Hiboy Official:14 Apr, 2023

Honoring Our Heroes: The Hiboy Military Discount Program

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Hiboy expresses its sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the heroes who are bold, valiant, devoted, and dyed in the wool to serve this world, especially during times of uncertainty and turmoil. 

Hiboy introduces a pristine and sparkling new military discount offering 5% off for active military, retired military, and veterans on all Hiboy e-scooter and e-bike line-up purchases. 

We immensely value and respect your valor, diligence, and sacrifice. The Hiboy team is honored to seize the opportunity to support your future electric vehicle adventure and make it memorable.

Military Discount

Who Is Eligible to Avail of the Exclusive Offer?

Hiboy puts forward exclusive discounts and offers on purchases for select communities. Simply click the Verify option with the ID.me button at checkout to see the eligible communities.  (Please Click Here to Verify)

After verifying your eligibility with ID.me, you can use your discount coupon to combine with other promotional codes or sitewide promotions.

How Does the Deal Pan Out After I Verify My Status? 

After verifying your credentials, you will immediately receive your offer at checkout. You can even visit the ID.me Marketplace at https://shop.id.me/ to log in and discover exclusive discounts and offers thoughtfully created for you.

Where to Know More About Hiboy Discount?

ID.me has generous offers and benefits, and you can visit ID.me at https://network.id.me/ or our About page at https://www.id.me/about to learn more about our discount information.