Zachary Realberg:02 Oct, 2022

Why You Should Get an Electric Balance Bike for Your Kids

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Not much compares to the freeing feeling of zooming around on your bike. Children love riding and showing their parents how fast they can peddle on their two-wheeler. But they need to improve their balance before they master the two-wheeler. While training wheels are the common option, they aren’t the best choice. Discover the reasons you should get an electric balance bike for your kids instead!


A Better Stepping Stone


Many kids learn to ride a bike with training wheels, but that doesn’t do much to help them grasp the concept of balance. However, electric balance bikes teach stability since kids ride them by keeping steady as they push their feet off the ground. Plus, balance bikes are smaller and easier for a child to use since they’re narrower and lower to the ground.

Learning Tip

When your child first rides their electric balance bike, encourage them to begin with walking, then running, and finally gliding. Trying to glide when they first start isn’t easy; the process should feel natural to keep riding fun.

Riding Feels More Independent

If there’s one thing a child loves, it’s feeling independent! Children as young as two years can ride an electric balance bike with ease. And best yet, learning to use it feels more natural since moving around feels more like walking. With the electric option, they can glide around once they understand how to remain stable.

A Bonus

Balance bikes are also easier to navigate over various types of terrain. Whether you’re on the sidewalk or a dirt path, your little one can easily continue riding with you.

It’s Fun To Ride

The next reason to buy an electric balance bike for your kids is that it makes every ride even more thrilling! Kids won’t face the same frustrations of struggling to balance on a traditional bicycle nor the anxiety of removing their training wheels. Once they’ve mastered the balance bike, they’re ready for a two-wheeler or electric dirt bike.

A Bonus for Parents

Riding around is fun, and with an electric balance bike, your child can spend hours outside showing off. After hours of playing, they’ll be worn out and ready for a nap.

It Improves Family Rides

Going on a bike ride as a family is always a wonderful time. Sometimes, it can be challenging for your little one to keep up; of course, with an electric balance bike, you don’t have to worry. Your child can happily ride as far as they are able, then use the electric option to take a bit of a break.

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An electric balance bike makes learning to ride even more fun for kids. Not only do they get to show off their independence, but they also have an easier time mastering gross motor skills and balance. Keep riding exciting for your toddler with an electric balance bike!