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Whether you're looking for 8.5-inch tires or 14-inch fat tires, whether you're looking for a 350W motor or a 1200WX2 dual motor, whether you're looking for a city commuter scooter or a mountain cross-country scooter. In hiboy many kinds of electric scooters, and you can find the most suitable electric scooter.

Which Electric Scooter Should I Buy?

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Entry-Level E-scooter:

Hiboy s2 lite e-scooter is our entry-level e-scooter for teens and adults with 10.6 Miles Range and 13 MPH Top Speed, perfect for the first-time ride.
The NEX e-scooter is suitable for teens aged 8-15 as it has 9 MPH Top Speeds.
Hiboy N1 e-scooter is suitable for kids aged 6-12. It features 8 MPH Top Speeds.

Commuting E-scooter for adults:

The S2 and s2R are perfect for the last mile of your daily commute to and from work. The S2R is a battery removable version of the S2, and both the S2 and S2R have a 17miles range and 19mph top speed. The S2R's battery is removable, making it very easy to just charge the battery at home and in the office.

The s2 pro is suitable for urban commuting up to 20miles and can climb 15-degree hills while maintaining a top speed of 19mph. When your commuting distance is 30miles.

It is recommended that you use the S2 Max electric scooter which is ideal for long commutes and can climb 20-degree hills.

High-Performance E-scooter:

Hiboy VE1 Pro features 16-inch wheels and up to 23mph top speed and 31 miles max range making it suitable for advanced commute & play.

Electric Scooters FAQ

It is able to get to the max speed- it does struggle going up steep slopes though.

Solid tires never will have a flat. There's the benefit. They ride rougher for sure. The longer you ride, the more bumps will disappear. Never have to worry about getting a flat tire on the road. Pneumatic tires are prone to the possibility of a blowout after a period of riding, and it is recommended to take more care of the tires in general. Pneumatic tire scooters ride more smoothly, will not have a bumpy feeling, especially suitable for off-road riding, so many off-road scooters will be made of pneumatic tires. Recommended using our MAX3 electric scooter, equipped with inflatable front wheels and solid rear wheels.

Your electric scooter has two startup settings, Zero Start and Kick Start.
When you receive the scooter, it is at the Kick Start setting, which means that you should push the scooter with your foot for a short distance, then press the accelerator to start the scooter. (kick start )
If you are familiar with starting the scooter directly, please connect the Hiboy APP then go to setting, and choose Zero Start. If there is any question or assistance needed, please feel free to contact our customer service team: