Leon Wang:23 Mar, 2024

Can Electric Scooters Carry Two People?

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In recent years, electric scooters have been defined as motorization for pedestrians by some mobility experts. The main reason behind this is that electric scooters help relieve the abundant traffic pressure on roads along with a reduction in emissions led by the transport sector. After walking, using electric scooters is the most healthy and eco-friendly resort to get urban mobility through busy streets.

As a responsible citizen, you may think about the environment in a friendly way and can think about reducing road traffic all the more. For this, consider carrying two people on an electric scooter. It's a good approach. 

But can an electric scooter carry two people and still fall under safety guidelines set by the government? To answer it briefly, we can say that there are variants of electric scooters that can accommodate two passengers while being safe on the ride. However, a more secure approach is required, wherein exercising caution can make the ride safe. A more significant chunk of the market is covered with electric scooters that are specifically designed to be written by a single person, so in this case, if we try and accommodate one more person, the right can turn out to be dangerous. That is why we are not in favor of such practices, and we do not recommend using an electric Scooter for carrying two people together. 

Scooters Designed for Two Passengers

With the evolution of the e-scooter industry, you can find variants designed specially for carrying two passengers simultaneously. If you plan to hang out on adventure rides with your buddy, you can do so now. 

Unique Features:

Check out the unique features of the scooters designed for two passengers.

  • Stretched deck space.
  • Enough room for two riders.
  • Additional handlebar for the second rider.
  • Bigger battery to support longer runs.
  • Extra sturdy handlebar to steer comfortably.


An e-scooter that can accommodate two passengers has many benefits. It has an extended carrying capacity to accommodate an extra passenger. Plus, if you have a minor who wants to ride an e-scooter, they can accompany you for a fulfilling ride. It also saves time and energy, along with the cost of getting two individual e-scooters in a single household.

Safety Considerations:

Despite abundant boons and unique features, there are specific safety considerations that still need to be fulfilled by twin-capacity e-scooters. These are:

  • Lesser steering control.
  • Risk of accidents on turnings.
  • Risk of imbalance.
  • Violation of rules or laws set by the government.
  • Lesser space for storage capacity.
  • It's a less comfortable ride.

Mechanical Aspects for Taking Passengers on Electric Scooters

Now, let us examine a few mechanical aspects that must be considered while taking a passenger on an electric scooter.


The design or dimensions of an e-scooter with a twin capacity must be such to take on double the load taken by an e-scooter with a single-user total. It must have a sturdy design that also keeps the riders' comfort in mind and provides them with enough legroom. Plus, it must also be portable to be carried anywhere easily and be lighter in weight to support the ease. 

Weight limitation

Any scooter is designed in a specific way to carry an unlimited amount of rider weight; it is not any random number but a unique figure. The number indicates the level of importance that can be handled by the electrical motor, frame of the scooter, and various other components in an electric scooter without hampering its performance. You may notice that multiple scooter models are made for carrying around 220 lbs to 330 lbs. At the same time, some other high-performing electric scooters can also carry on the mentioned figures. 


The suspension must be strong enough to support the twin weight and the scooter's weight. Additionally, the shock absorption capability must be observed closely, as with two riders, there is a chance of additional jerks during rides, especially on the turns.

Safety Concerns with Two Passengers

An e-scooter for a single rider poses potential safety issues while carrying two riders. There can be weight imbalance along with managing the handlebar space, and there needs to be more leg room for each rider to get stability while riding it. Plus, it can result in accidents and mishaps in the absence of proper steering availability.

When an e-scooter is shared by two people and is meant for single-hand use, specific threats get involved while riding it. Let us ponder upon them:

First of all, it isn't easy to maintain a balance between two persons along with the e-bike's weight, which is meant to handle one rider's weight while riding. Plus, there must be more legroom to accommodate more than a single rider in a standard e-bike.

Handlebar sharing becomes quite tricky as with two riders, a difference in mindset for steering the handlebar may occur, resulting in a mishap. Plus, if a second handlebar is given, it does not come in sync with the primary rider. Braking and control become problematic as they interfere with the weight distribution of riders. It also becomes difficult to handle the vehicle at the curved surfaces. It hampers maneuverability as well, resulting in disturbed driving.

Electric Scooter Laws Regard Passenger Carrying

In a few places in the U.S., the government has levied specific laws regarding electric scooters as far as carrying passengers is concerned. 

California: Helmet is compulsory for a rider below 18 years. A rider must carry a driver's license or learner's permit and not exceed a speed limit of 15 mph. Additionally, sidewalks must be avoided, and tandem riding is not allowed.

Texas: The scooter's design is an essential factor in allowing tandem riding, wherein the operator's ability is considered to maintain the rider's safety.

New York: There are strict rules on carrying more than one person on e-scooters, which is not allowed even if a pack is fastened to the vehicle.

Pennsylvania: E-scooters are recognized as motor-driven cycles, so they are allowed except in bike lanes or roadways. Additionally, it must have insurance and license plates, along with certification labels from the manufacturer, to comply with standards set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Association. Plus, ridesharing is not allowed.

Florida: Riders aged 16 years or above age are allowed, but there are no rules mentioned for tandem riding. However, it is expected to carry only a few riders for safety reasons.

Illinois: Tandem riding is prohibited, with strictly one hand on the scooter's handlebar condition. 

Alternatives for Two Riders

If you consider safety concerns and legal restrictions associated with two passengers sharing the same electric scooter, there are specific alternatives for two riders. These are:

Using a ridesharing application:

Due to a scanty market of stand-up scooters, you may not find well-known brands that offer e-scooters with two-person specialization. For this, you can also consider a ride-sharing app like BOGO that shows innovation in this category by providing an additional handlebar that aims toward a safe riding experience for two people. You can also rent, scan, or locate scooters for shorter rights by paying a nominal fee charged by the Bogo app platform. Lime and Bird are a few additional names that can be considered in this category apart from BOGO. Despite other facilities, this platform must improve while considering legal and safety aspects in certain places. 

Carrying two solo e-scooters instead of one:

If you are not in the mood to spend beyond the set budget on an e-scooter with twin capacity, there is an alternate option. Consider settling for solo e-scooters to cover the ride. Not only is it more economical, but it also doubles the fun. 

Noncommittal scooter:

If you have budget issues or are not a regular rider or traveler and are not ready to get committed to your e-scooter, you still have an option. You can use ridesharing apps like Lime or Bird. In case You are looking for a scooter available most of the time, you can opt for semi-ownership and pay a nominal subscription fee, choosing a suitable plan using certain domains. In the subscription, you can avail of facilities of insurance, free shipping, and maintenance of the e-scooter.


In a nutshell, even though the availability of e-scooters that can carry two persons exists in the market, it is recommended to go for a solo ride. Not only does it help in capturing the safety factor well, but it also helps people to get each scooter with a constrained budget. Moreover, there are specific safety guidelines along with government regulations for E e-scooters with a passenger capacity, and they may not be permissible to be ridden everywhere.