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Hiboy S2 Lite Handlebar

Hiboy S2 Lite Handlebar

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1 Year Warranty
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  • Hiboy brand handlebar only for hiboy S2 LITE electric scooter
  • Please choose the right color handlebar for your s2 lite scooter. 
  • And confirm your scooter problem before ordering it.
  • Please note this product can't be returned.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Donavan DePatto
Customer service

Customer service is top notch!

Emily Lee
Customer service satisfaction

My daughter’s scooter was blown over by Stoney winds when visiting AZ and the throttle broke. Rather than replacing the throttle and figuring out how to do that I bought a brand new handle bar. When I mentioned to customer service that we were also missing the rear brake and fender they sent it free of charge. One word of caution though, my handle bar came with an adapter to retro fit to the S2 lite but there was no indication of that in the trash bag wrapping that was delivered so I almost threw it away if not for emailing customer service O would not have known.

Tammie Locher

Replacement was quick and easy. Shipping was quick. I'm just hoping this one won't have any issues that would require replacing with in 2 years.