Leon Wang:25 Jun, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Scooter Helmet 2023: Top 5 Scooter Helmet Options

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Scooter Helmet 2023


In today's super busy life in tight traffic, an electric scooter is a savior for its lightweight, smart probability, low maintenance cost, skipping traffic, license/ permit free ride, etc. So, it is extremely popular for short-distance travel in urban life. For taking safety precautions using any electric scooter, you must use the best electric scooter helmet to prevent any head, brain, or facial injury. 

Since the electric scooter can speed up to 40km/hr and ride in poor night visibility, gloomy weather, slippery roads, snow, or rain can be dangerous without safety. So, this article will thoroughly guide you to pick the best-suited helmet for your safe and comfortable electric scooter ride.

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Understanding Different Types of Electric Scooters Helmets

Now, let's see the different types of helmets available for other rides. These helmets are different in size, shape, and features, with various protection purposes. 

Bicycle Helmet

Bicycle helmets are the one that is used when you are riding your vehicle under 20 to 30 km/h on any plain land. This is best for head safety, but your face, teeth, and chin will not be protected with this helmet.

  • It is lightweight and comfortable, with a soft inner lining.
  • Foam lining absorbs the energy in any impact.
  • Compact & durable with a hard outer shell.
  • A face-open helmet is best for skull protection.
  • It is affordable & available in different colors, shapes & sizes.

Downhill or Mountain Bike Helmet

A Downhill/ Mountain Bike helmet is meant for riding in bumpy or high-risk road conditions. When your riding speed is under 30 km/h, but the road condition is more challenging, you need extra features in your helmet.

  • BMX-certified helmet meets ASTM 1952 or ASTM F2032 criteria.
  • This is almost the same as a bicycle helmet with a more impact-tolerating structure.
  • It comes with a full face cover option with adequate ventilation.
  • It gives your face, chin, teeth & jaw more protection than a bicycle helmet.

Motorcycle Helmet

When riding above 30 km/h in plain or high-risk road conditions, you need a Motorcycle helmet to protect your entire face and head. 

  • This is comparatively bigger, heavier, and more durable than a bicycle or downhill helmet. 
  • Full face helmet for face, chin, jaw, teeth, head, skull & brain protection.
  • It slightly protects your neck.
  • Very less space for ventilation.

Safety Standards for Electric Scooter Helmets

There is no hard and fast rule for using helmets while riding an electric scooter. Different countries have different laws regarding wearing helmets. So, there is no specific helmet made for it. So, you have to select the one from commonly available options following the safety standard of wearing helmets.

  • It's very important to select the helmets that fit you well. An ill-fitting helmet will be as useless as without a helmet. So, before buying any helmet for your e-scooter, measure your head's circumference and buy the helmet accordingly.

  • Always go for a certified helmet with recognized safety standards instead of any cheap one. Uncertified poor-quality helmets would give you adequate safety or protection when needed. In the USA, you can go for US CPSC Bicycles, ATSM F1952–15, NEN NTA 8776, etc.

  • You must follow the standard safety by selecting the MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) helmet. It offers two layers of protection that move against each other, just like the brain's natural mechanism.

  • You should never use any broken helmet to maintain your safety standard. If your helmet gets damaged or broken, buy the new one.

  • You should not use another's helmet that neither suits your size nor serves your purpose of proper protection.

How to pick the right helmet for an e-scooter?

As there is no specific helmet made or meant for electric scooters, you have to be a little careful and specific about the purpose of your helmet. 

  • If you ride your e-scooter at low speed, a standard bicycle helmet would be perfect.
  • For higher speeds or bad road conditions, you must try the downhill helmet.
  • A motorcycle helmet could be best for full protection if you mostly travel on a busy road at high speed or at night.
  • You can also keep different helmets for meeting your other purposes. 

5 Best Electric Scooter Helmets

If you're confused about what to pick from the endless options for e-scooter helmets, here you go with the top 5 electric scooter options. You must go through the list to match the compatibility of the helmet with your specific requirement.

