Hiboy TITAN PRO Disc Brake

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Carter (Melbourne, US)

Hiboy TITAN PRO Disc Brake

Jorge Valles (Houston, US)

Hiboy TITAN PRO Disc Brake

J. (Las Vegas, US)
Disc brake replacement

I received it quickly, it took about fifteen minutes to install, works great. Thanks

Matt Pollitt (Tampa, US)
Rear disc brake hiboy titan pro

Very easy to install the new brake. What I didn’t know. was the rear brake pad had an adjustment on the inner brake pad. so I really didn’t need the new brake but keeping for a back up. Also I feel like you should be able to just purchase the pads by them selfs. When you remove the old disc brake assembly the line crimped in a way u can’t get the old hollow bolt of the line without cutting the crimp off. I used the old bold in the new brake assembly so I wouldn’t have to cut the crimp off to keep the wire from fraying. I suggest if your spring load bolt is still good use it

Ilia Nian (Tampa, US)
Exact OEM Replacement for Hiboy Titan Pro

This is the exact OEM brake pads for the Hiboy Titan Pro!
Couple of tips:
Make sure to set the proper level of the inner pad with a hex key!
Use rubber bands to clamp a wrench on the brake line before tightening it to the caliper. Try to tighten the line where the wheel still spins freely but with slight brake level force, the brakes start to engage. You can fine tune this later with the barrel adjusters.
Your rotors probably will need a bit of leveling/aligning c; (Try to put angular pressure on the rotor where there is a spoke connection. This will help you not damage your rotor by snapping it).
Afterwards, make sure to use a semi fine grit sand paper to smooth any groves on the surface, oh and dont forget the back side. This ensure your pads aren't prematurely worn at first to adhere to any imperfection on the rotor. Try to remove only as much as is necessary since thin rotors will break under use.
Then sand it on the very outer edges. This is because over time and also in the process of aligning your rotors, dings and damages will appear on the outer edge which will dig into your new pads.
Use this opportunity to reset your barrel adjusters located on both ends of the brake lines. Have the going inside as much as possible with the tightening nut fully closed to the barrel. NOT spread out far.
After calibrating/aligning the rotors, in order to center the caliper, I found it easiest to apply slight brake with the levers with the caliper on slightly tight. This way it would level with the rotors and when I let go, it would be perfectly aligned with the rotors. Then I would carefully tighten the bolts while trying not to move the brake caliper.

That is all that I can remember in terms of tips.
Ride safe!