Hi boy:02 Nov, 2022

Your Guide to Buying an Electric Scooter

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Upgrade your commute with a fun and reliable ride. Electric scooters offer numerous benefits, from eco-friendly travel to lower commute costs. They are a dependable and easy transportation method, especially for those traveling shorter distances and navigating cities. 

Traveling with a scooter lets your hair tussle in the wind. You zoom down the streets in style. It gives you an exhilarating ride that builds confidence and gets you to places on time. Plus, compared to walking, it ensures you arrive at your destination with minimal sweat drips, secured makeup, and enough energy to take on the rest of the day.

In order to get the most e-scooter benefits, you first need to invest in the best kind. Here is a guide to buying an electric scooter and how to secure a maximized investment.

Compact Build and Portability

A retractable, portable, and compact scooter design allows you to take your mode of transportation anywhere with ease. Unlike bikes and motorized vehicles – cars, trucks, motorcycles – there are still very few ways to secure and park your scooter. A compact e-scooter allows you to fold up your ride and carry it with you indoors and easily store it for safekeeping. Some scooter builds feature lightweight properties paired with foldable features that allow you to place them in your backpack.

Retractable and compact e-scooters further come in handy when the weather forecasts get out of hand. When rain or snow come down, hindering riding conditions, compact scooters make it accessible and effortless for you to pack up and hop onto other modes of transportation like buses and trains. Their retractable qualities make them easier to handle and carry. They take up minimal space and eliminate any bulkiness.

High Distance Range

Reaching an abrupt stop while cruising down the streets – wind blowing across your face, adrenaline pumping, and dopamine circulating – quickly dampens the mood. Finding a scooter that offers higher mileage prevents you from awkward and vibe-deflating accidents. It also provides other benefits.

On average electric scooters travel around 6-25 miles before needing a charge-up. The higher their distance range, the more miles you complete with minimal refuel breaks. An electronic scooter that offers long distances and minimal charging breaks gives you the most reliable and energy-efficient form of transportation. Even if you plan to only traverse short distances, opting for a scooter with higher mileage abilities provides more security that you will arrive to and from your destination without mishaps.

Battery Voltage and Power

In electronics, power voltage plays an important role. It affects various parts of an electrical-based system, from operations to efficiency. On an electric scooter, the device’s power voltage influences:

  • Speed range
  • Mileage stamina
  • Basic functionality
  • Charge time
  • Type of charge
  • Inclination abilities
  • Other electronic features (i.e., lights)

The higher the power voltage and capabilities, the more enhanced the scooters. Large and strong power packs provide longer distance capacity, a wider range of speeds, reliable inclination competence, and fewer charge requirements.

Shock Absorption

City streets come with various imperfections, from cracked concrete to blossoming weeds and debris. E-scooters built with shock absorption technology ensure you receive a smooth ride, no matter the quality of the road you travel. Shock absorbers make bumpy paths feel like flat surfaces.

Scooters with built-in shock mechanisms use a suspension system to adapt to uneven grounds and absorb harsh collision forces. Not only do they produce a smoother ride, but they also enhance your stability and safety. Diffused impacts keep you and your scooter balanced, preventing accidents or risks of falling.

Destination Practicality

In tandem with shock absorption, other destination practicalities enhance your electronic scooter quality. Different locations create various environmental and travel conditions, affecting your commute and ride. Factors like road material (paved or unpaved), weather, and inclination change the type of experience you receive on your commutes. Scooters built with special destination practicalities are prepared to take on an assortment of travel conditions with minimal hindrances. Here are some practical characteristics worth looking for:

  • Water resistance
  • Strong headlighting
  • Easy-to-clean material surface
  • Suspensions for inclinations
  • Quality brakes for declines
  • Large tires for uneven pavements
  • Rust resistance for humid and snowy destinations

Electronic scooters come in various forms. Exploring their range of properties and abilities allows you to find a scooter that best fits your needs and location conditions.

Added Bonus Features

Accessories improve a product, further enhancing its abilities. Scooters that come with bonus features or that are compatible with additions provide you with the most optimal ride. E-scooter accessories come in numerous forms, including:

  • Seat options
  • Added lights
  • Light-up wheels
  • Baskets
  • Wheel fenders
  • Dashboards
  • Phone holder
  • Cup holder
  • Storage compartments

A vehicle that features more additional properties offers more to enjoy. Travel involves more than just getting from point A to point B; it also involves carrying items, comfort, and safety. Added bonus features ensure you receive the most optimal experience with all kinds of enhancements.

On top of accessories, there are other varieties to explore when looking for a scooter that best suits your needs. Like when you shop for clothes or food, the more scooter variations available, the better. Looking for an electric scooter retailer, like HiBoy, that offers a wide and diverse scooter selection gives you more options and a higher chance of finding your perfect ride. Being able to choose a scooter that’s painted, styled, or accessorized the way you like makes the investment that much more worth it, on top of the other benefits an e-scooter offers.

Knowing what to look for when buying an electric scooter involves various considerations, from practical functionalities to experience-enhancing qualities. This e-scooter shopping guide gives you the fundamentals to keep an eye out for and factors to consider that’ll lead you to the perfect scooter for your needs. When you purchase a scooter that ticks all the boxes and more, you make the most optimized investment, saving you lots of money and time spent organizing other forms of transportation.

A scooter that’s reliable, optimized, and well equipped for any road and situation provides you with smooth travels and plenty to enjoy. At HiBoy, we offer a wide selection of e-scooters to explore, providing you with plenty of options and various scootering experiences to relish. Check out our collection, find your new city transportation, and zoom to your destination in style.