Leon Wang:15 Jun, 2023

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant: Are E-Scooters Waterproof?

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant: Are E-Scooters Waterproof?


E-scooters have recently developed to be one of the finest commutes that can cover short to medium-long distances. They are lightweight, eco-friendly, easy to handle, and quick enough to move faster, especially in a city. Before settling down on one, consider cost, speed, weight, endurance limit, etc. 

But what if we say there is one more parameter you must look for, especially if you live in a rain-prone area? Is your electric scooter waterproof? Well, there is nothing better than a waterproof electric scooter because it can withstand not only heavy storms that come with drizzles, mud, water puddles, sprays, or splashes.

Before getting to the actual query of whether an electric scooter is waterproof or not, let us learn about concepts related to waterproofing and water resistance. 

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What sets water-resistant and waterproof apart?

Although similar in sound, waterproofing and water resistant are two different terms. To avoid confusion, let us gather detailed information about them and how they help an e-scooter withstand water conditions.

Waterproofing: What it Means

In standard terms, waterproofing refers to the involvement of a few steps that prevent any liquid from entering a structure. It aids in preventing moisture entry in any form. However, the air is allowed to pass through the same. E.g., it is easier to avoid rain if you are not riding your e-scooter, and it's always covered at home. As e-scooters run on electricity, water can be harmful to their performance. 

Waterproofing prevents any corrosion development in your e-scooter, thereby providing long-term protection to it from the water of any kind. Not only this, but it also aids in mitigating any detrimental issues in case the e- scooter is exposed to moisture. Waterproofing your e-scooter also ensures that it will operate fine if your vehicle is submerged in water up to a certain level.

Water-Resistance: Understanding the Concept

Water resistance, on the other hand, is related yet different from waterproofing. It involves coating your e-scooter with waterproof materials that resist water in any form. The penetration capacity of such materials works at some specific levels as they are permeable. You may notice penetration in these materials in case of high moisture levels.

Any water-resistant material increases the breathability of the surface. Using it for e-scooters ensures resilience to moisture by the provision of coatings that are permeable and do not provide complete safety against any water damage.

Differentiating Waterproof and Water-Resistant

As similar as waterproofing and water resistance may sound, they are very different. Let us see how;

  • Waterproofing makes the e-scooter last longer as all electric components are prevented from water damage. On the other hand, water-resistant e-scooters offer a lesser degree of protection against water damage.
  • Waterproofing aids in the prevention of malfunctions that can take place due to water ingress. Water resistance does not offer a high degree of protection against water ingress. 
  • After waterproofing, you can ride freely on your e-scooter in wet conditions without pondering about any damage or corrosion, or warranty voids. On the other hand, water resistance does not offer that degree of protection or dependability against water.

If you are looking for how to waterproof an electric scooter, then you can access water protection levels by accessing factors like; 

  • Whether the e-scooter can withstand water depths. If yes, what water depth can it withstand?
  • Check the IP rating for your scooter.
  • Check the duration for which the e-scooter can withstand water levels comfortably.

Waterproof E-scooters offer better durability to withstand heavy showers and help maintain a balance between roads and wheels. On the other hand, if your e-scooter is water resistant, the degree of protection against water is lower, and it may not be safe to ride under wet weather conditions.

Are Electric scooters Waterproof?

Not all electric scooters are waterproof, but here's a hack to know if they are. You can look for the IP rating of your electric vehicle to find out if it is. The IP rating comprises two digits as in 'IP64.' Herein we need to focus more on the latter digit as, in this case, it is 4. It is said that the more the value of the last number, the higher its chances of being water resistant. 

Considering 4 in this given example, you must note that you will be guarded against water splashes, rain, etc. Moreover, it is a grade you will find commonly in scooters rated in terms of IP. You can find this number to go as high as 6, but if it goes beyond that, get it that the electric scooter is waterproof. And it will make it heavier on your pockets too.

Evaluating E-Scooter Water Protection

After a detailed discussion about waterproofing and resistance, are you still trying to understand is electric scooter waterproof and how to evaluate the same? Then here is the guide for you.

Ingress Protection or IP rating is the parameter that aids you in judging the potential of an e-scooter to withstand moisture intrusion after an enclosure is provided to it. The IP ratings range from X to any digit between 0-9 depending upon protection levels provided against dirt and water. 

If you notice, you can see two digits in IP, wherein the first one implies protection against dust. This value can lie anywhere between 1 to 6. The lesser the value, the less protection against dust. E.g., if the value is IP64, your e-scooter is fully protected against dust.

To access water protection levels, you must adhere to the second digit, which can range between 1 to 8. E.g., if the digit is IPX8, your scooter is thoroughly water protected.

Guide for IP rating

None (X)- Not made for wet conditions, as water resistance is not guaranteed or tested.

1 - Guarded against water droplets that fall vertically.

2 - Can withstand water droplets up to 15 degrees from a vertical position. 

3 - Resistance up to 60 degrees from vertical water sprays. 

4 - Resistance from any angle of water spray.

5 - Resistance from water pressure at any angle.

6 - Can withstand any angle of high water pressure.

7 - Can withstand immersing in water for 30 minutes if the depth is around 1 m.

8 - Can withstand immersing in water for 30 minutes if the depth is around 3 m.


Wet weather conditions make riding any vehicle difficult, let alone an e-scooter. However, waterproofing can also create conditions suitable for you to hang it in the rain. With this, the rider must also keep in mind the visibility to avoid any risk and get better management and control of the vehicle. A waterproof electric scooter can be a solution to this issue. 

So, if you want an e-scooter before comparing it in terms of cost, speed, and weight endurance, ensure it is waterproof or made from water-resistant materials. You cannot avoid natural weather conditions such as rain, but a waterproof scooter provides a comfortable ride even in rainy conditions.


After going through every detail about waterproof and water-resistant e-scooters, now is the time to gather more information through our popular FAQs.

Can I ride a water-resistant e-scooter in the rain?

Yes, you can ride a water-resistant e-scooter in the rain. However, it would be best if you avoided it. If you cannot prevent it, ensure you maintain lower speed levels. Also, ensure you are visible as rains restrict visibility to an extent, leading to potential accidents.

Can I repair the water damage to my e-scooter?

If the water is not seeped through to deeper levels and there is no technical issue, you can repair water damage in your scooter. Try leaving it in a dry and warm place after removing any water droplets you can potentially see. Also try wiping it with a dry cloth to ensure it dries rapidly. Also, avoid using a hair dryer for drying purposes, as it may increase battery temperature, which can be risky.

Are there specific waterproofing accessories available for e-scooters?

Yes, certain accessories can aid you in waterproofing your e-scooter. Dielectric grease can be used for connectors to avoid air and moisture. Additionally, you can use a satchel to ensure a dry state for your e- scooter when not in use.