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Hiboy Seat for S2/S2 Pro/KS4 Pro/KS4

Hiboy Seat for S2/S2 Pro/KS4 Pro/KS4

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  • EAN:6974123311210
  • Suitable for Hiboy S2  and S2 PRO and KS4 and KS4PRO.
  • Enhance sturdy aluminum rod for solid stability and durability.
  • Retractable and adjustable height (20. 9 - 30. 7 inch) to fit for different shapes of people.
  • Leather saddle cushion provides a comfortable seat and easy for daily care and maintenance.
  • What you get: One seat attachment (NOT including E-Scooter)
  • Please note this product can't be returned.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Dewey Wright

Seat is great my only advice would be to include instructions. I am very mechanical so I figured out the installation. However, my wife could not.

Robert Sweeney

You never sent a seat for the scooter

Marc Urschel
It’s a seat

It’s a good seat. Fairly comfortable. However, the biggest annoyance is that it does not lock in place. If you turn your body, so will the seat. Also, there is no way to lock the seat in place. It just sits in the hole it goes into and no way to actually latch it.

charles bridges

the seat works like a dream like a hole different scooter very strong and conformable just a great addition to the scooter

Fantastic addition to a great scooter

I've been wanting this seat for my KS4 Pro so when it went on sale I jumped on the opportunity. It is solidly built. It attaches to the hole in the scooter base the same way old bicycle stems attached, just insert and use an allen wrench to tighten well. The quick release seat post clamp makes it easy to finely adjust the seat height on the fly. The ride is so much more stable. Your are lower, you are seated over the rear wheel which really uses the suspension to is max making the ride smoother. When the front wheel hits bumps, the force is no longer transmitted to your whole body pushing you forward. As far as the seat itself goes, if you haven't ridden on a bicycle seat in a while your butt bones may hurt at first but I ride 10+ miles at a time and am more comfortable than standing for an hour. Besides, even with my big feet, I can still stand with the seat attached if necessary. When you need to stop, it is nice to be able to put both feet on the ground and pushing off again is simple. If the front wheel wasn't such hard rubber, the combination scooter and seat would make this a perfect combination.