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Air Fryers Energy Efficient to Consume Considerable Power or Not?


The United States is experiencing rising electricity consumption and soaring prices to mess around with the monthly budget. The trend has continued since 2000 and is prevalent even today. U.S. residents have witnessed a growth in residential prices, which is expected to grow by around 4% by the end of this year. 

Electricity generation sources like gas, coal, oil, or any renewable energy, etc., drive the price growth for electricity. Due to exposure to colder climates and climatic changes, the residents are expected to need more heat, which will increase the demand for electricity.

It may surprise you that electric components like ovens also increase costs and escalate expenses. Can an air fryer be a better alternative? Do air fryers use a lot of electricity? Due to their less oil or no oil consumption, air fryers have gained much popularity worldwide. Also, they give almost similar or better cooking results than an oven. Let us dig further into what an air fryer is and how useful it can be.

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What is An Air Fryer?

Air Fryers are basically cooking appliances that can be used as a countertop like an oven but with better results. In this, hot air is used for cooking, wherein the same air circulates and encapsulates the food to cook its layers. For this, a fan and a heating element are used to give a crisp outer layer without actually frying the food. Hence, the name air fryer is used.

But the main concern arises if air fryers are efficient in using less electricity and if they have any advantages.

Are Air Fryers Energy Efficient? 

If you are used to conventional cooking methods like an oven, then the air fryer will surprise you with its quick cooking time. It also ensures that if you use a high-end range, only one-third of the energy is consumed by an air fryer. So, are air fryers cheap to run? Well, yes, they are cheaper to run in the long run. So, it will help you get a reduction in your carbon footprint. A bigger-sized air fryer can take up to 1500 watts, but if you opt for a smaller air fryer, you can reduce your energy consumption to 1000 watts. So, if you consider using an oven in New York, you will burn 50% more electricity than used in an air fryer. If you use a gas oven, then it will cost you 35% more than using an air fryer.

Power Consumption of Air Fryers

Air Fryers have gained popularity worldwide, but there are some loopholes. Some models consume around a power of 1500 watts, which can be considered equivalent to a toaster oven or a coffee maker. A good amount of electricity can lead to whooping billing amounts. We suggest you buy a smaller air fryer as it will reduce power consumption to 1000 watts, bringing the electricity bill figures down significantly.

Also, if you are not in need, you can avoid using it unnecessarily for every meal. Instead, using it for specific dishes once or twice weekly can help you with reducing the electricity bill. Moreover, if the air fryer is not in use, turn it off or unplug it to save energy.

Are Air Fryers Worth It In The U.S.?

Using air fryers in any part of the world, including the U.S., can save you mildly on electric bills but provides a healthier cooking option instead of frying. It uses hot air to cook the layers of your food and make it crispy instead of a fatty coating of oils. Moreover, you can expect even more rapid cooking in an air fryer than its counterpart oven. Depending on size and functionality, air fryer pricing can range from $25 to $200.

In the U.S., where you are primarily on your own with little help, air fryers can be of much help as they are easier to use, maintain, and clean. Air fryers are more energy-effective, cost-efficient, and functional appliances in the long run. You can use portable ones that are small and easier to carry or countertop ones that are best for homes. Or bigger ones that are oven-style but much bigger than the countertop ones. Opt for the one as per your need and if it's coming to your mind:are air fryers worth it then the savings stats below will amaze you.

If you use the following for 300 hours on high heat, then the estimated cost will be roughly around;

Gas Oven - $153

Electric oven - $120

Air Fryer - $39

Tips for Energy-Efficient Air Frying

Electricity consumption in an air fryer is also good when we compare it to other electrical appliances. However, we can still help you with some valuable tips that will assist you in reducing your electric bills by reducing the electric consumption of your air fryer. 

Here are the tips:

  • Opt for pre-hating the appliance before going for actual cooking, as it can reduce the time used for cooking and result in lesser electric consumption.
  • Choose an air fryer of an apt size for your family meals. Buying a bigger one will increase your electric bills.
  • Instead of cooking in a large batch, use small portions of meals.
  • You can save energy by cooking on lower temperature settings for quickly cooked foods. You can use a food thermometer to avoid over or undercooking.
  • Look for different settings for cooking the food and choose accordingly. If it has the 'warm' option, go for it instead of reheating.
  • Try cooking similar items at once, but avoid overcrowding the food.
  • Use the right amount of oil to avoid more cooking time.
  • Using food in smaller pieces will ensure even and quick cooking.
  • While using frozen food thawing, it will ensure less cooking time. 
  • Try not to open the air fryer repeatedly as this releases the hot air and replaces it with a colder one, leading to more time needed for cooking. 
  • Make sure to clean the air fryer regularly to avoid short circuits and increase its efficiency.


U.S. residents have relied on gas and electric ovens for decades; however, the recent introduction of air fryers can drastically change the power consumption game. With lesser electric consumption, air fryers save you a lot of bucks and are a healthier alternative to fried foods. Moreover, it reduces carbon footprint to a great extent as food cooks early, evenly, and in less to no oil.

Look at the power consumption, energy efficiency details, etc., about the air fryers to get an answer to whether they are worth it in the U.S. or not. Lately, please glance at our valuable tips to use your air fryer most efficiently. With our suggested tips, you can use your air fryer to its utmost potential and reduce your electric bill significantly. Happy and healthy cooking!!