 2014 and has always strived to provide independent R&D, full intellectual property, design-leading, high-quality, reliable products for its consumers.

HIBOY product covers electric scooter, electric bike, electric motorcycle, electric skateboards, etc. HIBOY will continue to focus on research and development more reliable products.