The Hiboy brand is owned by FREEMAN INVESTMENT HOLDING LIMITED. and is inspired by founder Mark Liu's dream of turning an ordinary vehicle for single-person travel into a joyful work of art that combines color, design and quality. The brand focuses on the production of single-person electric transportation. Its scooters are of high quality, safe and reliable, and it believes in giving customers the best configuration at a reasonable price. Their design style is dedicated to match the personal style and lifestyle that their audience wants.


This company was founded in 2014 and has now been in business for more than 8 years and has gained a lot of experience working in their years of operation, which has given them a solid foundation to develop higher quality products. Most past users have noted that their products are perfect for use in their daily commute.

The company's founder, Mark Liu, used to be a general engineer before starting his own business, and his motto is: "Do it, then create it". He really enjoys commuting by scooter because since he bought the electric scooter, he has never been late, no longer has to endure the congestion of commuting roads, buses and subways, rain or shine, arriving on time and saving money and time. But he still found some problems: first of all, it is slippery in heavy rain, secondly, the car is still relatively heavy, and another is the range problem, often charging is very troublesome. He wanted to change these, no, he wanted to make something epoch-making. As a hobby inventor since childhood, his dexterous hands, mind and mobility are his greatest talents. He devoted himself to research and development day and night, and the house he rented was his bedroom, dining room, study, workroom and garage. The prototype of Hiboy's first product, the S2, was born amidst a pile of screws, wires, LED tubes and the roar of motors, and Mark Liu worked non-stop to patent the design, then teamed up with a few friends to register a company for large-scale production, and named it after his namesake: Hiboy.

Sustainable & Ethical

We always focus on sustainability, ethicality, and environment protection. During these 8 years of hard work, we have launched the following 5 milestone products one after another.
2017 - Hiboy S2 electric scooter, the first in their line of scooters, which was a hit right out of the gate for its lightness, speed and long range.
2018 - Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter, an upgraded version of the S2, which further enhanced the range and quality control based on the advantages of the S2, and gained widespread acclaim, becoming the brand's most popular model to date, once in the top three of Amazon's sales list.
2019 - Hiboy Titan electric scooter, their initial foray into the high-end off-road scooter segment, successfully taking a bite out of the NanRobot RS4, which was at that time a popular model in the off-road segment, and gaining a certain fan base among the high-end audience.
2020 - Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter, an upgraded version of the Titan, upgraded its 800w single motor to a 1200w dual motor, which could show its determination to stand firm in the high-end price point of scooters. According to a customer at the time, "I was driving over the mountains like a wild animal".
July 2021 - The Hiboy NEX5 electric scooter is introduced, a heavy-duty, long-range vehicle to rival the Segway Max, their new attempt at the $600-$700 price point.


Now you can see Hiboy electric scooters in over 20 countries in the US and Europe. Mark Liu and his talented team have used their business instincts, experience and personal charisma to turn Hiboy from an exciting idea into a leading global fashion scooter manufacturer in less than 10 years. 

We promise to make up-to-date designs with sustainable materials by providing the best working condition for our beloved staff.