How to Select a Suitable Scooter


At present, it is very popular to use a scooter as a tool for riding instead of walk. I have used the scooter for a long time, I think this blog will help you to select a suitable scooter.

1. About Motor

In terms of the scooter, due to the required low power, the motor mainly used is a DC motor. According to the structure, the DC motor can divide into a brushless DC motor and a brushed motor. The brushed motor is easy to control and the cost is relatively low, while the control circuit of the BLDC motor is relatively complicated and the cost is relatively high, so the brush motor is widely used. From my experience, if the motor power is less than 300w, it does not have grade ability.

2. About Endurance

Without consideration of environmental factors, the factor that affects the ability of endurance includes battery capacity, motor power, motor control mode, tires.

  • Battery: the first thing you should consider is safety, the spontaneous explosions of the scooter are caused by the poor quality motor. Alternatively, the battery conversion rate and power destiny should also be considered, which means the endurance is longer.

  • Motor Power: The choice of hub motor power relates to wheel diameter, speed, and torque. Take a scooter with an 8-inch wheel diameter as an example, the power is between 250w and 350w. Each motor has an optimal power interval, which is related to the output curve. Generally, the output power of endurance speed is in this interval.

  • Control Mode: there exist two control mode, which respectively has its advantages and disadvantages. I like sine wave control, which is comfortable to control, linear acceleration, power saving, and low noise. As for square wave control, the control is simple and rough, cheap, and stable, power saving. From user experience and energy efficiency, the sine wave control is better.

  • Tire: If the driving wheel friction is high, the driven wheel friction is small, the endurance is high.

3. About Speed

For speed, it is better not to pursue high speed due to the characteristic of the scooter. I advise that the speed is not to exceed 25km/h, the limit is 30km/h, which is a dangerous speed. If the road surface is uneven, such as potholes, speed bumps, small rocks, it is hard to avoid fall. If the speed is too high, I think you will fly.

4. About Tire:

In the market, the mainstream is two-wheel design, partly three-wheel design. I recommend two-wheel design, which is flexible, safer turning, cheap, and reliable. The wheel diameter can be 4.5, 6, 8, 10, 11.5 inches. It is better to use a larger diameter, which is high safety. At the same time, there are four tire forms: solid tire, honeycomb solid tire, inner tube-type pneumatic tire, vacuum tire(no inner tube pneumatic tire). in terms of small diameter, it is better not to use a pneumatic tire, which is easy to burst. For the diameter larger than 8 inches, it is suitable to use a pneumatic tire. It should pay attention, the tire width should be more than 40.

5. About Weight

For man, the weight of the scooter should not exceed 12kg for man, 10kg for a woman. When you go upstairs, take the subway, you will experience the tire.

6. About the folding

There are two folding means, one is column fold, another is pedal font fold. I recommend column fold, Because the force is smaller, and can place the ground normally.

7. Appearance

This is an aesthetic problem, as a man, I think the black color is cool. If you are a girl, what you do think? I think you can choose base on your preference.


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