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Unlocking Speed: How to Make Ebikes Faster With Some Simple Tricks

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The modern world seeks modern solutions to get rid of environmental pollution and, in turn, improve one’s health with cheap transportation in the long run. Here’s where the environmentally friendly ebikes evolved to embrace micro-mobility and combat climate change. 

Electric bikes take an innovative and flexible approach to assist with the biking process, improve fitness and reduce expenses. Besides being easy to operate, they feature a sturdy design with many options for a cruiser, commuters, mountains, and roads. 

But for a speed enthusiast, the solution to make electric bike faster can be challenging. Generally, ebikes have a default speed limit set to handle a specific limit of stress levels. But you’ll be amazed to know that you can adjust and derestrict the machine in some quick ways and make your ebike faster

This post discusses some practical solutions on how to make ebike faster and feel the wind blowing and swirling your hair as you enjoy your speedy ride. Let’s dive in to explore the top 6 methods.

The Top 6 Methods for Making the Ebikes Faster

Check the top 6 methods to resolve your query on making an ebike faster and moving smoothly without delay! 

  1. Change or upgrade the motor 

Perhaps your bike’s motor is the first thing you should take charge of to make electric bike faster. For instance, using watt and torque to measure your motor’s power, you can upgrade it to a powerful unit with higher RPM and KV ratings for the recommended voltage to improve the top speed of your bike’s motor. 

For example, if you have a 24-volt ebike, you can get more speed with a higher voltage system like a 48-volt motor and battery. 

Instead, you can consider replacing or rewinding the motor depending on your ebike and the type of motor being used, an integrated hub motor or a mid-drive motor.  

  1. Use a high voltage and fully charged battery

Upgrading the battery to a higher voltage is always a wise option to boost the max speed of your electric bike. However, you must be careful while updating it as there’s always a risk of the motor burning out. Anyway, you can consult the manufacturer or an expert technician to know if the existing motor can put up with the increased battery voltage. 

Ensure your battery is fully charged before taking it out for a ride, as the lower power will reduce the power output, decreasing your bike’s speed. In addition, your stay on the bike won’t be as long as intended if the power goes out. 

  1. Eliminate the speed limiter

Generally, manufacturers set an adjustable speed limiter to restrict the maximum speed of your ebikes for safety concerns. But you can adjust and set the speed as per the local government regulations and make electric bike faster. 

If your bike has a wired speed limiter, you can turn it off by disconnecting the wire. On the contrary, your ebikes may have a speed sensor on the back wheel. When smaller and larger wheels are rotated at the same RPM, the smaller ones move slower than the latter.

So you can trick your bike’s computer into thinking that your bike is moving at a slower pace than the actual speed by indicating on the controller that you are riding on smaller tires. This way, the speed limiter won’t bother even when you reach high speeds. 

The limiters of some manufacturers support lifting the speed limit through software upgrades, but please contact your product manufacturer in advance for support, which may affect your warranty of the electric vehicle.

  1. Manage appropriate tire pressure

Tire pressure must have the optimal psi to limit the creation of drag, the sole purpose of which is to slow you down. Generally, the tire pressure can be recorded on the side of the tires, so before moving out on your ebikes, you must consider checking them for optimal performance. 

Also, as a caution, we recommend not to inflate the tires beyond the required pressure level, as doing so will decrease the tires’ traction and ill-affect your stability when you ride on wet or off-road terrains. 

Furthermore, you must use smoother and thinner tires to achieve high speed and make electric bike faster as narrower tires reduce the amount of drag and thrust it forward. Instead, the deep treads on the tire increase the grip on the surface, ensuring higher speeds and smoother rides.

  1. Reduce air resistance 

Controlling or reducing the air resistance works magically on higher-speed ebikes and makes them move faster. One of the finest ways to do so is by adding a windshield and getting the kind of speed that will run your ebike faster

Adding a windshield adds up to 3 m/h to the bike’s top speed making your rides faster and smoother. Furthermore, the windscreen diverts the air to the side, preventing your body from sailing. Fortunately, you can find a specially designed windshield for electric bikes in the market that can be easily attached to the handlebar. 

  1. Change riding posture

If you are adamant about making any changes to your ebikes, then you can consider adjusting your riding posture to make electric bike faster

Generally, motorcycles and scooters require a straight back that makes the rider face the air like a wall, generating more resistance, eventually affecting your ebikes speed and making them slower. 

But while riding an electric bike for adults, you can try bending or crouching posture to achieve a more streamlined riding stance and move faster in the face of headwinds. It helps get less resistance, letting you increase your bike’s speed significantly. 

Final thought Or Caution

Increasing your electric bike’s speed is a great option to enjoy a smooth and fast ride. As a fact, your ebikes’ speed generally depends on electric motors and battery wattage, among other things. But a breakneck pace can be dangerous. So while making the ebikes faster, ensure you are not hampering your safety. Wear protective gear and follow traffic rules not to break any.

Furthermore, the local governments have set guidelines concerning ebike speed. So you must make electric bike faster only if you comply with the relevant state or city speed limits and regulations.