Leon Wang:07 Oct, 2023

5 Best Lightweight Electric Scooters for Adults 2023

Best Lightweight Electric Scooters for Adults


Electric scooters are gaining immense popularity worldwide among young adults or even older adults. Sales figures are on the rise whether we talk about their portability, convenience of riding, capability of moving through crowded places, or easier handling of electric scooters. Moreover, if you want to buy one for yourself, it is better to settle with a lightweight variant. In this write-up, you can also check other criteria for selecting the e-scooter conveniently ahead. 

Our purpose stands clear as we wish to guide you with the top 5 lightweight electric scooters in 2023. So, without a delay, here they are. 

Criteria for Selection

Before hopping onto our top 5 find for electric scooters, let us see the criteria to make the selection easy for e-scooters.

Weight Limit and Rider Suitability

When deciding upon a good e-scooter, you should look for its weight limit and match it with your own weight to see if it can support it. Make sure to settle with the one that can take up to a higher weight limit. Next, look for the suitability factors supporting your ride, like a step-up frame, handlebar height, legroom,  etc. These factors add to your comfort while riding the e-scooter.

Range and Battery Life

Range refers to the distance your electric scooter covers after fully charging. So, if you wish to extend your journey at any time, you will need a vehicle with a higher range potential. Also, If you are a frequent traveler, opt for a higher range than you intend to use in your daily routine. Similarly, the higher the range you wish to cover, the e-scooter must cover it with a more excellent battery life. Moreover, if it's detachable, you can charge the battery separately at any time. However, a noticeable thing is that a bigger battery will also take more time to set.          

Portability and Foldability

E-scooters that are lighter in weight can be carried easily, offering more portability, especially if you love to go for excursions at frequent intervals. Also, a design that provides foldability squeezes in easily anywhere and can be used in different places.

Speed and Performance

If you love speed versatility, opt for an e-scooter that offers various speed modes to suit your needs. Also, different speed modes like Power, Eco, Sports, etc. may take up different battery percentages, affecting the range. Herein, Eco mode can offer you a higher range, whereas Sports mode can be used when you are having a race with time and need to beat it with speed. It is when your vehicle's performance also counts in how much average it can give in to offer a more excellent range.

Price and Value for Money

Price can be a crucial factor that can help you decide the variant you intend to buy as an electric scooter, as it gives you a budget. Also, you must check out some basic and additional factors that provide value for your spent money.   

User Reviews and Feedback

Always check user reviews about the electric scooter you are looking to buy. It will give you a fair idea about its performance along with customer opinions about the use. The feedback helps a lot in gauging the vehicle's performance before buying it. Also, check if it includes any information about the repair services offered for the e-scooter in your vicinity.

Top 5 Lightweight Electric Scooters for Adults in 2023

Check out the following top 5 options for e-scooters for adults in 2023:

1)Hiboy S2

Hiboy S2 is a convenient option for daily commuting needs that offers both high speed and more extended range capacity that lets you move quickly through city areas and quench your thirst for adventure places. Its foldable design makes it more compact and offers immense convenience, making it a portable traveling option. Its attached seat offers a comfortable ride during more extended terrains. The product's website occasionally provides attractive discounts on Hiboy S2, so if you are lucky, you can get this electric scooter at an affordable price. 

Key Specifications:

Motor Power: 350W

Max Speed: 18.6 mph

Max Range: 17 miles

Product Weight, 31.9 lbs

Max Load: 220lbs

Price: $599.99


  • Regenerative battery.
  • Disc and E-braking facilities.
  • Honeycomb tires of 8.5 inches.
  • Fast charging in 5 hours approx.


  • You may need more power during uphill climbs.
  • The latch mechanism can be fussy at times. 


2) Apollo Air Pro

As the name suggests, Air Pro by Apollo is an electric vehicle that provides good ride quality, better handling, and range despite being lightweight. The front suspension and pneumatic 10-inch tires give a smooth ride, and it has a spacious deck to fit all your essentials.

Key Specifications:

Motor Power: 350 W

Max Speed: 18.8 mph

Max Range: 17.7 miles

Product Weight: 37.2lbs

Max Load: 220 lbs

Price: $799.


  • The handling and stability are outstanding.
  • The design is solid as well as striking.
  • Good braking system.
  • Safety features are present.


  • The braking system can get smoother.
  • The display is dull.
  • It takes a lot of work to deploy the kickstand.


3) Uscooters Booster V

UScooters Booster V has a folding capacity and compact structure, making it easier to carry anywhere. It is durable when traveling through rough terrains, crowded places, or stairs. However, with the small tires, you may need help managing landscapes that require an extra grip.

Key Specifications:

Motor Power: 500W

Max Speed: 23.9 mph

Max Range: 12.6 miles

Product Weight: 25.6 lbs

Max Load: 279 lbs

Price: $949.


  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Provides great range.
  • Durable with low maintenance.
  • Amazing top speed.


  • The tires are small.
  • Costly.
  • Not water resistant.

4) AnyHill UM-2

The UM-2 by AnyHill adds fun to your riding experience by providing extra features. It is meant for riders who look for thrilling adventures while riding, as it takes only 5.9 seconds to reach 15mph. The deck has a rubber grip to give you a better hold on handles during shaky rides or while moving on rough terrains. 

Key Specifications:

Motor Power: 450W

Max Speed: 17.9 mph

Max Range: 17 miles

Product Weight: 45lbs

Max Load: 300lbs

Price: $999.


  • Removable and lightweight battery.
  • Amazing braking system.
  • Good stability.
  • Great rider weight capacity.


  • Lesser portability owing to its heavy weight.
  • Dull display.
  • It could be better for carrying stuff due to its stem build.


5) Emove Touring 

The Emove Touring Can be considered a great option if you want a more extended range and urban commuting facilities. With this vehicle, you get a massive dick that offers you a fantastic range and power, and the right quality is also comfortable. From time to time, the company provides optional upgrades that help improve the existing functions of the vehicle. However, if your budget is low, then the Emove Touring can be a hassle to get for you. 

Key Specifications:

Motor Power: 500W

Max Speed: 21.5mph

Max Range: 18.7 miles

Product Weight: 39.6lbs

Max Load: 308 lbs

Price: $899.


  • Appropriate for climbing hills.
  • Fantastic range and power.
  • Gives a smooth ride.
  • Good deck space.


  • The tires are tiny.
  • Single-wheel brakes are present.



Table Intuitive Comparison and Analysis


Hiboy S2

Apollo Air Pro

U-scooters Booster V

AnyHill UM-2

Emove Touring







Motor (W)






Weight (lbs)






Speed (mph)






Range (miles)






Max Load (lbs)






Water Resistance








Best Performance

From the comparison, we concluded that all the variants offer good speed. However, despite providing speed, Uscooters Booster V offers a lesser range and is not water-resistant. A 350 W motor Hiboy S2 and Apollo Air Pro give a better range, leading to the best performance.

Most Cost-Efficient

Hiboy S2 is the most cost-efficient e-scooter, as we can see from the comparison table.



Electric scooters are emerging as a popular, efficient, and faster commuting vehicle that can easily pass through heavy traffic and fulfill your quench for an adventurous ride. For a daily commute, a lightweight e-scooter option can offer more portability, squeezing capability, and a more leisurely ride. You can opt for any of the mentioned e-scooters based on your preferences and needs.

We hope we have guided you well about the criteria necessary to look for while deciding upon an electric scooter. Also, a lightweight e-scooter is easier to carry and handle on any terrain and is ideal for almost all age groups. So, Hiboy S2 can be your perfect choice as it considers all the parameters reasonably and fits inefficiently.