Leon Wang:05 Jun, 2023

What is electric scooter suspension, and why is it important to your ride?

Love long rides but afraid of sitting on uncomfortable seats in your vehicle? Have you noticed if an electric scooter vehicle is equipped with a good suspension or whether it has a single or dual suspension? What is the importance of suspension in an electric vehicle? Paying attention to this aspect of an electric scooter is essential as it forms the base of making your rides comfortable, enjoyable, and safe. To get a deep understanding of this, you must be well aware of what an electric scooter suspension is altogether.

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Electric Scooter Suspension- Basic Understanding

Like any other vehicle, a suspension in an electric scooter aids in absorbing all the shocks that come from uneven roads, pits, or uneven surfaces. The electric scooter front suspension also provides an extra grip to the wheels of the road, making the scooter easy to handle for the rider. A suspension is a tool that eases in providing equilibrium between the quality of the ride along with better management of roads. In addition, it assists in eradicating any friction between the wheel and the road, which results in better performance of the electric scooter to provide a cushioned and comfortable ride. 

Electric Scooter Suspension- Purpose

A full-suspension electric scooter comes with comfort; however, it is not needed as a compulsion. A suspension is an involvement of a technique that aids in achieving multiple goals. Here they are;

  • It aids in sucking up any extra effect you may sense while riding an electric scooter with suspension. You cannot expect it to remove all the jerks felt during a ride, but most are taken care of.
  • It aids in better resistance when the scooter wheels move and you feel a sudden jerk. It is when you are not moved completely from your seat, and the shock gets controlled.  

Electric Scooter Suspension: Types

You can come across many variants when dealing with electric scooters with suspensions. So how to identify different suspensions, and what is their use? Here you go with various suspensions for electric scooters and how they work to make your ride smooth.

1. Spring suspensions

Conventional in use, spring suspensions come with blue coils wherein spring is hidden within the coils. Herein, you can also make amendments to give stiffness or bounce to a suspension.

You can come across some electric scooters with blue springs in a horizontal way. These kinds of suspensions require various pivot points and do not have a relaxing effect on the components. For example, some electric scooters come with one front and two back springs, and to add to the smoothness of the ride, the suspension has rubber deminers. 

2. Hydraulic suspensions

If you have a higher budget, electric scooters with hydraulic suspensions are what you need. You get to witness two varieties in this variant. One type has a wholly closed barrel and comes as a pre-built, where you are not free to make any changes. Second is the DNM brand, which offers a greater scope for suspension adjustments.

SNM brand offers adjustment along with changes that can be done 

3. Rubber Suspension

It is another kind of suspension that aids shock absorption using rubber blocks. Vibrations from bumps are prevented by using rubber blocks in between the parts that are in motion. These suspensions are easy to maintain and hide under your electric scooter body, thereby not intruding on your vehicle's appearance. 

Another commendable thing about rubber suspensions is that they offer consistency even to riders with different weighing capacities. For example, you may need to alter these low-maintenance suspensions only after riding more than 3000 km. However, due to their positioning, you will only see dirt deposits on them. 

Significant Role of Suspension in Electric Scooters

While wandering in markets for the best options for electric scooters, suspensions are the least enquired for a part by most consumers. It may often skip your mind that your electric scooter has wheels with a smaller surface area that results in a greater magnitude of bump as soon as it hits even the smallest crevasse on the road. So let us see some points you must note while pondering the need for a suspension in your electric scooter.

Guarding Capability:

An electric scooter suspension has the excellent capability of absorbing any extra shock felt during the ride. It also prevents severe injuries in case of accidents by giving the rider proper control of the wheels.

Disaster Control and Longevity:

Any regular suspension is built for shock absorption and to prevent any impact on your scooter's inner build and framework. Additionally, it aids in ensuring that the scooter wheels are adequately exposed to the ground.

Enhanced Ride Quality:

Usually, manufacturers use A-grade materials while making an electric scooter suspension, ensuring good ride quality and resilience in on-road performance.

Uplifting the Experience:

The best electric scooter with suspension will provide you with a quality experience while riding it. It will keep you cozy in your seats while crossing the most bumpy roads. Electric scooters with the suspension give you the independence to race your vehicle irrespective of the terrain quality. It also provides good coverage for quaky moments on the road.

Increasing the Life of Your Scooter

An electric scooter is not only a vehicle but an investment that gives fruit in the long run. If maintained well, do you know how long electric bikes last?  

There are specific parameters that lead to making your electric scooter last for ages. These are:

  • The battery life of the electric scooter can last up to 5 years if appropriately charged.
  • Regular maintenance and checkups of each component of your electric bike, including tires and chains.
  • Proper cleaning and lubrication.
  • Electric bikes with more extended durability and excellent build quality tend to last longer.
  • Various factors related to the environment, like temperature, weather conditions, etc.

Electric Scooter Suspensions- Maintenance and Care 

Here are a few maintenance and care tips that you can apply while dealing with electric scooter with suspension.

Regular inspection and cleaning

Unlike regular bikes, an electric vehicle has a more complex, sturdy, and hefty build. It makes it necessary for you as a rider to get regular inspections and vehicle cleaning done. You can have a glance at the checklist to ponder while inspecting your electric bike:

  • Whether the tires are inflated to their optimum capacity and the correct pressure to aid the suspension.
  • Whether screws and bolts used in suspension are tight.
  • Whether you are using tires of high quality.
  • The braking system is in working condition.
  • Whether shocks and struts are replaced or removed timely.
  • Whether the suspension system is working smoothly without any sound.

Lubrication and adjustment tips

Besides regular maintenance, there are some lubrication tips and adjustments you need to make occasionally to keep your electric scooter ride smooth.

  • Whether your wheel has the proper alignment along with balance.
  • Whether the drivetrain and electric motor are smooth, running, and have no noise condition.
  • Whether the bearings are adequately lubricated with grease.
  • Whether dirt or debris are removed to avoid technical ailments with components of your e-drive system.
  • Whether all the parts are tightly fixed, and if not, tighten the parts that are out of position.

Best Electric Scooter with Dual Suspension

Hiboy Titan Pro is the best electric scooter for adults with suspension. It has a beast build and is a perfect offspring of an electric scooter meant for off-roading purposes. You can go up to a high speed of 32 mph, all thanks to its brushless DC motor that picks up fast to ride on those bumpy roads or any rough terrain. It can take up to 130 kgs providing smooth and bump-free rides even in hilly terrains. Being an electric scooter dual suspension capacity model, it offers a stable ride even for longer distances and rougher terrains.

Splendid Features:

  • Collapsible design with easy mobility.
  • 10-inch tires to offer off-roading capabilities.
  • The braking system with double disc facility.
  • Sloping capacity to go up to an inclination of 35 degrees.
  • High-powered motors of 1200 watts.
  • Back-end dual shock suspension. 

Final Words

Young at heart or in a hurry, it is a joyous experience to ride electric scooters in full swing once in a lifetime. You can enjoy the most of your ride if you have the right suspension attached to your vehicle. Uneven or bumpy pathways may result in unnatural jerks that may seem fun on shorter rides, but these may be more of a hassle in a dragged-out journey. An electric scooter with suspension makes your ride comfortable, less bumpy, and smooth, giving you a smiling experience.