Hiboy S2 Lite Refurbished Electric Scooter


Electric Scooters Are Cost-Friendly. That's why when there are minor scratches and sticker damage, we don't just discard the scooter, but ship it back to be repaired and sold again in a brand new package that is friendly to the environment.

All refurbished scooters sold are final and are non-returnable. New and old versions shipped randomly.

Each refurbished scooter is tested to the same test standards as a brand new scooter. This is a refurbished version and we offer the same warranty as to the standard version. Please refer to the warranty policy.
Refurbished scooters may have scratches, torn stickers.

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Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Williams

Hiboy S2 Lite Refurbished Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 Lite Refurbished - Great Service

We purchased a refurbished S2 Lite Electric Scooter. Was in great shape (you'd never know it was refurb.) but we found a problem with the throttle a couple of weeks after we got it. Elaine at Hiboy was quick to respond to my email about the issue, and she arranged to have the replacement parts shipped out right away. I was able to make the repair myself, but Hiboy also sent me links to 'how-to' videos in case I got stuck.

Couldn't be happier with the service and our 9yr old boy loves his S2 lite electric scooter.

Ben Aldi
Fantabulous Experience.

Honestly I must start by saying——Great customer service. Swift and Efficient. While shopping for a scooter for myself and partner, I did a lot of research and the number of people that commended Hiboy’s customers service was tremendous. I followed my guy and purchased the NEX5 and S2 lite—-For some weird reason, I received the NEX5 and the S2 lite for my partner was missing. FedEx denied it and I couldn’t just find it anywhere. They didn’t give me any hassle. They told me to still file a complaint with FedEx and told me they’ll have another one shipped. I didn’t get anything that week and I was a bit flustered thinking—Oh-Oh, maybe the customer service wasn’t that amazing or maybe it’s just my luck. I was pressing FedEx really hard and before I knew it—-Hiboy’s replacement was delivered. I was so excited cos it was just too stressful having to deal with FedEx automated services all the time. Hiboy saved me from that so I say thank you. We both love our scooters and I can’t wait to upgrade to the Titan Pro.

Love it- one star taken off for battery issue

Would have given 5 stars, but early this week the battery just died halfway through our ride to school even though the battery indicator said it had a full charge. We were able to research the issue and take it apart to charge one individual battery cell that was depleted and now it’s working again. We’ve only had it for about a month so that was disappointing but besides that we have been very happy with it and I would purchase again. My daughter absolutely loves her scooter; it has a really smooth ride, the controls are easy for her to use and she loves the color. Even the adults love riding around on it.


Purchased refurbished scooter for child before school started. He loves it, it's very zippy, compact, and battery lasts a while! I've even ridden it. As an adult my only complaint would be for long distance (over a mile) it gets a bit hard to ride as you vibrate your brains out and feel every imperfection on ground below you. Perfect for child. He loves it!

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