1.Closca Loop Electric Scooter Helmet 

Closca Loop Electric Scooter Helmet

This trendy & handy foldable helmet is perfect for small storage, and it faces open, well ventilated, light-weight, and comfortable to wear. The helmet will fold automatically to protect your head when needed. 


  • Ergonomic elastic band
  • The unisex helmet is suitable for men or women.
  • Well-padded with an adjustable buckle to fit your head size.
  • Aerodynamically sound design.
  • Compact design with proper ventilation with non-stop airflow.
  • Available in 15 colors.

2.Dclina Electric Scooter Helmet

Dclina Electric Scooter Helmet

This eye-catching helmet draws others' attention with the best eye protection feature. This electric scooter helmet protects your eyes from dust, dirt, and pollution, as your vision is crucial to your riding.


  • Retractable visor with exclusive aesthetics
  • Washable mesh lining for easy maintenance.
  • Long lasted with ABS Shell
  • high-density EPS buffer material for absorbing more impact.
  • Adjustable elastic strap with quick-release buckle.
  • Lightweight with 1050g for multi-purpose use.

3.Westt Escape M12 Electric Scooter Helmet

Westt Escape M12 Electric Scooter Helmet

This electric scooter helmet is known as a half helmet and is not overbearing. Its attractive look makes it trendy and demanding. This helmet is available in various sizes, including S, M, L, & XL.


  • Retractable sun visor to protect eyes from sun UV, dust, dirt, etc.
  • Adjustable straps to fit your head size.
  • Long lasted with ABS shield
  • Maximum shock absorbing feature with EPS thick guard. 
  • Lightweight & comfortable for long periods of wear.

 4. NIU KQi3 Electric Scooter Helmet

NIU KQi3 Electric Scooter Helmet

This one of the best electric scooter helmets has an advanced heat-releasing feature with internal recessed channels. It makes your head cool in hot weather.


  • Lightning option for night-time visibility with their lighting mode & USB charger.
  • It has a minimalistic design with 360° vision.
  • Built-in moisture soaking pad to keep your head dry inside the helmet.
  • It is certified by CPSC.
  • Lightweight with 540g weight.
  • One-handed fitting for fastest fastening.

5. LXBH Electric Scooter Helmet

LXBH Electric Scooter Helmet

The vintage look of this helmet makes it classic, and the smart eye protection keeps it trendy. This product is available in four sizes. The half helmet design will remain half of your head open which is very comfortable and relaxing.


  • Sophisticated vintage look with heavy padding inside.
  • Versatile design is suitable for different types of bikes & scooters.
  • ABS shell for maximum safeguard.
  • Comfortable with moisture-absorbing lining.
  • Elastic strap with easy-release buckle.
  • The unisex helmet is suitable for all age people.
  • Available in multiple colors with 900g net weight.

Bottom Line

If you regularly use electric scooters and want to take serious safety measures, wearing a best-suited helmet is the ultimate solution. Now, if you are getting confused about choosing the right one, follow the above-mentioned instructions and criteria to sort your selection. Your one-time selection of the best electric scooter helmet will ensure your safety for a lifetime.


What types of helmets are suitable for electric scooter riders?

There is no particular helmet for electric scooter riders. Therefore you have to select any bicycle, e-bike, downhill, or motorbike helmet available in the market, depending on the purpose of your electric scooter.

Can I use my electric scooter helmet for other activities like biking & skateboarding?

If your e-scooter helmet meets all the parameters and standard criteria for the other helmet used in different activities, you can surely use it. You must check the helmet specifications and safety standards for the particular activity you want to use your helmet for. If it matches, you can use it.

Are there any additional safety features or technologies to look for in electric scooter helmets?

The safety of your head and face are the only criteria for an electric scooter helmet. There is no additional or separate feature for electric scooters.

Are there any laws or regulations regarding helmet usage for electric scooter riders?

No, there are no universal rules or regulations for using electric helmets. Different countries have different laws regarding helmets and its usages. However, there are some Govt. standards to certify any helmet brand.