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What Are the Rules for Electric Scooter Riders in the US?

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Riding an e-scooter is always fun and is a great way to get around. But before you begin shopping, you should know the rules for electric scooter riders in the US. After all, this is a type of vehicle, and responsibility is a major part of ownership. Keep reading to learn more about some of these laws.

Age-Related Rules

There is no federally set minimum age for riders, so it varies for every state. Most states require riders to be at least 16 years old, but some allow children as young as 12 years.

Regarding safety, there aren’t always laws stating that you must wear a helmet regardless of age. Of course, despite the lack of federal law, you should always wear safety gear when riding. An e-scooter can move at 15 mph, which is pretty fast, so a collision could result in injury, especially if you don’t take the proper safety measures.

Speed Rules

Although you may not be able to hit the same high speeds as a car, many areas still have speed laws for e-scooters. Like the age-related rules, there is no country-wide speed limit, but most states limit e-scooter speeds to 20 mph. This isn’t usually a problem since most electric scooters only go up to 15 mph.

Street Rules

In most states, e-scooters are legal to ride on main roadways, but this isn’t the case for every state. Likewise, some states and cities that allow individuals to ride in the street alongside cars have specific rules as to which types of roads you can ride on.

For example, several states forbid e-scooters on highways and expressways since they cannot keep up with traffic; the rider could also be in danger there since most cars on the highway travel around 70 mph, and most electric scooters only go up to 15 to 20 mph.

Riding on Walkways

In most states, riding on the sidewalk is illegal. In fact, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Virginia are the only states that allow it. This is because e-scooters travel at higher speeds, which could be a danger to pedestrians.

Understand Your State and Local Laws

Before buying an e-scooter, it’s best to understand the rules for electric scooter riders in the US for your state and city. Remember, some laws differ slightly across the country, so what’s legal in Illinois could be illegal in Michigan. Likewise, some states require users to register e-scooters and other portable, electric transportation depending on their classification. When in doubt, contact your local DMV for clarification.

Noting these laws prevents the risk of getting ticketed or fined for breaking the rules your area has set in place. Shop at Hiboy for top-quality motorized scooters. We have various options available and different types of e-scooters so every rider can enjoy traveling on their electric scooter.