Leon Wang:24 May, 2024

Essential Tips to Say Goodbye to Butt Pains After Cycling

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Cycling is the ultimate way to stay in shape. People commonly prefer cycles for affordable health and fitness benefits. Cycles are widely chosen for both short-distance travel and long-route driving. However, not all cycles are comfortable for long-distance travel. An avid cyclist's struggle is real. Biking is an enjoyable sport, but it comes with discomfort and pain. 

Minor pains are expected while participating in physical activity like cycling. Body pains, shoulder pain, and neck issues go away with continuous practice. However, issues such as severe chest pains or butt hurts require attention. Follow the essential cycling tips mentioned in this article to say no to butts pains while cycling.

Why Sore Bum Hurts After Cycling?

Why is sore bum pain more common after cycling? Cycling is a physical activity that involves continuous pressure on your buttocks and legs. Long routes cycling often involves extended periods of sitting, which puts massive pressure on your buttocks bones causing discomfort and pain in your butts. 6 out of 10 cyclists complain of saddle soreness in the early days of cycling, which fades with regular practice and exercises. However, a few pains do not fade quickly. There are several causes for such pain. Find out some causes of butt pains here:

  • Improper sitting positions: Proper sitting positions are core to a comfortable bike riding experience. Correct positions require the right muscular strength to ride cycles. Maintaining proper balance while sitting on a bike is vital for becoming a successful triathlete.
  • Incorrect Saddle: There is nothing called a perfect saddle. Different cyclists have different requirements for a saddle. Finding an ideal saddle is essential for riding a comfortable cycle. Choose a saddle that lays down the perfect pressure to ride a bike. The right saddle will keep you fit to enjoy a sore-free ride. 
  • No Practice: Every physical activity comes with initial pain. A long break often creates major soreness problems for cyclists. Regular practice and daily cycling are the correct ways to reduce bum soreness. 
  • Single Sitting Position: Sitting in the same position is also a common cause of butt hurts. Make sure to change your positions or take proper breaks to give some rest to your buttocks.

What Are The Different Kinds of Pains Caused by Cycling

Cycling is a healthy way to stay fit and healthy. Cycles have always been a good alternative for short distances. Moreover, innovative bikes offer an affordable solution for long distances as well. However, prolonged cycling can sometimes cause soreness and pain. It is essential to identify the types of pains caused by cycling to find the right solutions. Check a few here:

  • Ischemic Pain: Long hours of bike driving may also cause muscle pain. Continuous motion leads to a lack of oxygen, which is a common cause of ischemic pain. A comfortable massage or a break can appropriately reduce such pain.
  • Nerve Pain: Continuous cycling may also lead to typical nerve pain in adverse cases. This pain is because the sciatic nerve is blocked. Several medications can provide instant relief from such conditions.
  • Pudendal Pain: Prolonged pressure on the pudendal nerve may cause pain and numbness in bums. For triathletes, the perfect saddle and correct bike fit may reduce the cause of pudendal pain.

8 Essential Tips To Prevent Butt Pains While Cycling

There is no rocket science for perfect cycling. Simple tips help you enjoy long hours of cycling without discomfort and pain. Even expert cyclist complains about butt pains while cycling, and this is because of the improper saddle, wrong sitting positions, and wrong bike fit. The right tips can elevate your cycling experience. Check a few essential tips for comfortable cycling here:

Finding The Ideal Saddle

The most important aspect of a perfect bike ride is a comfortable saddle. Choose a firm saddle that can relax your butt. Butt pains are evident if you don't have the right saddle fit. An ideal saddle creates the proper pressure required for no butt hurt while cycling. 

Ensuring a Proper Bike Fit

Bicycle fit is another essential aspect to consider when cycling. It is vital to ensure that your bike is adjusted according to height and weight. Drive a cycle with utmost comfort to avoid any discomfort or pain.

Maintaining a Suitable Sitting Position

It is equally essential to maintain a good riding posture while cycling to avoid butt pains. Make sure to sit correctly with an evenly distributed weight. Keep your body postures correct and ensure that your spine is straight. 

Refresh and Recharge with Effective Breaks

Continuous riding is the apparent reason for butt pains. Make sure to take breaks to avoid numbness and discomfort in the body. Stop and stretch after fixed intervals while riding cycles for long durations.

Choose the Right Clothes

Wear comfortable clothing to enjoy a pleasant ride. Wear well-fitted, non-slip shorts while cycling. Men's and women's cycle shorts are available to help reduce the pain caused by cycling. 

Find Cushions for Saddle Comfort

If the saddle is uncomfortable and the butt pains do not fade away, use cushions. There are different cushions available in the market that can ease your butt while cycling.

Always Stay Clean

Stay dry while biking because moisture increases the chance of irritation and inflammation. Wear clean shorts while riding a bicycle, and consider using chamois cream to stay comfortable.

Understand the Importance of Correct Adjustments

Misaligned seats and handles are also a reason for butt pains while riding. Ask an expert for correct height and body weight adjustments to enjoy a comfortable ride. 

Bonus Tips - Choosing the Right Bike Saddles for Pain-Free Riding

Cyclists often ignore bum pains because they think this is an initial side effect of cycling; however, sometimes, improper saddle placement is to blame for such pains. Appropriate saddle adjustments may ensure comfortable and pain-free bike riding. Make sure to choose the right saddle for your bike to eliminate butt pain.

  • Choose a well-fit saddle to enjoy a more confident biking experience. 
  • Find a saddle that fits the width of your sit bones.
  • Know the correct saddle shape that suits your needs. 
  • Adjust the saddle to the correct height at your convenience. 
  • Choose a minimal padding saddle. 

Must-Try Treatments To Ease Sore Bum and Muscle Pain After Cycling

In most cases, the butt pains after cycling reduce with continuous practice, exercise, and yoga. If you are not so fortunate, you must consult an expert to eliminate the issues permanently. However, some pains are easy to detect and treat. One must try one of the following to treat butt pains after cycling before knocking on the doctor's door. Check a few treatments below:

  1. Say no to cycling for a few days to give rest to your hurting bums. 
  2. Try an ice pack to reduce soreness and inflammation for bum pain. 
  3. Use buttock creams to reduce the pain caused by abrasions. 
  4. Try heating pads if butt injuries are at least a week old and nothing is helping. 
  5. Try bike cushions to address the issues of bike saddles.

Final words

Cycling is indeed a great way to stay fit. However, it is essential to ride it the correct way to avoid butt pains and muscle strains. Incorrect sitting positions and wrong bike fit often leads to discomfort resulting in extreme pains in the legs, shoulders, and butts. Follow the correct sitting positions to enjoy a comfortable bike riding experience. Moreover, it is also essential to implement some of the easy cycling tips in your day-to-day cycling habits to enjoy pain-free cycling. Some of the crucial cycling tips are mentioned in this article. Implement these tips to avoid butt pains while cycling.


Why Do I Feel Bum Numbness After Cycling?

It is expected to feel a slight numbness in the butts after long hours of cycling. The numbness is because of the continuous pressure on your butts caused due to cycling. 

    For How Many Days Bum Pains After Cycling?

    The bum pains last for a day or two after cycling. If the pain persists, checking your saddle and bike fit is essential to ensure comfortable biking without pain and discomfort.

      Do You Need To Take Breaks While Cycling?

      Short breaks of about 10 to 15 minutes in 1 hour are essential while driving cycles for long routes.