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Where you can buy a hiboy electric scooter

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Electric riding scooters are a great way to go to work, navigate the city, or move around campus. Hiboy has been in the scooter market since 2014. However, they only became a well-known scooter brand in 2019. There is a Hiboy scooter for everyone—from kids, teens, and even adults. The scooter price is also pocket friendly and gives you value for your money. But where can you buy a new electric scooter?
where to buy electric scooters

Hiboy Product Category

Electric Scooter

The electric scooter provides value for money, feature, and speed. We have a variety of scooter brands, including the S2 series, KS4 series, ECOM 14, and Titan series. The S2 is the best-seller series, the KS4 is the new design series, and the ECOM 14 is a height-adjustable scooter with a large wheel and basket seat. The Titan series is our off-road scooter.

If you are a starter, the Hiboy S2 series is an excellent choice. The S2 series comes with amazing features, speed, and great range. The S2 is one of the electric scooters for adults and older teens. They have a maximum speed of 15mph, and the battery life can last up to 17 miles. They are suitable for teenagers and adults. The price for electric scooters ranges from $300 to $600.

Electric bike

In addition to electric scooters, we also stock electric bikes. Our electric bike category includes:
  • P6 fat tire e-bike for adults
  • P7 commuter bike for adults
  • BK1 electric balance bike for kids aged 2-5
  • DK1 electric dirt bike for kids aged 3-10

Where to buy Your Hiboy Scooter

1. Hiboy.com

The company’s official website is the first place you should look for your Hiboy scooter. Hiboy electric scooters are a common sight on campuses and inner cities. Hiboy comes with a range of designs and models. You'll enjoy exclusive deals and earn Hiboy points with every purchase. Hiboy also offers e scooters route shipping protection and a product extended warranty. Here are some benefits of buying from the Hiboy website.
  • 30-day free trial: We provide a 12-month warranty. Our free trial is for 30 days from the day you get the package.
  • Flash free shipping: Our average order delivery time is between 5 to 7 days. Reliable carriers do the free shipping in the US, like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
  • Warranty: We offer a 12-month warranty on all our products. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.
  • Good customer service: We have a team of experts who are always available to help.

2. Offline Dealer Store

You can also buy your Hiboy scooter through an offline dealer store. You can find an electric scooter near you by searching for the location. The advantage of buying from a dealer store is that you can test the motorised scooter. Since most scooter heights are not adjustable, buying from a dealer allows you to find the right fit.

3. Amazon Store

You can also buy your Hiboy scooter from Amazon. There are several Hiboy selections on Amazon that you can get at a discount. There are various electric scooters for sale to navigate around town. The Hiboy S2 Pro provides you with a reasonable price and decent range. You will get the scooter at a discounted price of $520. The S2 Pro has a 500-watt motor and goes up to 19 miles per hour. Having a single charge can take you about 25.6 miles. The scooter also comes with shock absorbers, headlights, and anti-lock braking. You can get an S2 Pro electric scooter with a seat for $560.

The Hiboy S2 Max is another scooter you can get on Amazon. It is suitable for a longer commute. The scooter can travel 19 miles per hour, and the charge lasts 40.4 miles per charge. You can easily carry it on public transportation since it is foldable. The scooter also has an LED display showing you the riding mode, speed, and battery life. You can pair the Hiboy S2 Max with your smartphone to get firmware updates and lock the scooter. You can get it for $720 and save $180.

The Hiboy Max 3 is a cheap electric scooter on Amazon. It can go for a speed of 18 miles per hour and has a more expansive deck. The motor is also small compared to other Hiboy scooters. The Max 3 has only 350 watts.

No matter the Hiboy scooter you are looking for, you'll get it in any of the above places. You'll get affordable and the best electric scooter on the market. There is something for everyone depending on travel needs, budget, and style. You can go around town and enjoy the convenience of the Hiboy motorized scooter.