Is It Possible to Charge Your Electric Bike Using Solar Panels?

Having a solar panel is nothing new in America, especially in places alike Yuma, Arizona, which is an average of 4300 sunny hours per year. You can place where ever on your roof or garden, and keep turning solar energy into electricity on a sunny day.  

Other appliances aside, you might wonder if solar panels can charge e-bikes. 

To give a straightforward answer: Yes, it’s possible to charge your e-bike with solar panels.

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How can you charge your e-bike with a solar panel?

Generally, you cannot simply purchase solar panels and attach them to your eBike's battery and expect it to charge automatically.  In this way, you need to prepare all types of solar equipment that will be used for charging.

Solar panel charger

Setting up solar panel chargers is essential for the capture, transfer, and output of redirected electricity into a battery.

Charge Controller

In order to construct your own solar charger, you'll need a charge controller. This can significantly boost the output power of your array.  Because most solar panel kits on the market can output power at 50-100 watts which is not enough for ebike charging. Imagine that it would be unwise to use a 5V1A charger in the face of a mobile phone with a battery of 5000 mAh at every turn.

Battery voltage

 Battery voltage can be an issue, which is usually between 24 volts and 48 volts.

An ordinary 100-watt solar panel will have an open circuit voltage of around 22V. A 200-watt solar panel has an open-circuit voltage of about twice that, to 44-48V

Most electric bicycles on the market use 48V batteries, just like the batteries used in all Hiboy series bicycles. So it’s fairly enough when charging your ebike 48v battery with a 200w solar panel

The process of charging your e-bike can be divided into three steps:

Step 1:  Connected the charge controller and inverter with the solar panel.

Step 2:    Set the proper output voltage of the charge controller, and connect     

                it to the e-bike battery.

Step 3:    Check if the charging circle is working or not by viewing the       

                battery state information on e-bike computers.

    When shopping for solar chargers, it's essential to distinguish and remember the differences between various volts and watt information or you will be drowned in the torrent of product information.

     For my eBike charger needs, I typically opt for the standard model which runs on alternating current and is fed through an inverter. This is by far the simplest solution available.

    Why do you need to use a solar charger to recharge an e-bike?

    Solar chargers can easily be taken on-the-go with you, providing convenience when you need them most.

    For example, there will be times when you may find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere. While it is generally a big problem for most chargers without charging piles, but not a big deal for solar panel chargers which can avoid you from becoming lost and unable to return home due to lacking the power of your e-bike battery.

    By the way, It is also more cost-effective than other options and will have a beneficial effect on the environment.

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