Leon Wang:13 Sep, 2023

Is A Skateboard The Right Choice For Commuting?

Is A Skateboard The Right Choice For Commuting

If you seek thrill and a hit of adrenaline during your rides, skateboards are the way to go. Though traditional skateboards have been around for quite some time, with the advancement of technology, one can experience elevated accessibility and thrill. 

Are you looking to purchase a skateboard? Well, an overwhelming number of choices are available, and anyone can feel confused about what they should opt for. This article will discuss your options and the factors you should consider before investing in a skateboard.


Do You Know About Skateboards?

A skateboard is an oblong, short piece of wood with wheels underneath it. People ride skateboards by simply placing one foot on the skateboard and pushing off the ground with the other to make it move. Skateboards help perform various tricks and are also a popular mode of transportation.  

How Many Varieties Of Skateboards Are There?

  • Electric Skateboard
  • Traditional Skateboard

What Is An Electric Skateboard and How Does It Function?

Electric skateboards have gained immense popularity for the accessibility, portability, and safety that they offer. As the name suggests, electric skateboards are run on electric motors that enable the wheels to move. They are the mechanized version of a classic skateboard that incorporates an electric motor-driven rechargeable battery. This delivers the necessary thrust, offering swifter motion compared to traditional skateboards. 

Electric skateboards use lightweight materials like carbon fiber or aluminum for better portability. Riders can customize their skateboards based on their preferences and include remote control access for adjusting speed. 



  • Offers swift, easy travel. 
  • Environmentally friendly and efficient choice for uphill rides.
  • It brings about a sense of fun and thrill.
  • Saves gas bill
  • Riders don't have to be stuck in traffic. 



  • Charging an electric skateboard can take quite some time. 
  • Learning how to ride an electric skateboard can be tricky for beginners. 


What Do You Mean By Traditional Skateboards?

Everyone is quite aware of the traditional or 'classic' skateboard. It has been around since the early 90s. In comparison to the electric skateboards, the traditional ones feature a wider, asymmetrical shape deck that's constructed of wood and supported by four wheels. 

The traditional skateboards are constructed of lightweight yet durable material for easy movement. However, they require a lot of energy to power through daily trips. 



  • They don't require any charging. 
  • Traditional skateboards don't need maintenance.
  • Easy to learn 
  • High-speed skateboard riding is an impressive cardiovascular exercise. 



  • Limited scope and power 
  • Can't travel long distances or ascend uphill journeys.
  • Takes a lot of time to reach from one point to another

Please Note:
We understand how overwhelming it might feel when you're presented with endless options. Which one should you go for? Are electric skateboards worth your money? In order to help you answer all your queries, we have curated a detailed comparison table.

A Comparative Overview Of Electric Skateboards vs. Traditional Skateboards

S/L No.


Electric Skateboard

Traditional Skateboard


Power Source

Powered by an electric motor and rechargeable batteries

Leg power of the rider 


Speed and Range 

Covers longer distances at higher speeds with motorized assistance.

Precise footwork and balance are required for movement.


Speed Settings


Not Available


Terrain Suitability

Uneven terrains, uphill slopes, gravel paths

Smooth, flat surfaces














Physical Effort




What Should You Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards are undoubtedly a popular, fast, and fun mode of transportation. However, before deciding which electric skateboard is best suited for you, consider some crucial factors that determine the best electric skateboard based on your needs and preferences. 

  • Cost and Budget:
  • You have to allocate a budget you're willing to spend on purchasing your electric skateboard. This will include initial purchase costs and additional expenses like accessories, potential upgrades, and maintenance.  You should also compare the prices of different models. Keep in mind that higher-priced models offer better build quality and additional features. 

  • Range: 
  • How far can the electric skateboard travel after a single charge? What are your riding needs? If you're purchasing an electric skateboard for your daily commute, make sure you know the range or distance the skateboard can cover. 

    Factors like the rider's weight, speed, and terrain also affect the range of the electric skateboard. 

  • Weight:
  • One thing you can't overlook is the weight of the electric skateboard. A lightweight electric skateboard will easily carry you and is more portable in nature. On the other hand, a heavy electric skateboard will prove to be a hassle to carry around when you're not riding. 

  • Warranty and Support:
  • Check the warranty policy of the manufacturer. This offers assurance in case of any defects or troubles with the electric skateboard. You should also learn about their service centers and customer support. A reliable, on-the-clock customer support team can resolve any matter with ease. 


  • Battery Life and Charging Time:
  • Go through the specifications of the electric skateboard and learn about its battery life. A longer battery life will offer flexibility for extended rides. Faster charging time will also reduce downtime between rides. 

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    Q: Are Electric Skateboards Safe To Ride?

    Electric skateboards are safe if riders are responsible and maintain proper safety. You should also wear protective gear like helmets, wrist guards, and knee pads to elevate your safety. 

    Q: Is Buying An Electric Skateboard Worth It?

    When you invest in an electric skateboard, it will prove to be efficient and enjoyable at the same time. The impact on the environment is reduced while offering convenience. 

    Q: Can You Ride An Electric Skateboard Like A Regular Skateboard?

    An electric skateboard can function like a traditional skateboard if you push it with your foot. Nevertheless, a battery and motor make it heavier and slightly different. 

    Q: How Fast Can Electric Skateboards Go?

    The speed of an electric skateboard can vary anywhere from 10 mph - 30mph. This will depend on the model, battery capacity, and motor power influence on the electric skateboard. 

    Q: How Many Years Do Electric Skateboards Last?

    Factors like maintenance, quality, and usage will determine how long your electric skateboard will last. Though batteries might require replacement, an electric skateboard usually lasts at least 2-5 years or longer.