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How to Lock an Electric Scooter: A Comprehensive Guide

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 Hiboy Electric Scooter Park in the park

Electric scooters are the ongoing craze that saves on long-term expenses and keeps your environment safe and healthy. But besides taking the responsibility of being a good citizen, you shall also take the initiative of an excellent ebike owner by investing in good security locks for electric scooters

As electric scooters are portable, thieves can eye upon your vehicle to carry it away before your eyes. So instead, go for e scooter locks to protect its security. 

This post discusses some best scooter lock options to lock e scooters without any inconvenience. So let’s get into a knowledgeable read without delay. 

How to Lock a Scooter: Different Types of Electric Scooters Locks 

Owning an electric scooter is pretty cool and fun, but maintaining its security can be challenging if you do not have the suitable options available in hand. Though multiple options of e scooter locks are available in the market, check these topmost electric scooter locks to decide the one for your bike’s security.

App Lock/Electronic Locks

Electronic locks or app locks for electric scooters are security measures that are invisible to the naked eye. They slow down the risk of theft, making the ebikes useless for thieves. Generally, the app locks, when activated, fix your device’s throttle to be engaged. 

Moreover, if anyone tries to move your electric scooter from its place, the brakes will automatically lock, and an alarm will ring on your device. Then, within nanoseconds, your phone will receive a notification alerting you of a possible attempt at theft. 

However, all this is only possible when your device is powered ON for the digital app lock to be active. And unless you take quick action in the nick of time, you will not be able to prevent your electric scooter from being stolen or carried away. 

So indeed electric lock is a good option for a shorter duration, but you must recognize the power of a high-quality physical lock. And, of course, a hybrid combination of electronic locks paired with a physical lock can be the safest option to lock e scooter

For instance, the Hiboy all series E-scooter supports App Lock for higher convenience. 

Hiboy App Lock

Electric Scooter U-Lock/D-Lock

U-Locks or D-Locks are one of the most secure and traditional locks for electric scooters. For example, a D-Lock is a hardened steel shackle (in a U or D shape) that locks into a straight crossbar and is attached to your electric scooter and any sturdy object to fix your ebike at a definite place. 

Besides delivering anti-theft protection, these heavy, hardened, and best-quality U-Locks anchor your ebikes to offer maximum security against power tools and bolt cutters. They are available in various sizes, but the best ones that provide the most significant protection and security have the shortest shackle and fit around your ebike easily.

Fortunately, these locks cannot be cut easily and are great for preventing your electric scooter’s loss or theft. However, its rigid design makes it challenging to be used as flexibly as chain locks or cable locks. 

Electric Scooter U Lock

Electric Scooter Chain Lock

If you are familiar with a cable lock, you must know that a chain lock is an advanced version of the same and works pretty similarly to cable locks. The only difference is that a series of coveted chain links secure your electric scooter to a sturdy object instead of a cable. 

Fortunately, these locks account for a safe scooter lock as they cannot be cut using wire cutters. And instead, they require a bolt cutter or hacksaw to defeat. Though chain locks are not pretty high on the ratings for being secured locks, they are a compromise between the price and security. However, using high-end chain locks is advised to protect your electric scooter from being stolen. 

Electric Scooter Chain Lock

Electric Scooter Folding Lock

Folding locks provide greater ease and are a more practical lock for electric scooters as they give you the ease and comfort of traveling light. These locks can easily be mounted to a stem without letting go of your ebike’s center of gravity. 

Most importantly, you can carry folding locks along with you anywhere you go in a shoulder bag or day pack, as they do not add significant weight. 

However, folding locks are not free from their respective downsides. Instead, as these locks consist of rings of metal bars that are held together with rivets, besides being travel-friendly and less bulky, these e scooter locks have more weak points than U-Locks/D-Locks. 

Moreover, the thin bars stand nowhere to U-Lock shackles. Since they can be easily folded into a compact shape, they make it easier for thieves to cut them easily. So ensure using the ones made of hardened steel bars with sufficient thickness and width to prevent being cut. 

Electric Scooter Folding Lock


Electric Scooter Disc Lock/ Disc Brake Locks 

Disc locks come in handy and are worth their value when you have an electric scooter with a brake caliper. These locks attach to the brake caliper to prevent the wheel of your electric scooter from turning. They slide over your disc and put a pin via one of the cooling holes in the disc, obstructing the wheel from spinning. Unless you remove the lock, you will not be able to drive your electric scooter. 

Disc locks are considered safe as a supplemental scooter lock to prevent any possible loss; however, they are only helpful if you have disk brakes and work great when combined with a primary electric scooter lock

Electric Scooter Disc Lock


Which Type of Electric Scooter Lock Should You Use?

After knowing the various types of locks for electric scooters, you must ensure investing and using the ones that are of high quality and built. For example, if you save on the scooter locks today, you might pay later by losing your ebike. So instead, invest in the e scooter locks that are of well-built quality but affordable. 

Heavy-duty locks with hardened steel of roughly 5-10 mm thickness work the best. On the other hand, folding locks are relatively lightweight and travel-friendly. But you must remember that portability has no connection with guaranteed security. So while there are no ‘perfect electric scooter locks,’ some definitely work better than others, so use the ones that best suit your needs. 

Proper Security Measures and Locking Points For Electric Scooters

Besides using high-quality electric scooter locks, you must also ensure to opt for proper locking points to secure them against them. Check how.

  1. Connect your electric scooter/bike properly to a fixed object. 
  1. Park your electric bike wisely in the right place by parking them on busy roads with surveillance cameras. 
  1. Park your ebike in a place that is well-lit instead of going for a dark spot or shady area. 
  1. Avoid secluded roads and ensure parking them in different places always.
  1. Opt for a bike cellar rather than a dark corner anywhere else.
  1. Avoid regular patterns of parking your bikes in a habitual place or the same spot on the same day.
  1. Ensure having the right gears like good locks, audible alarms, and GPS tracking to prevent the electric scooter from being stolen. 

Obviously, using a high-quality lock for electric scooter is a must. Then for additional security, these factors count in. 

The Bottom Line

As an ebike owner, this post would have been helpful as we have thoroughly discussed the various locks for electric scooters and the best locations to ensure your bike’s safety. 

Though investing in high-quality scooter locks is always recommended for anti-theft protection, thieves can outrun any lock using proper techniques, provided they have enough time. So ensure taking safety measures and try to leave them in public places for the shortest duration possible.