Leon Wang:28 Jun, 2024

Hiboy S2 Pro vs Gotrax G4: Specs, Performance, and Price in-Depth Comparison

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Electric scooters have become an exceptional choice in the vehicle market, offering a superb solution for commuting. Their compact size and incredible speed ensure that you can commute from one place to another in any circumstance, including terrain, space, or curves.

Electric scooters are versatile and affordable, available in different models and price ranges. Their most significant advantage is their eco-friendliness, which has led to their soaring sales worldwide. With fewer rules, electric scooters are emerging as vehicles of comfort, convenience, and budget-friendliness.

Two popular electric scooters in the budget range are the Hiboy S2 Pro and the Gotrax G4. However, they have their differences and specialties. Today, we will critically overview how the two electric scooters fare compared to each other.


Before delving into the detailed specifications, let's quickly compare the critical stats of both e-scooter variants with this table:


Hiboy S2 Pro

Gotrax G4

Maximum Distance Per Charge 

Up to 25.6 miles

25 miles

Top Speed

19 MPH

20 MPH




Product Weight 

37.4 lbs

37 lbs

Motor power 

500 watt

350 watt/ 500 watt

Battery size 

36V 11.6Ah Lithium-ion

36V 10.4aH Lithium-ion (374.4Wh) 

Battery Capacity 


36V 10.4aH Lithium-ion Battery

Battery Charging Time 

6 hours 

5 to 6 hours

Tires Tire (Front & Rear) 

Solid 10-inch honeycomb tires

10-inch Pneumatic shock-absorbing tires


Rear Suspension 


Maximum Weight Capacity 

220 lbs/100 kg

220 lbs/100 kg


47.6 inch

48.3 inch 


16.5 inch 

18.5 inch 

Wheel Diameter 



Rear Light 



Front Light 



Rear Brake 



Maximum Climbing Capacity 



Front Brake 



LED displays and lights



IP Rating 






Performance and Specifications

Let's compare our competing contestants' performance and e-vehicle specs to study suitability better.


Hiboy S2 Pro is a high-efficiency e-scooter with excellent capabilities. Its 19 mph speed makes daily commuting easy, and it can travel up to 25.6 miles on a single charge. 

On the other hand, Gotrax G4 has a max speed of 20 mph but can only travel 25 mph on a single charge, which is less than its counterpart. 

Motor power

Hiboy S2 Pro is equipped with a powerful and robust motor with a maximum power of 500 W, which enables it to climb steep hills quickly.

On the other hand, the Gotrax G4 also has an average motor power of 500 W, making climbing steep hills efficient.


Gotrax G4 hits the 15mph mark in 6.3 seconds. On the other hand, Hiboy S2 Pro Hiboy S2 Pro can attain a speed of 15mph in just five seconds. It means that the Hiboy S2 Pro can provide more acceleration than the Gotrax G4. 


Hiboy S2 Pro offers a great range of 25.6 miles on a single charge of battery. 

On the other hand, the Gotrax G4 offers a 25-mile range less than Hiboy S2 Pro. 

Battery Efficiency

Hiboy S2 Pro provides better battery efficiency with its 36V 11.6Ah Lithium-ion battery for better range. 

On the contrary, the Gotrax G4 has a 36V 10.4AH Lithium-ion (374.4Wh) battery, which is less potent than the Hiboy S2 Pro. 


The climb capabilities of both Hiboy S2 Pro and Gotrax G4 are up to 15 degrees.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity for Hiboy S2 Pro is 220 lbs/100 kg. 

On the other hand, the Gotrax G4 also supports 220 lbs/100 kg.



Let us check the weight and physical attributes of these two powerful electric vehicles. The Gotrax G4 weighs 37 lbs, making it a sturdy e-scooter variant, whereas the Hiboy S2 Pro weighs around 37.4 lbs, slightly bulkier than the Gotrax G4. So, the Gotrax G4 is preferable for all owing to its lower weight as it's more convenient to handle.

The maximum load capacity of Hiboy S2 Pro and Gotrax G4 is 220 lbs. Though the Hiboy S2 Pro is heavier, it supports the same weight, 220 lbs, as the Gotrax G4, which makes the Gotrax G4 gain one point against the Hiboy S2 Pro.

Both variants, Hiboy S2 Pro and Gotrax G4 are water-resistant with IPX4 level ratings, so they can cheerfully bear snow and rain.



Here are some basic designs for consideration when comparing Hiboy S2 Pro vs Gotrax G4:


Both electric scooters offer incredible speed when commuting. However, there is a need for a sufficient braking system to ensure safety when riding. 

Hiboy S2 Pro has a double braking system, and a large-capacity regenerative battery recharges this scooter when braking or coasting downhill, making it convenient to recharge while on the move.

On the other hand, the Gotrax G4 only has a rear disc brake, which makes the riding experience less comfortable than that of the Hiboy S2 Pro. 


Gotrax G4 has 10'" (25.4cm) air-filled pneumatic tires with innertubes. The softness of the tires ensures comfort because the electric scooter can absorb shocks from rough terrains. However, it is prone to flats and punctures. 

On the contrary, the Hiboy S2 Pro has solid tires of 10'" (25.4cm) with a honeycomb design. The solid tires use a rear spring suspension to provide comfort and absorb shocks. However, the solid tires mean this is not the best electric scooter for rough terrain. Regardless, the tire is puncture-proof and more reliable long-distance while preventing flats.


Gotrax G4 provides security with a digital lock and an inbuilt 4-digit cable lock. The cable lock is an excellent addition, considering the digital safety only works when power is on.

Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter provides security using a digital lock that disengages the throttle. It also locks the front tires.

Riding Comfort and Handling

Let's now examine the handling capabilities and riding comfort of the two competing e-scooter variants in detail.

The Hiboy S2 Pro has a rear suspension system that prevents the jerks and bumps you may experience on different terrains, thereby maintaining the ride quality and stability and giving better shock absorption to avoid fatigue traveling to the rider.

On the other hand, the Gotrax G4 has no suspension system, and its 10-inch air-filled wheels offer less stability on bumpy grounds, making the ride less comfortable. You must do extra maintenance on them as they tend to get punctured more often.

Smart Features and Connectivity

The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter offers a higher general rating than the Gotrax G4. Despite that, they both have innovative features that make them adorable to many commuters. Therefore, it is critical to look at the unique features and pick which electric scooter best serves your specific needs.


The Gotrax G4 price is US$570. However, charges for extra packages, such as customer services, delivery, and goods return options, can increase the cost of Gotrax G4. 

In the USA, the Hiboy S2 Pro costs US$399.99. Commuters can also attach a seat to the scooter for an extra cost. 

Final Wrap

After considering all the essential factors, the Hiboy S2 Pro has more to offer commuters in terms of design and efficiency than the Gotrax G4. Furthermore, some aspects that make the Hiboy S2 Pro the better choice are the better range and improved braking system. At the same time, both electric scooters have similar features, like LED displays and lights, but differ in other categories.