Electric Dirt Bike: Hiboy DK1 VS Razor MX350


Best electric dirt bike for kids age 3 to 13 years old 

Parents always want to choose the best and safest dirt bike for their kids. Many options are available, but Hiboy and Razor are the best kids' electric vehicles brands in the current market.

If you're looking for a motorcycle for kids, Hiboy DK1 and Razor MX350 should be at the top of your list. These electric dirt bikes are quality brands that will make your kid's childhood exciting.

That said, we'll compare the Hiboy DK1 versus the Razor MX350 to help you find the best dirtbike for your kid.

1. Main Features

Main Features: Hiboy DK1 Razor MX350
Price $459.99  $399.99 
Max Range 9.3miles 7miles
Max Speed 15.5mph 14mph
Weight 38lbs 48lbs
Riders Age 3-13yrs 13+
Speed Mode 3 Speed Modes 1 Speed Mode
Motor 300W 250W
Battery 42V lithium battery 24V sealed battery
Range Per Charge 90 minutes 30 minutes
Battery Capacity 36V 24V
Charge Time 4-5 hours 12 hours

Hiboy DK1 is a solid electric dirt bike priced at $459.99, while Razor MX350 is the cheaper alternative, priced at $399.99. With a maximum rider body mass of 140 lbs, the Hiboy DK1 motor bike is suited for riders aged 3-13. The Razor MX350 electric mini bike offers excellent electric power with authentic motocross styling to let riders aged 13+ step up their off-road experiences. These are mainly standard bikes for boys age 9-12.

The Razor MX350 is the heavier of the two, with a weight of 48 lbs, while Hiboy DK1 weighs only 38 lbs.

Max range on the Hiboy DK1 is 9.3 miles, while the Razor MX350 range is 7 miles. The Hiboy DK1 kids dirt bike is faster, with a maximum speed of 15.5mph, while the Razor MX350 goes up to 14 mph.

electric bike for kids

2. Motors

The Hiboy DK1 electric motorcycle has a 300W motor, while the Razor MX350 mini bike has a 250W motor. If you require more power, it is better to choose Hiboy DK1.

3. Speed

The Razor MX350 motorbike is only one speed mode and has a top speed of 14 mph.

The Hiboy DK1 mini dirt bike has three-speed modes, i.e., the high-speed mode (15.5 mph), medium-speed mode (7.5mph), and low-speed mode (5.0 mph).

The big, knobby wheels on the Hiboy DK1 dirtbikes offer good traction and stability, enabling the rider to tear over mud and dirt. The Hilboy DK1 mini dirt bike offers more range in speed. For the most pleasing riding experience, you can select any pace you'd want.

4. Run time

On the Razor MX 350 kids motorcycle, you get roughly 30 mins of runtime after 12 hours of charging to its maximum capacity. The Hiboy DK1 dirt bike for kids has a better runtime of 90mins, only needs to charge within 5 hours.

5. Battery

The Hiboy DK1 kids electric bike battery offers excellent performance and an extended range of about 90 minutes (88.2 lbs of weight tested) with a rechargeable 42V capped lithium battery system.

Lithium batteries can be used up to 800 times, while lead-acid batteries can only be used 250 times. The Razor MX350 electric dirtbike has a lead-acid rechargeable battery.

6. Front and rear shock absorbers

Only Hiboy DK1 electric bikes for kids is outfitted with a sturdy shock-absorbing spring that offers a high level of shock absorption and makes no noise when riding. You don't need to be concerned about disturbing your neighbors with both dirt bikes.

The shocks' principal function is to dampen the impact of the bike on the road. Brakes apply force to the wheels to slow or stop the dirt bike, and the suspension system transfers that force.

electric dirt bike for kids

Bottom Line

Both dirt bike toys are constructed for off-road fun. The pneumatic knobby tires can navigate any terrain, from soft dirt to muddy situations, and offer the best support and performance for effortless trail riding.

The rear-wheel, chain-drive on the Razor MX350 motor bike provides more power and traction, while the twist-grip accelerator and arm rear brake offer straightforward, intuitive hand controls.

The Hiboy DK1 electric dirt bike has a hydraulic shock built into the front fork. The shock offers additional safety for kids preventing injury. The electric bike also has a power meter. Anytime you want, you can check up on your battery status.

There aren't many safety measures available on the Razor MX350 electric motorcycle for kids—not even a headlight.

The Razor MX350 isn't a medal winner for longevity and build quality. Here plastic and some lightweight metal are the primary materials used for making the bike.

Overall, Hiboy DK 1 provides more value and is a better option for your kid. The dirt bike has better build quality, better safety measures available, higher max range and even more speed modes.

The dirt bike enables you to have 60 extra minutes of run time over the Razor MX350 which allows your kids to enjoy their riding experience for longer. Although priced higher than the Razor MX350, the Hiboy DK1 is lighter and is the ideal dirt bike for your kids.

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