Leon Wang:29 Aug, 2023

Must-Have Electric Scooter Accessories: Enhancing Safety and Style for Riders


According to a recent study in North America, electric vehicles market, especially e-scooters, will rise to 11.8 million units in 2023-2030. It is a vast projection that explains the growing popularity of electric scooters in the US. Furthermore, driving factors like awareness of eco-friendly transport options are also responsible for an increase in alternatives for clean transportation mediums. 

So, naturally, as a user, you can witness a rise in demand for e-scooter accessories, which form an essential component of the vehicle. Moreover, being an e-scooter user, you must have a brief understanding of e-scooter accessories or equipment that helps in enhancing your user experience while riding. Safety being the most critical paramount makes accessories like helmets, gloves, reflective vests, handlebar grips, cushioned seats, etc., a must-have. This brings us to knowing about the best electric scooter accessories for riders in detail, and we have done this for you already.

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Safety Accessories

Herein, we have listed some electric scooter accessories for riders that help them keep safe during short or long rides. These are;

1) Helmet


 Keeping your safety number one on your list of priorities is essential, and what is better than protecting the most sensitive part of your body, i.e., your head? A helmet helps you do this with ease. Considering your travel terrain risk and speed, you can opt for a well-fitted, comfortable, lightweight option that you can wear for extended periods. 

You can select an apt helmet by considering the following features:

Well-Fitted and Good Build Quality: A helmet must fit the circumference of your head comfortably. Plus, it must be made of durable, shock-absorbing material to absorb any adverse impact.

Safety Standards: Helmets with MIPS certification provide complete protection as they cover multi-directional impact protection systems owing to their two protective layers. 

Design: The helmet design must be light and aerodynamic, and the elastic band must be ergonomic to give the best fit.

Protection: A helmet with a high impact rating is well-ventilated and comfortable. 

Typical Price: It starts from as low as $29.99 and can go up to $200 and beyond, depending upon the design.

2) Reflective vests

Reflective vests

Reflective vests are another product you can invest in, especially if you travel frequently in rainy or snowy conditions when viability is relatively low. Reflective vests make you visible on the road, even in low lights, and prevent mishaps. It also makes you noticed by other drivers.

Typical Price: Starts from $50.99, and prices may vary by size or brand.

3) Gloves


Protecting hands and providing better grip is the primary purpose of gloves used for e-bikes. However, during cold weather, it also provides protection and prevents hands from getting out. If you ride at low speeds, the thickness of gloves can be lower; however, for great rates, gloves with suitable thickness are required.

Typical Price: $25 onwards


Comfort Accessories

Look at these electric scooter accessories that enhance your comfort to the next level while riding your e-scooter.

1) Cushioned Seat

Being a regular rider, a cushioned seat can provide you with the needed comfort if you prefer going for longer rides. After all, upgrading from a standard position never hurts. It helps make your ride more enjoyable and reduces fatigue, so you have more focus on the fun part of enjoying the scenic beauty around you. The seats with easier installation, good padding, and support are recommended.

Typical Price: $60 onwards

2) Handlebar Grips

You can reduce your hand fatigue to a remarkable extent while riding if you use cushioned and ergonomic handlebar grips. These grips add to your comfort, giving you a better ability to absorb shocks, reduce vibrations, and provide a relaxed driving experience. Look for the anti-slip grip to get a better hold while traveling through slippery or rough terrain. Nowadays, handlebar grips are available in many sizes, designs, and colors that you can customise.

Typical Price: Starts from $6

3) Grip Tape

You can also opt for grip tape for your handlebar starting from $40. It covers the handlebar, providing the necessary grip and cushioning. 


Practical Accessories

The following practical accessories are not crucially essential but add to your comfort whether you commute daily or occasionally. 

4) Phone Holder

Carrying smartphones for easy navigation and communication capabilities is good, and a phone holder makes it so easy. It is one of the best electric scooter accessories

Invest in a trustworthy brand that uses high-quality hardware to secure your smartphone even amid jerks and shocks through rough terrain.

Typical Price: $15 onwards

5) Waterproof Storage Bag

A waterproof storage bag in a larger size allows you to easily carry essential stuff, especially if you are going for longer excursions. Ensure the bag is durable and waterproof to stand well in rainy conditions. Daily, the bag can be used for carrying grocery items.

Typical Price: $29.99 to $59 

6) Locking Mechanisms

An e-scooter can be kept safe during travels while seeking halts by using locking mechanisms. It helps in the prevention of theft and ensures the safety of the vehicle. Many types of locks are available in the market for your e-scooters; the most popular and valuable is cable chain lock. You can set the unique combination and leave the vehicle as it will be safe. 

Chain locks are the successor of cable locks, a more advanced version that uses chain links of heavy-duty coated in nylon or rubber.

Next is a folding lock with interlocking metal bars in a series connected with joints. Its fold-and-unfold mechanism can provide compact transportation and storage capabilities.

U locks are highly secured heavy-duty locks made from thick steel shackles capable of bolt cutters and power tools.

Lastly, Disc brake locks are unique as they directly attach to the brake caliper. These are portable, light in weight, and compact coils.

Typical Price: $19.99 onwards

7)Additional Lighting

Riding e-scooters in vibrant lighting during the daytime is fun, but what about at night or when the weather goes from all sunshine to stormy and rainy? Apart from aesthetics, good lighting provides excellent visibility when lighting is low and prevents mishaps. It also makes you visible on the road. LED headlights with brightness control settings, flexibility, and durability are apt. 

On the other hand, broader beam patterns provide peripheral visibility, whereas narrow beam patterns are preferable if you are looking for long-distance visibility. Tail and brake lights are essential for signaling to avoid road accidents. 

You can also invest in reflective stickers as they are helpful in conditions of low lighting. On the other hand, under glow kits help light the underside of your e-bike, giving it a sensational look and visibility during dark hours. You can control these lights from your smartphone, too.

Typical Price: $36 onwards



Electric scooters provide easy, compact, lightweight rides for those who love sneaking through traffic or enjoy adventure rides out of the city. Herein, we have encapsulated significant accessories that can be used as the best electric scooter for riders. We have discussed safety accessories like helmets, reflective vests, and gloves. 

We also discussed comfort accessories like cushioned seats, handlebar grips, and grip tape. Then enhancements like practical accessories such as Phone holders or LED lights provide you a good chance of comfort and help in customizing your e-scooter so you can leave a mark in your absence too. It makes your vehicle recognizable from afar. So use them to leave your mark on your e-scooter.