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Heavy as F

excellent bike. very easy to assemble from the box. but this beast is very heavy. aside from weight, the pedal assist is top notch, and the throttle is very responsive. A- only bc of the weight, but it's a fantastic bike.

top speed

only went 23 mph as a top speed and unlike the smaller version which goes 17 mph it does not have the handle to carry it, i weigh 185 pounds so all in all not worth it, I do like the bigger tires and 2 wheel drive

Awesome scooter!!

This scooter is perfect! My son is 6’2 180 and speeds around on this thing everywhere! No issues and came as described.

EX6 Step-thru

I am very satisfied with the EX6 Step thru, although I am still learning how to make adjustments. The user manual is sometimes vague and the customer service telephone number is useless. They do not call back, and the message essentially says if you call us twice we will never return your call. They will not anyway, so what's the difference.

Hiboy S2R Battery
Diana Tein

My battery died after not being used for a while. So keep in mind to use your scooter at least once a week. Bought a new battery and Hiboy gave me a discount because my warranty ran out , which is amazing. Love their scooter , company and customer service. Thxs a million 🙏

i received the wrong size tires

i request tubes to fit 14x2.25 tires and received 10 inch tubes,no use to me,i`ve not been unable to reach as my computer has been down till today; thankyou


just got the p6 last week. Put 30 miles on in one ride and still had some charge left. This was riding dirt roads and some pavement. I rode on level 2 assist and weigh 200 lbs. Solid construction and great components. Highly recommend


Seat is great my only advice would be to include instructions. I am very mechanical so I figured out the installation. However, my wife could not.

Amazing scooter which is powerful and can go up hills!

The scooter is great, the battery lasts long and it has enough power to accelerate up hills going about 15-20 mph depending on weight, great braking and overall the scooter is good

Works great

So far so good, loving the scooter. Very powerful, works fine. I usually ride on campus, so I put it on easy/eco mode but power mode or sports mode is really powerful and fast. I love it. It's worth every penny so far

Very comfortable E-bike

I'm very happy with the EX6. It is a very fun e-bike that has decent power and it's surprisingly well made. The bike fits a lot of different heights due to the stem adjustability and number of different handlebar height adjustments. I'm very happy with the bike and more importantly my wife loves it.

The only thing that I wish they did different is they have a 14-28 tooth cassette. I would have preferred to have an 11-28 cassette so that I can pedal more comfortably at higher speeds. But this definitely isn't a deal breaker, just a preference. Hiboy did a great job with this bike and its pricing.

May as well be brand new

I coulda swore the reman was a brand new scooter. Only thing I noticed was a small faint scratch on the platform where the logo is. Otherwise absolutely perfect. Holds a great charge and cruises perfect. Wouldn't hesitate to get another

Tall heavy guy loves it

I looked for an e-bike that would be comfortable for me. I'm 6'2" and weigh 230 pounds and it feels perfect. The bike is very sturdy. I have ridden it once so far on some gnarly, muddy snowmobile trails and it handled it great.

Charger works great!

Charger works great!

Solid Performance

The Hiboy Max3 Refurbished Electric Scooter has exceeded my expectations. The speed and range are impressive and it handles well on different terrains. It's also lightweight and easy to carry. I highly recommend this scooter to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable option.

Perfect for Short Commutes

I live in the city and needed a scooter for short commutes. The Hiboy Max3 Refurbished Electric Scooter was the perfect fit. It's compact, easy to store, and has a decent speed. The refurbished model was also a great value.

Awesome for Kids!

I got the Hiboy Max3 Refurbished Electric Scooter for my 20-year-old son and he loves it. It's fast, easy to maneuver, and has a sleek design. The price was also a plus. Definitely a great purchase for any kid who loves to ride.


Great product and great customer support

Great Purchase!

I bought the Hiboy Max3 Refurbished Electric Scooter and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It was easy to assemble and runs smoothly. The battery life is impressive and the scooter has a nice weight to it. Highly recommend!

On the money

Everything was good except the frame was bent in the back, but it still was worth the money

Exceeded expectations

Haven't had long but in the short time I've really grown to appreciate all this amazing scooter has to offer. Would highly recommend.

Fun and functional

The Hiboy S2 Lite refurbished scooter is not only fun for my teenager, but also functional for getting around the neighborhood. It's a great way to get some fresh air and exercise.

Sturdy and reliable

The Hiboy S2 Lite refurbished scooter feels sturdy and well-made. I feel confident knowing my teenager is riding on a reliable and safe scooter.

Excellent customer service

I had a minor issue with my refurbished scooter and the Hiboy customer service team was extremely helpful and responsive. They made sure the issue was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction.

The perfect choice

I was looking for an affordable scooter for my teenager and the Hiboy S2 Lite refurbished scooter was the perfect choice. It looks and rides like new, but at a fraction of the cost.