Leon Wang:24 Aug, 2023

5 Essential Tips for Maximizing Your E-Scooter Range

5 Essential Tips for Maximizing Your E-Scooter Range


E-bikes are becoming an economical solution for commuting worldwide, and the U.S. is no different. As U.S. residents are adopting a healthy lifestyle with these electric bikes, the environment is also experiencing an overall benefit with this eco-friendly option. The soaring gas prices are also cited as the primary reasons to switch to e-scooters; this has made their sales touch skyrocketing numbers.

However, getting an efficient e-scooter continues your job. Instead, focusing on maximizing its range gives you benefits over the years. It also enhances your riding experience and extends the vehicle's lifespan. Herein we are concentrating on five essential tips for maximizing your e-scooter range.

5 Essential Tips to Make the Most of Your E-Scooter Range

Whether you are busy searching for solitude, a peaceful escape to mountain slopes, raising your adrenaline rush through adventure rides out of the city, or simply navigating through busy city streets, an e-scooter lets you do all of it. But what if it runs out of charge when you are in the middle of any of these? That will be the last thing on your mind while traveling on an e-scooter.

How about extending the range of an e-scooter to squeeze maximum fun out of it? Well, depending on your weight, riding style, the surface used for commuting, etc., an e-scooter's range may differ to an extent. It is why we got you covered with our five special tips that will help you achieve your goal.

Proper Tire Maintenance

For a buttery smooth riding experience, you must have the optimal tire pressure in your e-scooter. You may experience a bounce in speed, range, suspension, lesser rattling sounds, and a great riding experience with the correct tire pressure. However, with lower tire pressure, you may experience better hold on the roads or traveling surfaces and less shivering on inclined surfaces, which is good in rainy weather or while climbing.  

The ideal tire pressure stands somewhere between 40-50 PSI. However, the pressure may slightly differ with changes in the rider's weight, tire condition, temperature, type of tire, and total scooter weight.

As per the terrain, you may also need different types of tires, like Fat or thin. Fat tires have low pressure with better traction and puncture protection capabilities. You can find these on mountain bikes or even regular road bikes. They are ideal for traveling on uneven surfaces like tarmacs, snow, pavements, graveled roads, or beaches. However, you may notice an additional weight due to the tire's thickness, resulting in more rolling resistance.

On the contrary, thin tires are light, more efficient, and easier to handle. You can use them for speeding on smooth roads owing to their high pressure, low resistance for rolling, and low traction capacity. However, this makes them less sturdy and lower in protection against punctures. 

Before going out on an excursion, check the tire pressure, and PSI levels, inspect the tread, and look for cracks on the tires. Try replacing the tire after a recommended usage mentioned in the manufacturer's manual.  

You can tap here for further and detailed insights on How Tire Pressure Affect Your Electric Scooter Range

Optimize Riding Techniques

Optimization of riding techniques holds a more incredible deal in saving the extra drainage of the e-bike's battery. Accelerating and irregular intervals and using brakes now and then drain the battery earlier. So a gentle push on the accelerator is ideal, and avoiding hard braking until necessary is expected for an extra mile.  

You can tune the brakes if they are very tight to avoid friction. It will aid in avoidig the motor to work harder, thereby less impacting the battery and the range. There are electronic brakes, drum brakes, disc brakes, and cable brakes, you can choose any one of them for your e-bike. Please choose any of them as per your needs and convenience. 

Try maintaining consistency in your speed so you are using brakes less often. Most e-bikes are equipped with different riding modes. If so, try opting for energy saving or ECO mode over the Ride and Sports mode, as it saves the bike's battery for a longer run. 

When riding, try turning off any electronics, like Bluetooth, lights, reflectors, etc., that are not in use. It helps in increasing your bike's range.

Mindful Route Planning

Before planning for an e-scooter ride, plan for the route you will be opting for. Try to travel on smooth surfaces, such as roads that lack inclination. It will not drain the scooter's battery and help you go the extra mile. 

Only take usual city routes if necessary, as congested places take longer, and slower-moving traffic will drain your battery afterward. Also, avoid stop-and-go traffic situations, as doing this repeatedly will affect battery life to a greater extent.

You can use GPS or various apps to suggest routes with lesser traffic, saving your bike's energy too. It will avoid stop-and-go situations as well. 

Battery Management

Following proper charging guidelines for your e-bike's battery aids in good battery health. Try charging the battery to its total capacity on the first charge. It is so as partial charging will not allow the battery to experience cycles of complete charge and discharge, which can affect its capacity later on. Try going through the manufacturer's manual to read battery guidelines and use the correct charger.

Never let your battery go through deep discharges; allow it to cool before charging. Also, avoid battery overcharging as it leads to its degradation. 

Also, note weather and temperature conditions and try charging your e-scooter indoors in a warm place where room temperature is maintained. Battery conditions get affected adversely by extremely freezing or hot temperatures. It would be best to store your e-scooter battery in apt temperatures away from direct sunlight, rain, or snow.

Weight Management

With better weight management, you can pull out an extra mile of an e-bike. Try minimizing the weight or excess clutter by avoiding bags, stuff with heavier weight, or a backpack if unnecessary. Use storage options that are lighter in weight. Also, keep your items in your pockets, as this adds to the scooter's weight and impacts the battery.

Also, try even weight distribution on the scooter to maintain a balance while riding it. 

Hiboy Max pro

Hiboy Max Pro e-scooter is a must-try if you are a riding enthusiast and want to experience an extended range and efficiency on various terrains. Its impressive battery boasts immense capacity for a superb 46 miles of range. Plus, a daily commute becomes a comfortable riding experience owing to swiftness in acceleration and triggered speed. The shock absorbers at the rear end and air-filled tires of 11 inches move safely even on uneven surfaces.

Key Highlights:

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  • Powerful 500W motor.
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  • Efficient shock absorbers.
  • Different riding modes- ECO, Sports, Drive for savings, power, and performance.
  • Spacious deck design.
  • Easy one-step fold.
  • The capability of riding on different surfaces such as beaches, campsites, etc.

Wrap Up

We hope we set you right for traveling to any terrain with our helpful tips for maximizing your e-scooter range. You must note your tires, optimize your riding techniques, and check the tire pressure occasionally, and you are good to go. Also, notice of battery health of your e-scooter, plan your trips mindfully, manage weight on your e-bike, and maintain ideal conditions for storing and charging your e-bike.

These tips will help you extend your e-scooter battery life to give you a longer run on a single charge. However, if you are looking for an efficient find in an e-bike, opt for the Hiboy Max Pro e-scooter to experience an extended range and efficiency.