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How Does an Electric Bike Cost in General?

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Electric bikes are built for different purposes, and to adhere to them, you may have to bear a more significant investment in initial times than traditional bikes. So if you want to know how much does an electric bike cost you must know that the purpose impacts cost too, which can range anywhere from $1500 to $2500 and can go beyond that. The price increases because of the brand name, luxury features, etc., which may be attractive but optional on a day-to-day commute. 

However, if you settle down for the entry-level variants that start from $1000. Moreover, if you refine down further, you may get an e-bike for less than 300 bucks, but that's not recommended as the drivetrain or components like brakes and frame are not that good compared to high-end variants. You may also settle down for a used e-bike variant if you have a restricted budget.

Why are Electric bikes Expensive in General? 5 Factors Affecting the Cost of Electric Bikes

If you want to know how much an electric bike is burning your pocket or why it is so expensive, here is the answer. Certain factors affect the cost of e-bikes and increase it to a certain level. Here we are explaining them in detail:

Brand and model

The battery cost of an e-bike is highly affected by its brand's popularity. If you consider buying a high e-bike, you must get its battery from a reputable manufacturer. As the experts recommend, it is better to purchase the bike battery from the bike manufacturer to save money and guarantee that you got the right product. 

You must also check out the model of your e-bike to settle for the correct battery. Additionally, factors like warranty, customer support, and positive reviews about the manufacturer give an idea of the brand's reputation but slightly affect the cost ebike can incur.

Quality and materials used

Reputed brands and manufacturers use high-end materials to maintain the quality of their e-bikes. So the fact that how much is an electric bike costs a user depends upon its build quality as well, whether the ebike paint is waterproof and can sustain snowfall, heavy rainfall, storms, etc. 

Besides, the bike's quality must be made of rigid material to withstand rugged terrains and rough roads, and the shock absorbers take in all the shocks from the terrains. 

You can also check whether the bike frame is made of 

  • Aluminum alloy that is lightweight and less costly
  • Magnesium, which is sturdy but slightly high-priced
  • Carbon fiber which is best and known for its quality but is higher than the previous two

Battery capacity and type

Settling with a larger battery is good as it can take longer miles to quench your traveler's thirst, but it will also increase your Ebike cost. It will also take longer durations to charge, which can impact your electricity bills by some pennies.

Then, you have to decide between variants with removable and nonremovable batteries, wherein the former ones can be charged anywhere without moving your bike. At the same time, you need to maintain the proper temperatures for the nonremovable ones that can affect your maintenance costs. You may also have to spend on an extra battery, battery charger, etc. 

Motor power and efficiency

The motor acts as the heartbeat of your electric bike, and the faster the heartbeat, the smoother your speed will be to cover the lens on a day-to-day basis. A thrilling ride can be achieved by providing more power to your e-bike motor. So, the heavier, more efficient, and more powerful the engine, the costlier the e-bike will be.

However, it's highly-priced due to its capability. If you love adventure, we must tell you that a great motor can stride well through heavy winds and steer through the most challenging hills. 

Accessories and extras

Just like extra cheese or olives on your pizza, accessories of your e-bike are toppings that make the most of each bite. So, considering how much is ebike cost to you, you must view a few additional items.

LED lights, fancy handlebar covers, helmets, mirrors, exclusive brake lights, premium sound bells, custom paint, or lavish baskets all come under these accessories and extras that are enough to burn a small hole in your pocket and make your bike super cool yet slightly expensive. 

Besides, settling for fancy helmets can cost you an additional $150 to $250.

Additional Cost 

If you are lucky enough to settle for a good deal on an e-bike, certain additional costs are associated with it, like maintenance, charging, insurance, etc. Read further to know about these additional costs in detail.

Maintenance cost

With time, you may experience minor wear out in your e-bike, so regular upkeep is recommended to avoid heavy loss over time. Unlike conventional bikes, e-bikes have distinct components like display, battery, motor, and controllers that may require special attention for regular maintenance.

When you ride your e-bike regularly, you must also schedule a cleaning regime for its frame. It requires a few cleaning products that include petroleum distillates and alcohol. You can also replace them with water-based, biodegradable, and nonabrasive products, as it will prevent the wearing of your paint and rubber seals to save you some pennies.

Plus, it would help if you kept an eye on the battery health of your e-bike, which requires regular charging that involves electricity costs. The brake pads, cables, and chain need constant lubrication to go a long way. 

You may also encounter certain maintenance costs regularly, such as;

  • Repairing a flat tire or patching it can cost up to $1 if you already have your hands on a patch kit, but if you call a mechanic, it may cost $20.
  • Brake adjustments of $20-$30
  • Scheduled tune-ups twice a year or as soon as 500 miles get completed can cost you around $75 to $100.

Charging Cost 

As a recommendation, getting a replacement for your battery after it has undergone 700 to 1000 charges is better. As per the model and battery type, you may incur a cost of anywhere between $350 to $850. Moreover, you may require a charging cost of around $1.25 to $4.30 per 1000 miles covered by your e-bike.

Insurance Cost 

Thinking about your e-bike insurance is an essential as well as wise step because it helps in preventing your costs incurred during;

  •  Theft
  •  Collision damage
  •  Accidental damage

Many insurance companies offer you the services mentioned above at an insurance cost of $10 to $100 yearly. However, there are a few companies in the market that cover you for those events that are rare to occur, and they may charge a little extra for them. These services are:

  • Roadside assistance after accident
  • Rent reimbursement if you are hurt during an accident and cannot ride your e-bike
  • Damaged parts replacement like motor battery, etc.
  • Replacement coverage with a similar model e-bike or market price for the ebike damaged.


Getting hold of an expensive and new e-bike may be easy if you have planned prior for it, as it's a lump sum investment, and most people buy it for once or longer. However, often, riders need to ponder upon certain expenses that occur after getting their hands on a premium e-bike. We incorporated significant costs and answered your query on how much does an electric bike costs as precisely as possible. We covered five main elements that can give you recurring costs: motor, battery, accessories, build quality, etc. Then we incorporated additional expenses like maintenance, charging, and insurance that riders often need to remember to add to the cost of their electric beauties. We hope you keep them in mind before deciding upon your purchase.