Hiboy Official:25 Mar, 2023

Introducing the HIBOY EX6: The All-Terrain Fat-Tire Step-Through E-Bike for Any Journey


Looking for a comfortable and convenient ride? Or Look forward to a little bit of adventure?

Meet our EX6, Hiboy’s first fat-tire step-through e-bike which carries all-terrain with ease!   

With its ergonomic design and stepper frame, it's the perfect choice for all groups, especially, riders around the age of 60 or those with limited mobility. The powerful motor and reliable brakes ensure a smooth and safe ride whether you're running errands or enjoying a leisurely ride. Say goodbye to back and wrist strain and hello to a comfortable and enjoyable biking experience with the HIBOY EX6 Fat-Tire Step-Through E-Bike.


Why Hiboy EX6 Fat-tire Step-thru E-bike?

Ergonomic Bike Design


The bike is radically redesigned with ergonomic considerations, featuring adjustable handlebars and a customizable seat that can be adjusted to your comfort high for a safe and comfortable ride, releasing your back and waist pressure.

The low-step frame design allows for easy mounting and dismounting, which is the perfect choice for your joyful riding or tedious errands.


Powerful DC Motor 


Equipped with a 500w high-speed brushless frame-integrated motor, providing high torque and impressive acceleration and making this bike has powerful output with a top speed of 25+ mph and a climbing capacity of 20%. 


Peace of Mind Riding Experience


The built-in three riding modes can be easily and smoothly switched with a button and are paired with Shimano gear-shifting technology for efficient gear changes, even when the battery is low. The intelligent backlit LCD display provides real-time information on the speed, power, gear, distance, and status of various components.  There also comes with a horn and high-luminance headlight for added safety at night.


Perfect for any road conditions

With 40" x 20" all-terrain fat tires, this bike is suitable for riding on various terrains such as snow, mud, and sand( Any tough condition you could name it ). The 4-inch wide tires offer excellent stability and superior obstacle-crossing ability, plus a hydraulic suspension fork system it will definitely give you a smooth and enjoyable ride even on rough and uneven surfaces.  

Don’t forget the dual-hand brake system as well, the disc brake on both wheels can help you control your e-bikes as your wish, and whenever you encounter curves or turns, you could navigate them easily.


Long-lasting Battery


Our removable 15AH/48V battery gives you the power to ride up to 40 miles on electric power alone or 50-60 miles with pedal assist. Whether you're commuting to work, or enjoying a family outing, our long-lasting battery has got you covered.

For more detailed effects you might want to watch our rendered e-bike video on Youtube:

Stats Table

Intuitively compare those to understand the configuration gap of the same type of products

Hiboy EX6

Heybike Ranger

Gotrax F2

Radpower RadRunner2






Tire Size



20" x 3"

20" x 3.3"


66 Lbs

80.5 Lbs


65 lbs

Payload Capacity

300 Lbs

300~330 LBS

265 Lbs

300 Lbs

Pure Electric Range

41 Miles

38 Miles

22 Miles

25 Miles

Power Assisted Range

75 Miles

48 Miles

40 Miles

45 Miles

Power Assist Gear

5 Gears

3 Gears


4 Gears

Transmission Level

7 Level

7 Level

7 Level

Single Speed


Class 3

Class 2






Aluminum alloy


Charge Time

6-7 Hours

6-7 Hours

5 Hours


Motor power





Water-proof Level

Bodywork IPX4; Battery IPX5




Battery removability







As the stats table shows above, each electric bike has its own strengths and weaknesses, for instance, Radpower RadRunner2 own a more powerful motor, but when it comes to transmission level,it only available at singe speed and has fewer power assist gears. 

Gotrax F2 can fully charge in only take 5 hours, and it is still the cheapest one of them, but the range is less than ideal. With the EX6, you won't have to sacrifice range for affordability

So since comparing with the same type of products, you might want to check out the EX6, which delivers solid performance in all areas at a reasonable price point. therefore if you want an electric bike that offers you optimal e-bike configuration and an ideal riding experience, the EX6 is a clear choice for you.