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Hiboy VE1 Pro Electric Scooter

Hiboy VE1 Pro Electric Scooter

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Our VE1 Pro electric scooter is the first big wheel electric scooter.
Its large 16-inch wheels and wide standing base make balancing easy and riding comfort.
23 MPH max speed and 31 miles max range make it suitable for advanced commute & play.
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Max Range of 31 MilesMax Speed of 23 mph
Max Load of 220 lb5-6 Hours Charging Time
16 Inch Pneumatic Tires500W Powerful Motor
Rear Suspension SupportedThree Brilliant Lights System
3 Riding ModesLight Weight 48.94 lbs
Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter
Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Main Features

500W Powerful Motor

48V 10AH Battery

23 MPH Top Speed

16 Inches Wheels

31 Miles Range Per Charge

100% Quality Warranty

You Build It


With a seamless black and gray design, wide comfortable tires and standing base, this scooter is smooth and durable and will definitely turn heads.

The overall new design, with a top speed of 23mph, will make the ride even more comfortable and fun.

Car Free & Care Free!

Are you looking for a healthy and enjoyable alternative for your car? Are you in search of a green and clean way to save money everyday? Do you want to have fun in the rush hour commute and create time in your day? Our VE1 Pro  Electric Scooter is the perfect last mile solution for urban commuters.


The overall shape and lightweight design of the scooter and the 16-inch tire design of the e-bike make the VE1PRO more comfortable to ride for long periods of time, bringing a new commuting experience.

6 Main Features

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16" Pneumatic Tires

Equipped with standard bicycle size 16” pneumatic tube tires, Hiboy VE1 PRO Electric Scooter can provide enhanced traction, stability and a smoother ride.

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3 Gear Modes

3 Gear Modes(8/16/23Mph) satisfy your different riding styles.You can easily adjust the Gear Mode by pressing the upshift and downshift button.

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Folding Electric Scooter

Just 2 steps to fold this hiboy electric scooter. It's easy to storage in car trunks and other compact spaces.

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Battery & Charging

With 52 knots 48V/10AH big capacity batteries, max travel range of up to 31 miles under specific conditions. 5-6H fast charging.

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Dual Lights & Brakes System

The design of headlights and taillights allows you to drive safely at night. Front and rear disc brake systems provide better stability while your riding.

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500W Powerful Motor

Hiboy Electric Scooters with a 500W brushless motor ensure stable power output. Intelligent power system would automatically reduce your speed to protect and maintain itself.

Better Riding Accessories

Hiboy S2 / S2 PRO Seat - Hiboy
Hiboy S2 / S2 PRO Seat - Hiboy

Hiboy Seat for S2/S2 Pro/KS4 Pro/KS4

Hiboy Waterproof Scooter Storage Bag - Hiboy
Hiboy Waterproof Scooter Storage Bag - Hiboy
Hiboy Waterproof Scooter Storage Bag - Hiboy
Hiboy Waterproof Scooter Storage Bag - Hiboy
Hiboy Waterproof Scooter Storage Bag - Hiboy
Hiboy Waterproof Scooter Storage Bag - Hiboy

Hiboy Waterproof Scooter Storage Bag

Hiboy S2 Pro/KS4 Pro Charger

Hiboy S2 Pro/KS4 Pro Charger

Hiboy S2 PRO Battery Replacement - Hiboy

Hiboy S2 Pro/ KS4 Pro Battery


Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Carllan Lane

Hiboy VE1 Pro Electric Scooter

Ambeke Bienvenu


Best electric scooter we ever used!

My kids LOVE this scooter! We might have to buy another one as the kids are fighting over it and can't get enough of it. Also, very happy with Hi-Boy customer service, they promptly handled my inquiries.So once it in stock, i just order it!

Titus Runyan
Everything You Want in Urban Transportation

The one major shortcoming of all these rental scooters are the solid small tires. The smallest pothole presents a zero angle of attack for the front wheel, the scooter slams to a stop, does an endo (front flip) and the rider goes to the ER with facial and/or cranial injuries. The pneumatic 16” wheel on the HiBoy make it the mountain bike of scooters. It’s stable and will conquer just about anything, including small curbs. The disc brakes are solid and the LED lights are great. Range is incredible, too speed keeps up with urban car traffic. The price makes it a steal. Buy One - You’ll be happy you did!

chris cochran

Love the Scooters just little things that were fixed by HiBoy and all is good